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Peter Atkins and Mary Ann Henry

Peter Atkins and Associates is an ecological and organic landscape architecture contractor.

From master planning through construction and meticulous long-term Organic maintenance management, our experience and creativity transform outdoor spaces with experts in each realm.

Each detail of our landscape design, construction, and maintenance services is carefully planned and discussed with you ahead of time to match your budget, timeline, and expectations. Whether we are masterminding a multi-phase installation that encompasses every corner of your property or simply maintaining your perennial borders, you can expect nothing but top value, hard work, consistency and respect for your property and home from the entire team.

Peter Atkins and Associates  is dedicated to expanding the beauty in your hometown while working with nature to preserve and protect the natural resources of our area. We use native plants and well-adapted plants. We choose plants that are drought-tolerant, insect-resistant, hearty, and manageable. We choose plant that will support the pollinator for bees, butterflies and birds. We work with Nature always.

Client appreciated the design teams enthusiasm to solve design dilemmas such as drainage, tired landscapes, and  poor maintenance standards.   Another important feature of having a landscape design, is the ability to project into the future, and formulate a budget, over time. It is no secret that any home or property improvement is an expense. Having a landscape design plan gives the client the opportunity to achieve their goals, over a period of time, controlling their own budget, yet being able to achieve their ultimate goal. All in a well thought out order to maximize efficiency and cost savings.

We are enormously proud to be a completely accredited organic land care (NOFA) business since 2010. We use no synthetic fertilizers or chemical imputes on any of our property that we maintain. This protects your children, pets, drinking water, soil, the environment, and mother earth.

We also offer organic lawn care,  Plant Health Care and Soil Management Services. Our approach responds to the larger environmental challenges we face with climate change, water shortage/quality and recycling with sustainability.

When you work with Peter Atkins and Mary Ann Henry,  We will become your garden advocate. We will be your single contact person within Peter Atkins and Associates who will be your local landscape partner.

Peter Atkins and Mary Ann Henry are the eyes and ears behind our business. We keep the communications channel with our company simple with direct communication which is consistent and informative. At the conclusion of all daily work an email is sent to you sharing what was completed that day and what is planned for the next visits. This is also a time to keep the communication channel focused on you.

We would like to become your landscape management partner.

Property in Northern Westchester by Peter Atkins and Associates

Peter Atkins and Associates, LLC

This is a property blessed with a pond. A Fountain was placed in the middle to control algae and the gardens planted around it are native with strong pollination abundance and the land is maintained as an organic ecosystem.

Are You new to Landscape Ownership? Do you need to know what is in your garden and how best to take care of it correctly?

Are you unsure of how to go about caring for or designing your garden? We are here to help! When you book a design consultation with us, we will take the time to learn about your property, priorities, and preferences. Once we have identified your unique landscaping needs, we will become a one-stop resource for you, connecting you to our in house landscape technicians, gardeners and our trusted network of contractors.

Alternatively, if you already have a garden, you love but want to learn more about how to take proper care of it, we offer organic gardening and fine gardening services that include hand pruning, weeding, fertilization for your soils, edging, mulching and more. 

Unlike your typical “mow, blow, and go” landscaping crew, we are a New York Botanical Garden-trained team and Peter Atkins who has attended many classes at the Botanical Garden, The Ecological Society and Permaculture Institute. Peter hand selects this teams, they are trained by Peter and supervised by Peter Atkins.

We are immensely proud to be accredited Northeastern Organic Land Care specialist. We do not use chemical imputes of synthetic fertilizers or anything that can harm you on your property.

The Tired Landscape Entrance to this home

New Entrance with New Masonry and Plantings

The Old Dangerous Way to the Back Yard

The old Landscape in Pound Ridge, NY

The Safe Way to The Backyards with Patio and Stairs

The New Landscape Setting in Pound Ridge by Peter Atkins

Slope Job in South Salem Day One

Another Slope Property What to do

Slope Job in South Salem Walls and Beds Created

Landscape Renovation and New Work

We specialize in designing and installing healthy and beautiful landscapes that complement your lifestyle and your architecture, while using low impact development strategies. The result will transform your new or existing landscape into an outdoor living space that is beautiful, pet and kid friendly and low maintenance.

The work Peter Atkins and Associates provides is exceptional, with attention to every detail. We closely follow currently published standards for landscape and hardscape construction, horticulture selection and installation, fine garden maintenance services and organic lawn and plant care.

Please take a look at our portfolio throughout this website to see our results. We have a collection of job photos that span the 22 years we have been in business. Thank you.

Day One in Pound Ridge - A Steep Back  Yard Slope

Example of a classic home design design in New York

Pound Ridge Job - Solution to Steep Back Yard

Inspiration for a timeless home design remodel in New York

A Garden Strong in Spring but lacks focal point and other seasons

Victor, D


"Peter is a great communicator and is excellent to work with. He and his team  not only possesses excellent plant knowledge, but  their recommendations for cutting gardens, vegetable garden and perennial gardens have been spot on. The landscaping is gorgeous, all the plants, trees and shrubs are thriving and perfectly situated. I am now able to entertain and enjoy this space every day. I highly recommend Peter!"

