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PETER ATKINS AND ASSOCIATES.,LLC "Artisans in the Landscape"          P.O. Box 238 Bedford Village, NY 10506 914- 234-0161

The quest for a well-designed yard usually starts with a problem to overcome on the site. Sloping terrain, narrow lots, limited space, neglected spaces, poor drainage are just a few of the landscape challenges that can have an impact on the design, layout and plant selections for your property. Your goals for your landscape can also bring up design issues that require creative solutions. 

Peter Atkins and Associates is a full-service organic landscape contractor. We are dedicated to environmentally friendly approaches through all phases of Landscape Construction-from Design to Installation and Maintenance.

We help homeowners turn your landscape and gardens into self-sustaining ecosystems. We have been a leader in ecological land care for over twenty-five years.

We want you to love being Outside.

This begins with an idea. A mood. A place your mind, body and spirit would like to visit when you leave your four walls. We believe in making residential landscape design projects that are special, because we truly believe in being able to Live Outside. It should feel good. It should come from an inspiration and create a place that let’s you enjoy your weekend meal, chill, meditate, entertain, celebrate, laugh. When your outdoor space is built around an idea, it will truly grow.

So rather than impose our beliefs on you, we will work with you to cultivate your idea of a perfect outdoor space. We continue each month to do incredible environmental work things with front yards, side yards, the pool area, the neglected area, the rear and beyond. We’d love to put ourselves into your outdoor space and work with you to solve and enhance your home paradise.

We design landscapes that restore ecological value and improve upon our quality of life. All of our landscape designs seek to protect wildlife and pollinators, build healthy soils of which all plants must have to be successful, capture precious stormwater that can be discharged correctly, and store CO2 emissions.


  • Accredited Northeast Organic Land Care (NOFA). We use no manufactured products that will not break down naturally and feed mother earth. We will NOT harm your family, your pets, your water supply and mother earth.
  • Ecological Studies Coordinator and Garden Coach.
  • Accredited Permaculture Certificate from Rhode Island University.
  • Accredited Ornamental Horticulturist Certificate from the NY Botanical Gardens.
  • Degree in Landscape Architecture / Design.
  • We are a recognized leader with native plant solutions which makes us different as a front runner in quality-oriented design, build and maintenance delivery systems.

Browse our portfolio and testimonials to learn more.

Contact Peter Atkins at (914) 234 -0161 or or Mary Ann Henry at (914) 380-2482



Peter Atkins and Mary Ann Henry

Let's talk about you and your property?

Initial consultations are completely free of charge—no strings attached (but cups of coffee graciously accepted). We'll come to your property, listen to your ideas and talk about how we can work together to create your dream landscape.


Tell us about your landscape goals! Are you interested in stonework, a new planting installation, habitat restoration, or maintenance services for a natural-looking landscape? Or maybe all of the above?

Book a FREE Discovery Call (914) 234 -0161 to learn more about how we can create a functional and Beautifully designed space that's uniquely you. 


Pound Ridge, NY - Pollinator Perennial Garden


Stamford, CT - Perennial Pollinator Garden

Perennial Border on Long Island Sound by Peter Atkins

Fall Pollinator Perennial and Grass Garden



Landscape Advisor

"Aspire to Hire! The most creative and beautiful estates I have ever seen have been transformed and maintained by this man,. With vision like Monet and a touch like Lalique Peter will transition your property into a picture book that will have others talking long after the next season turns the page.”

Pools Gardens

Spring Gardens

Slope Garden

pollinator garden by peter atkins

Annual Gardens

No lawn  Gardens


Meadows Gardens

Custom Masonry

Herb Gardens

Outdoor  Planters

Daisy and Million Bells

Front Door Gardens

Peter H. Atkins

Vegetable Systems

Designed, Built and Maintained by Peter Atkins and Associates, LLC

Path Walkway

Who is Peter Atkins ?

  • With a University degree in Art History from the College of Wooster in Ohio, Peter took a concentration in Landscape Architecture and Plant Science. Peter Attended the University of Florence, Italy for Junior and senior year while in Italy on an exchange program. A love for gardens, architecture and art history, Peter has traveled and spent time in Italy, Europe, Indian, Nepal, Tibet, Asia, China, Singapore, Bermuda and throughout the United States. These valuable life experience gave me further insight into the Landscape Architecture, Art History, Horticulture and Botany.
  • Peter has studied and continues to study at the N.Y. Botanical gardens and is accredited with horticulture and landscape design. Peter attended the Cary Institute of Ecological system studies in Millbrook, NY with studies in their Landscape Design department.  He has a certificate from the Rhode Island University in Permaculture Design. Permaculture is a system of agricultural and social design principles centered around simulating or directly utilizing the patters and features observed in a natural ecosystem.  Peter Atkins is also an accredited North East Organic Land Care (NOFA) specialist since 2010.
  • Peter grew up in Bedford NY. The business has always been centered around Bedford and neighboring hamlet towns. We are a full service landscaping company. The company's success is due largely to the fact that we are able to serve our clients from the very beginning of a project through all phases of design, planning, construction and maintenance to insure the design vision is achieved and sustained.

