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We Specialize in Outdoor Spaces:

"Outdoor rooms are created by intermingling and manipulating floors, ceilings, walls, and doors. Different media for each of those elements are chosen and integrated to bring about contrasting garden experiences. We specialize in designing and installing outdoor spaces, utilizing materials such as pavers, natural stone, and modular blocks. Most of our retaining walls, outdoor fireplaces, fire pits, and patios are built using some or all these materials".

Sandra S.

Fairfield County

“Peter Atkins  has been our fine horticultural gardener and landscape designer since 2010. He is by far the most resourceful, knowledgeable, patient, and hard-working person I have hired to work at my home. Because of his design, plant choices, and maintenance work, our house and gardens are spectacular.

I have and will continue to recommend him without hesitation.”


We are experts of unlocking the true potential of an open space. From the creative vision of what the space could become with proper design and installation, to the ongoing maintenance and seasonal accents, Peter Atkins and Associates has the resources and experience to build and maintain the most sophisticated landscapes and gardens.

Regardless of project or property size, each design begins with an on site consultation to fully understand your goals and assess the property's potential. If it feels like a good fit, we then explore stylistic options, plant materials, maintenance requirements, budget, and project timeline. The deliverable of this initial phase is a full-color plan accompanied by photo references, design sketches, sample materials, and an breakdown of project costs.




Pool Landscape Using Cad software

Design Example for a pool project.  Peter Atkins and Associates. LLC

Getting Ready to Discuss your Project with Peter Atkins

Spending some time considering what you are looking for can help make sure we design something that is right for you. Here are some questions to consider:

What would make me happy to spend time in this place? What do I want to do here? What do I want to see when I come to my home/work/business/place of worship?

What am I looking for?  Somewhere to sit and read?  A place to entertain friends?  A refuge for wildlife?  A place to grow my own food?  An outdoor kitchen? A place to meditate or pray? A place for clients to have coffee and talk with friends?

What do I love about this place already?  What is the best thing about my home, business, school, etc.?

What problems do I have?  Can I take care of what I have now? What frustrates me? What isn’t working?

How will I take care of the new garden?  Will I take care of things myself? Do I need to hire someone to help?

What am I wiling to spend on my new garden?  What can I afford now?  What can I afford over the next five years?

What excites me? What do you find beautiful or interesting? Collecting pictures of places that you love can help you see what possibilities are out there, and help me understand your preferences. Feel free to share images and notes with me at Thank you.


We work with clients to design beautiful places where they and their families, customers and members can enjoy life. We work closely together to design a beautiful garden that fits your life, budget, and home or business. I offer services ranging from consultations to discuss and walk through your existing landscape, to full masterplans for new gardens and landscapes When designing a garden, we meet to discuss your goals, concerns and lifestyle, and I measure and closely examine your property. We then meet again to go over sketches of the garden, and make sure it fits your needs. After incorporating your feedback I go on to develop final plans that can be used for implementation. Costs can vary by project, but plans for residential properties generally cost around $2,500 for the entire property or about $600- $800 for front or backyards. I am happy to start a conversation with you regarding your project via email if you are interested. Peter Atkins and Mary Ann Henry offers project management for our installation jobs. Peter Atkins is an accredited Horticulturist and he directs and manages the fine garden maintenances services. We do the services that you ask us to preform meeting your budget guidelines. We are not a lawn mowing service. We can work with your grass cutter service. We take care of the gardens, pruning, plants, watering, hand weeding and more.    We are both very happy to discuss your needs and answer your questions.

Masonry Applications

landscape masonry by peter Akins

Country Wall on Property Border

Irregular Patio with Firepit on Lake

Irregular Patio with firepit on lake side edge

Planting a Jane Magnolia

Elegant home design photo in New York

Mothers Day Gift from Kids

Orange and Peach Tulips planted with Blue Pansy in  Garden. Peter Atkins and Associates

Asian Birch and Lots of Liriope

River Birch with large beds of green Lirope. The Fern is ostrich and the Spanish blue bells. Photo by Peter Atkins


Hardscaping, plantings, grading and everything in-between, this is where our crews are set to task, transforming your property and bringing the design to life.