PETER ATKINS is an accredited Landscape Designer in New York and Connecticut. Peter is also accredited as a North East Organic Land Care Professional (AOLCP). Peter attended the Cary Institute of Ecological system studies in Millbrook, NY with studies in their Landscape Design department.  He has a certificate from the Rhode Island University in Permaculture Design. Permaculture is a system of agricultural and social design principles centered around simulating or directly utilizing the patters and features observed in a natural ecosystem.  Peter continues to take classes at the New York Botanical Gardens in Design and Pruning.

  • What began as a mission to make landscapes more sustainable has grown into a collaborative team environment that includes innovative designers, seasoned craftsmen and supervised gardeners with an accredited Horticulturist. We are known for our creative and sophisticated gardens, meticulous gardening services, certified organic land care with lawn, tree, shrub, roses and edibles.  
  • Our project approach is unique because we understand landscapes from multiple perspectives: as a designer, builder and maintainer of these spaces.
  • We are a full service landscaping company. Some clients utilize just one aspect of our services, while others rely on us for all their landscape needs.

 I welcome the opportunity to create a garden sanctuary for you.



"When you have a landscape design project, it is imperative to hire someone with experience in project management. This is more than landscaping; it is more like construction. Peter Atkins and Associates understands this and will work with you to ensure organization and coordination across the various parties. The way Peter Atkins was able to not only coordinate our project, but to also consistently communicate next steps was amazing. He is a real artist with strong project management skills for which discerning buyers should pay a premium. We have worked with several landscapers. Peter Atkins and Associates is by far the best and we would recommend them for your project, large or small".  Budget $125-$175,00

Our Communication Policy It is the policy of Peter Atkins and Associates Landscaping to respond promptly to all phone calls, messages, texts & emails. We strive to respond within two hours and commit to respond to all contact requests received prior to 7 PM on the same day.

We are Accredited Northeast Organic Land (NOFA) Care Company

Garden Design for a client who requested the ultimate edible garden for home in Bedford, NY

vegetable garden for a client in Connecticut.  Peter Atkins

Vegetable Garden built in 2019 as Anniversary Gift to Wife

Certified Horticultuirst


Accredited Horticulturists  (Study in Soil Science, Botany and Chemistry)

  • Peter Atkins is an accredited  horticulturist in NY, CT  
  • William Barnhart is a accredited horticulturist in NY, CT, NJ


  • A horticulturist is skilled in the cultivation of plants – from grasses, shrubs and trees to vegetables, fruits, and flowers. A New York/Connecticut Certified Horticulturist has the specialized training to understand and troubleshoot both common and unique garden and landscape problems and to recommend effective solutions. They are the professionals you can trust to help you with your garden and landscape projects.

Katonah, NY - Asked to Plant Garden under Black Walnut Trees which are  poisonous to most plants

The finished Driveway Circle in Katonah, NY. We planted Dragon Fire Cut Leaf Maple,  Alba Hallow Dogwood, Oak Leaf Hydrangea, Clethra, Variegated Liriope, Mixed woodland perennials. Design, Plant by P

Mary Ann Henry

Mary Ann Henry - Partner to Peter Atkins and Associates. LLC


Mary Ann Henry - Co Owner,

* Client Development

* Project Management

* Special Events Coordinator

* Retired Private Pilot (Non Commercial)

"As Client Relations Manager, I consider exceptional communication and quality assurance to be paramount. However small the detail, my goal is to ensure all of our clients are left unconditionally satisfied with their investment in our work.”   

Woodland Setting on Property In Pound Ridge that Borders Preserve Land.  We planted the area with native perennials and bulbs

Inspiration for a rustic landscaping in New York.

Jean Galle, LASA

Jean Galle, Landscape Architect

Jean Galle, Landscape Architect

  • Jean’s love of nature started as a child in Ohio. Long walks in the woods looking for wildflowers with her father taught her valuable lessons.
  • The desire to become a professional Landscape designer came when Jean heard about sustainable green roofs and the positive effects for cities and the environment. Jean graduated 1st in her class at Columbia University’s Master’s of Landscape Design.
  • Shortly after she received a Flower Garden Design certificate from New York Botanical Garden.
  • Her gardens designs are unique with the play of line, form and texture with many details – design knowledge gained from her 2 former successful careers – that of a ballet dance and fashion designer. Jean’s designs match the site, keeping the clients desires in mind with infusions of color, year around interest and a bit of surprise and whimsy. Native plants are used when possible and the environment and pollinators are always concerned. Besides designing for Peter, Jean has her own clients in New York City and New Jersey Shore and freelances for other NYC based landscape companies. Peter and I met at the New York Botanical Garden and the rest is history.
  • Auto Cad,
  • Free Hand
  • Botanical Illustrator

Our Children and Companions

Our Family of Dogs. This was the reason we became an North East Organic Land Care Company. Scarlett the Ruby was diagnosed with Lymphoma (Cancer) She went with Mary Ann and Peter everywhere when our properties were maintained with chemical. We became accredited Organic the day she died which was too young.. Ginger, her sister passed recently but not for Cancer. We are very stringent about our organic land care policies.