 I welcome the opportunity to create a garden sanctuary for you.

Catherine B.


"When you have a landscape design project, it is imperative to hire someone with experience in project management. This is more than landscaping; it is more like construction. Peter Atkins and Associates understands this and will work with you to ensure organization and coordination across the various parties. The way Peter Atkins was able to not only coordinate our project, but to also consistently communicate next steps was amazing. He is a real artist with strong project management skills for which discerning buyers should pay a premium. We have worked with several landscapers. Peter Atkins and Associates is by far the best and we would recommend them for your project, large or small". 

Who is Mary Ann Henry?

Client Development

* Project Management

* Special Events Coordinator

* Holiday Decorator - Outside and Interiors

* Retired Private Pilot (Non Commercial)

"As Client Relations Manager, I consider exceptional communication and quality assurance to be paramount. However small the detail, my goal is to ensure all of our clients are left unconditionally satisfied with their investment in our work.”   


Mary Ann and Ginger




The importance for Organic Land Care.

Scarlett our Ruby Cavalier was diagnosed with Lymphoma (Cancer) She went with Mary Ann and Peter everywhere. Animal scientist were pointing finger that chemicals in landscapes was making dogs and cats very sick and when this young dog was diagnosed with cancer we knew that most of our properties were not treated organically but with chemicals.

In 2010, we became an Northeaster Organic Land Care business (NOFA) and we are a completely organic land care business for our properties. We do not use synthetic fertilizers, chemical imputes or anything that will harm pets, humans or wildlife.

What Is Ecological Landscapes

“Ecological Landscaping is a method of designing, building, and maintaining landscapes that considers the ecology of a site and creates gardens that enhance the surrounding environment for the benefit of humans and all other life in the ecosystem. When the earth is disturbed during the construction of buildings, homes, driveways, and roadways, the land is forever altered. Although the natural landscape can never be restored completely, with thoughtful attention to the site, ecological landscapers can create outdoor spaces that are practical, healthy, and aesthetically pleasing. Ecological landscaping strives to balance the building site with the natural environment. It draws upon the wisdom of natural systems”.

Patio and Native Perennial Garden

Patio and Pollinator Perennial Garden

Choosing the Correct Landscape Service Company

CHOOSING THE RIGHT KIND OF LANDSCAPE SERVICE FIRM Lots of landscaping companies offer basic yard maintenance services. That is, mowing, edging, mulching, weeding, and spring and fall clean-ups. We call this service mow, blow and run maintenance. Its a bunch of guys, with little horticultural knowledge pruning your shrubs into mushrooms with gas shears and destroying the character of the plant in this fast paced job.

Peter Atkins and Associates began this business with the reality that some properties deserve special attention in how they are maintained. Some properties have lots of beautiful shrubs like azaleas, rhododendrons, boxwoods, flowering trees that require attention with proper pruning. Other properties have perennial gardens that require deadheading, staking, dividing, soil amendments and other landscape gardens require many services from lawn cutting, mulching, cleanups.

The reason we are different is that we selects properties that we wish to maintain with home owners who spent much money on the installation of their gardens and wish to have their gardens maintained by expert gardeners who are always supervised by an accredited Horticulturist.

Top-notch garden care makes the difference between a garden that flourishes in all seasons and one that doesn’t live up to its potential.

Previous Landscaper Failed. Poisonous Walnut Tree kills soil

Peter Atkins Driveway Circle Planted under Poisonous Walnut Tree

Understanding Ecological Relationships

“By studying the inter-relationships between living things, non-living things, and the environment, ecological landscapers can create a landscaped community that will conserve natural resources, preserve biodiversity, and protect the environment. With proper design and implementation, a healthy pattern begins to form with each component in the landscape; people, animals, plants, water, soil, insects, and wildlife, all interacting in a sustainable way”.

