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December 26, 2023
Fine Gardeners Team Cutting back Nepeta in Late Summer Garden by Peter Atkins

Fine Horticultural care picks up where basic maintenance ends, supplying proactive care to meet all your landscape needs before problems get out of control.

All packages are customized to meet your landscape goals, routine maintenance, special event preparation and open house staging.

Our Core Values:     

Horticultural knowledge is the key to elevating a garden from the ordinary to the extraordinary. Our staff are educated in the areas of lawn care, landscape maintenance, i.e., soil management, invasive plants, pest management, landscape design trends and organic care to supply quality horticultural garden care.


We take pride in offering personal customer service, results oriented landscape maintenance and unique landscape designs. We believe in client relationship building and rewarding customer loyalty.


We work with quality, industry professionals and local providers to supply the best products.

A garden is a living organism, we treat it with love and care and supply proactive management.

"Our small team of skilled gardeners work to ensure the plants you have are performing to their highest potential. Our maintenance visits include not just perennial care, watering, weeding, and mulching but

also a careful monitoring of site conditions to help you stay ahead of potential plant disease or pest problems.”

Appointed trained gardeners who work with a New York Botanical accredited Horticulturist. This team honors the respect of your gardens and delivers services that are completely trustworthy. Thoughtful,

year-round organic garden care from a crew you can trust.

This is not your average “mow, blow, and go” yard care service. At Peter Atkins and Associates we provide our maintenance clients with the kind of organic garden care available only to the finest estates.

Our trained and supervised accredited horticulturist teams prioritizes naturalistic pruning and sustainable practices such as leaving leaves in your garden beds to use as free mulch as well as waiting to remove seed heads until spring to increase available food sources for insects and

birds during the winter.

Our team will do all the weeding, deadheading, raking, and minor pruning your garden needs to stay healthy. We can help create new planting areas, help divide and replant perennials, introduce new plants to an existing bed, or clear away overgrown shrubs. We restore gardens to be full of life, bloom nonstop, support pollination and welcome you home with reasons to spend more time on your property.


We offer regular maintenance visits at the schedule that works best for your yard – whether that is monthly, bi-monthly, as needed. We work with a variety of budget that are deemed acceptable.   

Even if we did not install your landscape, we would be honored to set up a maintenance regimen for your property. Regular Fine Gardening Maintenance will ensure the health and longevity of your plants. We use sustainable practices that will keep your landscape environmentally friendly and stunning for years to come. If you have any questions or concerns about our landscape, contact us and we will address them quickly. We returned email and phone call the first day we received your communications.

Whether you are seeking full garden design, or fine horticultural maintenance, please consider us for your next project. We are ready to get started. Please visit our website at Thank you.