Ginger, King Charles Black and Tan Spaniel

Scarlett, King Charles Ruby Spaniel (Decreased)


Boxwood Gardens with Phlox, Gravel Paths and Hosta Gardens

The Boxwood Garden with Gravel paths
Peter Atkin and Associates logo

Explanary Team

  • In addition to its Principals, Peter Atkins and Associates is defined by an exemplary team of locally experienced design professionals, craftsman in stone, wood, timber, steel and water. Our selected and trained horticultural gardeners are always supervised by an accredited horticulturist. Peter Atkins and Associates  maintains the capacity to serve clients in a responsive and responsible manner on projects of every scale.

Collaborative Culture

  • We work as a team with our clients, design collaborators, consultants and in-house colleagues to shape and build noteworthy environments on behalf of our clients in a manner respectful of schedule and budgetary requirements.

Jose, Nelson and Lester Transplanting

Selvin and Jose Pruning

Peter Atkins and Associates team in Gardens

Wilber Pruning Hoopis Spruce

Nelson Transplanting Ferns

Planting Ferns laid out my owner Peter Atkins

Mark doing Deep Root Feeding

Jose and Lester Planting Pots

White Mandavila Vines that are supported on Tee Pee Oblisk, planted with petunias, scavola and english ivy. This is at the front door of this estate. Peter Atkins and Associates, LLC

Mark prunes Climbing Roses in the Spring

Gardener of Peter Atkins and Associates pruning Roses

First Snow Catches us off Guard of Cleanups

Cleaning up the Garden after first snow fall by Peter Atkins and Associates

The Dahlia Garden in Pound Ridge, NY

The dahlia Garden by Peter Atkins and Associates

The Garden at the bottom of a steep slope by Peter Atkins

The Garden at the bottom of a steep slope by Peter Atkins

Backyard Garden that is a strong Pollinator Garden in Bedford, NY

Backyard Garden that is a strong Pollinator Garden in Bedford, NY

Pollinator Garden Supported by Perennials with Patio

Pollinator Garden Supported by Perennials with Patio

Pollinator Garden using Client Favorite Color Purple

Pollinator Garden using tones of Purple

Pollinator Garden using Orange, Red, Blue and White

Pollinator Garden in Greenwich North

The Pollinator  Perennial Gardens in Bedford, NY

The Pollinator Garden in Home in Bedford, NY

The Pollinator Garden in Darian, CT by Peter

The Pollinator Garden in Darian, CT

Woodland Setting with Delphiniums

Mixed Perennial and Annual Bed

Epic Outdoor Containers designed to complement your outdoor furniture

Perennials and Annuals combined: Sedum Autumn Joy, Heaucera, Leocothoe, Salvia and Client Planter. Fall 2020

Estate on Shappan Point in Stamford, CT - Complete Fine Garden Maintenance Weekly

Spring Pansies planted outside the front door. Peter Atkins and Associatesl.,LLC

The Annuals Gardens under this Massive Cooper Beech are planted during each season with shades of pink, lilac and white. Here the season is pansies. This property is maintained and planted by Peter Atkins

Annuals play a very important part to bring harmony and lasting color though out the seasons

annual gardens on stone house

The magic of Burgundy can allow a garden to Pop

The magic of Burgundy can allow a garden to Pop by Peter Atkins

Masonry and Grass Accent the Lap Pool with simple elegant lines

Herb Garden & Flagstone Walkway with Grass Joints

The Herb Garden and Stone Walkway that is random by Peter Atkins

Flagstone Patio with Firepit and Vistas into the garden

Flagstone Patio and Firepit and Exterior Garden Vista by Peter Atkins

Peter Atkins and Associates specializes in Spring and Summer Bulb Gardens

Peter Atkins and Associates specializes in Spring and Summer Bulb Gardens

Daffodils Parade this Home where we do Maintenance

Spring has arrived with Daffodils blooming at the entrance to this fine home

Tulips are the Jewels of Mothers Day on this estate

Tulips planted on the outer edge of brick patio off the driveway

Garden Lady Sculpture Creates focal point in the formal garden, by Peter

Tulips Dance in this Gardens with A Statue

Home in Greenwich North that is planted with many spring bulbs, roses and perennial gardens by Peter

Estate in Back Country Greenwich planted with Tulips and Spring Pots by Peter Atkins