With 28 years of hands-on experience, we know that each project is unique and requires a thorough understanding of the property, materials and client's goals. We also value the importance of outstanding communication. Daily site meeting, email updates and full transparency are the norm from our project managers and crews

Photo Imaginary Software - 2D and 3D Shows the picture once planted

Here we take a photograph of the location and then through some magic software paint a realistic picture of what the intended space could look like when planted;

A Gardener Message

"Knowing your enthusiasm for gardening and creating a green world, I hope we can count on you now to join our company and make a difference in your own garden. You will love the wonderful things we can grow together".

Vegetable Garden Design in 2D

drawing for a vegetable garden by peter atkins


Culinary Raised Vegetable Garden. This is nine beds that measure 8x4 and 6x4. Root vegetables, Salad, Tomatoes and Herb. This garden produced 235 pounds of tomatoes in 2020. The entire system is desig

Pound Ridge Vegetable Garden

vegetable garden for a client in Connecticut.  Peter Atkins

Master Vegetable Garden Plan

Designed, Built and Maintained by Peter Atkins and Associates, LLC

Greenwich Vegetable Garden

Peter Atkins and Associates, LLC

Bedford Village Vegetable Garden

Peter Atkins and Associates, LLC

Armonk Vegetable Garden

North  Salem Vegetable Garden

Meticulous Property Maintenance

From simple entryway containers to full estates, every property requires the right touch to keep it flourishing. Our team of fine gardeners can manage your property with an expert level of detail, tailoring a maintenance plan to your specific needs.

Each property is assigned a team of gardeners who work for the entire years on your property and do all fine garden maintenance and installation work. These gardeners are supervised with an accredited Horticulturist daily.

We offer a wide array of services including garden and lawn care, container and window box plantings, irrigation, outdoor lighting, seasonal decorations, vegetable gardens, roses, ornamental pruning and much more.

Nicole J.

Bedford, NY

"I am an interior designer, which makes me particular….very particular. When I bought a mid-century home with its clean contemporary lines, I was perplexed as to how to continue this aesthetic into what was an unkempt wilderness.

I got there with Peter Atkins and Jean Galle , whose discerning knowledge of plants and fabulous sense of design created the perfect contemporary landscape. Not a day goes by that I don’t thoroughly enjoy Peter and Jean's design. The simplicity of the plant selections and their interesting layout, coupled with the beautiful finish details in artistic stone masonry  has formed an elegant foreground to the home’s architecture, uniting the house with its site.

A good designer takes whatever the given conditions are and enhances the outcome by unifying a project into an aesthetic whole. Jean and Peter took the home’s contemporary architecture and translated its aesthetic into a complementary (and low-maintenance) landscape. this duo team is truly a treasure to any land owner who wish to have a property transformed into a master piece. They far exceeded me and my husbands expectations."


Lester and Jose planting Mandavila in Greenwich

White Mandavila Vines that are supported on Tee Pee Oblisk, planted with petunias, scavola and english ivy. This is at the front door of this estate. Peter Atkins and Associates, LLC

Jose Pruning Globe Arborvitae in New Canaan

Boxwood Planting that is formal to this city landscape in Greenwich, CT

Lime Light Hydrangea Frame the Front Door

Lime Light Tree planting at Front Door

Boxwood Foundation Plantings with Electric Annuals

English Boxwoods frame the Stepper Walkway

Shade Garden with Hydrangeas and Astibles

Native Landscape set against majestic Asian River Birch

Nature on Long Island Sound in Rye, NY

Coordinator of Services

Peter Atkins wear many hats. From senior designer and lead project manager to managing the working wheel of the business. Peter is a hands on owner and I still love getting my hands into the dirt. With an eye for detail and encyclopedic knowledge of plants, my passion still lies in garden renovation and building native and sophisticated gardens.

Cutting, Herb and Vegetable Garden

KITCHEN, HERB AND FLOWER GARDEN.  Peter Atkins and Associates., LLC.

Epic Outdoor Pots can be Large Expressions of Wow!

