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December 26, 2023
Landscape Sketch by Peter Atkins and Associates Do you require Help with your landscape?

“Most People Love to Garden but Need Help in Planning, Development and Maintenance Services”

Renovate, Rejuvenate, Restore Bring your garden back to life.

Most people shy away from creating their own new gardens for fear that, after all the time and money spent, it just may not turn out as expected. Designing a garden properly takes a great deal of knowledge and creativity and labor to do the job correctly.

If you have recently bought a garden and it needs some care and attention, Peter Atkins and Associates can help restore your garden to its former glory.

Peter Atkins and Associate4s is headed up by Peter Atkins, who is an accredited Garden Designer and horticultural artist and is available to help. Peter’s in-depth horticultural knowledge and design skills supply an extra layer of ability. Passionate about gardens, Peter is available to discuss how to restore your outside space and get the most from your garden.

This is an example of a real garden design enquiry we get. It is from a client who is unsure where to start with their garden. They are unsure how to bring it back to life, while marrying it with their personal

style. This is a job for a Garden Designer or Landscape Designer.

“Do I need my whole garden redesigned? I like the garden layout, but it does not feel inspiring. My plants are all a bit old fashioned, overgrown, and, well, not like the beautiful gardens I see on Instagram, Facebook or in sophisticated magazines. But I know this can expensive and I am really looking for someone to guide me through the process and be a partner in my gardens quest.”

A Design Enquiry like this does not always require a complete garden redesign and build, but rather some clever and creative editing and adjusting. Depending on the degree of the likes and dislikes in the garden this could be: Garden Restoration - restoring the first fabric of the garden, then adding the essential details, the furniture, and the plants to align it with your style.

Garden Renovation - tweaking the existing landscaping, adding more areas than working on the styling detail and the plants.

Beds and Border Rejuvenation - a planting design to rejuvenate existing over-mature, outdated, or overgrown borders.

Not all gardens need demolishing and rebuilding. Some have a good backbone; some have history that would be a tragedy to extinguish; some have an intrinsic sense of place that we can build upon.

Engage a Garden Designer. This is recommended for this type of garden project. Why?

Garden Designers are creative. We will show the opportunities within the garden. We have the skills and ability to take an existing garden, edit it sensitively and breathe freshness and life into it,

while aligning it with your style and the style of your house.

Garden Designers have vision. We will work with your existing features, adjust, while adding design detail, features, and incidental experiences throughout the space. Locating sensitive new routes to smaller destinations, and (using a light touch) creating vistas, focal points and visual encounters will enhance your enjoyment and connection with the garden.

Garden Designers are a worthwhile investment. We take you carefully through the design process and ensure you are happy with the design direction. Most importantly, we are there to make sure you are assured the design, the choice of materials, plants and styling, the budget, and the choice

of contractors are right for you.

Reach out to Peter Atkins (914) 234-0161. Always a complimentary visit to discuss your priories

and how we can help you with your 2024 project.