Gigantic Elephant Ears, Red Hot New Ginny Inpatients and Sedge Grass to bring the green from the top to the container. Peter Atkins and Associates, LLC

Landscape Fine Garden Maintenance Account and Planting by Peter Atkins

Landscape  Gardens by Peter Atkins and Associates

Pool House and Landscape Maintenance In Bedford Village by Peter Atkins

Pool House and Gardens in Bedford, NY  by Peter Atkins

Landscape Walkway and Planting In Waccabuc, NY

Walkway from the front door to the neighborhood street

Vegetable Garden in Bedford Behind the Garage

Peter Atkins and Associates, LLC

Client Brings Her Mom's Rose Garden Back to Life

Client Asked Peter Atkins for Help with Huge Slope Backyard?

Pound Ridge, NY Home. Client asked me what can we do with this hillside. See the pictures to follow.

Peter Atkins solved the challenge with Perennial Garden, Fountain, Firepit and Patio.

Exclusive Peter Atkins and Associates, LLC - Pollinator Garden. Took a slope backyard and turned into a pollinator garden for all birds, insects and wildlife

First Day In Cos Cob.

Client requested we replaced old falling apart front door walkway with a new flagstone and tread walkway at 4 feet wide. The risers are stacked frield stone to keep the theme country. The path by the

Designed and Built New Entrance, Cos Cob, CT.

Rebuilt walkway in Cos Cob, CT.

Day One in Bedford Corners,NY

Bad Staircase to the lower yard

Designed and Built in Bedford Corners, NY

The update walkway to the rear of the home

Day One in Armonk, NY

Designed & Built in Armonk, NY

Day One in Pound Ridge, NY

Design and Built in Pound Ridge, NY

The modern Steps to the lower terrace once finished

Rear Gardens that border the foundation of this home

Rear Gardens that border the foundation by Peter Atkims

Perennial Border that is in its fourth year designed and planted by Peter Atkins

Perennial Border that  is in its fourth year designed and planted by Peter Atkins

Lilies, Crocosmia, Boxwoods, Dahlia and Blue Ageratum border

Lilies, Boxwoods, Dahlia and Blue Ageratum border

Perennial Border in New Canaan, CT

Perennial Garden that divides the play field for the kids and the the gardening spaces that capture nature, color and symmetry to this large space. Peter Atkins and Associates

The Pollinator Garden just beyond the back porch deck

Sometimes, Changes Are Necessary.

Moving plants as they grow or adding seasonal color can be the small tweaks that really make your outdoors exceptional. We build small annual changes into our Garden Services agreements so we can evolve your gardens in a hassle-free way for you.

Seasonal container gardens add color and interest to your outdoor living spaces. They are only as good as the regular care provided to them. They can be changed every year and provide an opportunity for a unique expression.

We also specialize in the installation and maintenance of wildflowers which are popular landscape services.  Once established these natural meadows provide natural beauty with relatively little maintenance. They are also appropriate to your natural surroundings. All of our native, perennial and annual garden support the Pollinator Pathway projects that helps provide food, shelter and nesting for birds, insects and mammals.

Backyard Retreat

Backyard Retreat

Pound Ridge, NY

Two Golden Lab's

"We were extremely pleased with the plan that  Peter and Jean provided for our property. I appreciated this dynamic team approach and we appreciate the countless Saturday morning Peter spent with us to make certain we loved the entire garden.  

Peter was right there making sure that every plant and tree was placed correctly on installation day.  Peter and his entire team have been maintaining our home now three years and our property is the talk of the neighborhood. "

My Pollinator Pathway Garden Setting

My Pollinator Garden Seat in Pound Ridge, NY

Painting with Plants

Very often, we find that our clients are not necessarily looking to have a completely new garden or landscaping design. Sometimes, the simplicity of a well thought out planting scheme is all it takes to rejuvenate and enhance areas in the existing garden that they have. This is where we can offer our soft landscaping only services.

Our soft landscaping services focus on enhancing areas through beautiful, statement planting. Our team of  horticulturists use their extensive planting knowledge to design and map out exactly what planting will accentuate the areas of the garden that need rejuvenation.

Painting a green landscape with elevated planters that express wow color

Painting a green landscape with elevated planters that express wow color

The sculpture of plants are not always in bright colors but still make a solid statement

The sculpture of plants are not always in bright colors but still make a solid statement


Lower Fairfield County

"Peter Atkins has been our gardener and landscape designer since 2010. He is by far the most resourceful, knowledgeable, patient, and hard-working person I have hired to work at my home. Because of his design, plant choices, and maintenance work, our house and gardens are spectacular. I have and will continue to recommend him without hesitation.” 

Traditional landscape Entrance in Greenwich, CT


Modern Landscape Design in Greenwich, CT


Japanese Garden in Stamford, Ct

Small Japanese Garden in North Stamford, Peter Atkins

Formal Garden in Cross River, NY

Old Estate with Cobbled Brick and Radiant Perennials (Stamford Ct Garden Club Park)

Northern Stamford, CT

Sustainable Landscaping.

As ecological designers, our focus is to work with nature, not against it. Nurturing balanced ecosystems in our gardens can lessen or eliminate the need to use harmful herbicides, pesticides and excessive amounts of water. Fostering biodiverse habitats invites beneficial insects, which keep garden ‘pests’ in check. By integrating nature into our built environment, we can render landscapes that, over time, require fewer external inputs to thrive.

  • Our designers are skilled in Permaculture, Ecological and Habitat Design. Our projects vary in scale from small patch designs to large, whole property designs. Each project is tailored to the client’s goals along with prioritizing soil health, biodiversity, and the needs of the flora and fauna surrounding the site.
  • Would you like a vegetable and herb garden to use for your cooking? 
  • Would you like to attract song birds to your landscape ?
  • What is your landscape missing that would draw you outside more?


Cos Cob, CT

“I really enjoyed the process of collaborating with  Peter Atkins and Jean Galle. The whole process was about sharing a great idea, great information, and design responsibilities. Their professional attitude and capabilities really helped us resolve many urgent and difficult issues. More importantly, the sharing of the process made the collaboration very enjoyable and inspiring. During the construction process, no matter what the material selection or the design details, decisions were all very site specific and practical.  Peter Atkins was with us from the initial meeting and was with us every day the job was built.  I have every reason to believe that Peter Atkins and Associates could turn beautiful ideas into wonderfully built projects.”

Ornamental Grass Electrified in the Afternoon Sun

Ornamental Grass Electrified in the Afternoon Sun

Estate in Greenwich that replaced lawn with native plants. Photo by Peter A.

Greenwich Property that replaced lawn with native garden.

Rain Garden to absorb slope with runoff

Rain Garden to absorb water from slope, Peter Atkins

Garden Patio with Blue Steel Sedges and Nepeta

Sedges and Nepeta at Garden Patio, Peter Atkins

Roberto and Lou,

Masonry Team

"We  have worked with this company for the last 12+ years. We are very creative when we all put our heads together to design and build stone art that stands out in your neighborhood was original. Peter Atkins  is an excellent partner in our masonry business.  Not only are they nice people to work with, but they are extremely talented and creative people who turn out one beautiful project after another".

Richard M

North Stamford, CT

"We had a wonderful experience. Peter helped us design what was needed, gave excellent advice about materials. He kept costs down by using materials we had on hand for part of the job. His crew was great! In the end, he did more than he had contracted for but did not charge for it. The result is beautiful, rugged, durable. I recommend him highly". 

We Can Transplant just about anything... This job is not ours but a job in California


Team unloading Washington Hawthorns.

Placeholder Image

Did you Ask for Boxwood...

Placeholder Image

Plant Nurseries

We have a passion for plants. 

  • We hand-select all the plants from family nurseries, landscape supply yards and garden centers throughout the North East. 
  • We will not purchase unhealthy plants just because they are readily available.
  • We purchase both local plants as well as trees, shrubs and specimen nursery stock from both upstate New  York, Long Island and Mid Atlantic Territory. 

We transplant Tree and Shrub the Correct Method.

Placeholder Image

Planting Shrubs with Proper hole diameters

Placeholder Image


Transplanting Trees/Shrub. Planting Container Plantings

Nursery Plants that we have used on jobs that we design and maintain



Full Image


Full Image

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