“Conservation is an important part of ecological landscaping. The objectives of an ecological landscaper are to reduce water consumption, preserve water quality, prevent soil erosion, protect biodiversity, diminish the use of toxic pesticides, and minimize the use of non-renewable resources. By striving toward these goals, the ecological landscaper

can create gardens that are both environmentally responsible and enjoyable to experience”.

Most People Love to Garden BUT Need Help?

Most people shy away from creating their own new gardens for fear that, after all the time and money spent, it just may not turn out as expected. Designing a garden properly takes a great deal of knowledge and creativity and labor to do the job correctly.

If you feel though you would benefit from professional help, we suggest that you read through the website site and see if the focus of our work would be a perfect fit for your next project.

We are highly trained, passionate and creative professionals that would like to put a smile on every client’s face by enhancing their built environment and quality of life.

We suggest you interview us and see if we can help you with your next design project.

Project & Fine Garden Maintenance Management

We are a full service firm that offers design and building solutions so that you can make your dream landscape a reality.

Landscape project managers such as Peter Atkins and Mary Ann Henry are well-versed in many of the most important aspects of company’s success. They are the company’s eyes and ears on project sites, ensuring work is done according to plan, managing and motivating team members and working with office staff and vendors to coordinate successful project installations and site management. 

Project Management

Landscape design and project management go hand in hand together to insure the finished design is installed in the way it was intended.  When you are ready to begin your project, We can support you through each step, from the bid process to the installation of the landscape design. We work with highly qualified contractors who provide fine craftsmanship, excellent customer service and have solid reputations and references. Managing your project insures that the end result will follow the original design vision. When a defined completion is stated we meet that deadline.

Jean Galle, Landscape Architect, Illustrator and Horticulturist

Peter Atkins & Jean Galle - Design Team

  • Jean’s love of nature started as a child in Ohio. Long walks in the woods looking for wildflowers with her father taught her valuable lessons.
  • The desire to become a professional Landscape designer came when Jean heard about sustainable green roofs and the positive effects for cities and the environment. Jean graduated 1st in her class at Columbia University’s Master’s of Landscape Design.
  • Shortly after she received a Flower Garden Design certificate from New York Botanical Garden.
  • Her gardens designs are unique with the play of line, form and texture with many details – design knowledge gained from her 2 former successful careers – that of a ballet dance and fashion designer. Jean’s designs match the site, keeping the clients desires in mind with infusions of color, year around interest and a bit of surprise and whimsy. Native plants are used when possible and the environment and pollinators are always concerned. Besides designing for Peter, Jean has her own clients in New York City and New Jersey Shore and freelances for other NYC based landscape companies. Peter and I met at the New York Botanical Garden and the rest is history.

* Master Gardener Certified

* Certified Horticulturist

* Landscape Architect / Designer

* Auto Cad,

* Free Hand

* Botanical Illustrator


Perennial Pollinator Garden Renovation

Perennial Pollinator Garden Section

Wooly Speedwell, Hoopis Spruce, Joe Pye Weed, Phlox, Red Monarda and Black Eye Susan's.  Peter Atkins and Associates.

Pollinator Garden

Slope Garden - Path

Perennials and Annuals

Tulips Garden

Purple Allium

Roses at Entrance


Estate on Shappan Point in Stamford. Full time estate Gardeners


Whether you love them or hate them, parties are important. They are where people meet future business and romantic partners and friends, where small talk becomes the stuff of life.

Peter Atkins and Associates is on a mission to bring people together to meet, create, and celebrate. Are you looking for special 40 or 50th birthday party ideas or a milestone Wedding Celebration or your daughter has just announced your garden is the perfect spot. So many occasions in life call for celebrations.

The possibilities for garden social party themes are endless! The date and the season when you are hosting the event can help you choose an appropriate theme but really, it is up to you and whatever your heart desires!

Though the overwhelming task of planning an event might deter you from recognizing special moments, party planning can be easy when you use Peter Atkins and Associates to get your outdoor spaces ready for the next celebration. Perfect for a Reception or Reunion!

Gardens create some of the best atmospheres for parties, wedding showers, baby showers, and other gatherings. Host a garden social in a peaceful setting surrounded by natural beauty.

A garden party gives you a great excuse to gather with friends and family or your local garden club in a setting you know and love. Outdoor events are all the rage right now anyway, so what is not to love!?

Pollinator Garden Welcome Bridal Guest to the Party

Garden Tour Party at Client Home

Dinner Party in the Garden

Roses and Peony Wedding

Hydrangeas, Daylilies and Conifers

Bride and Groom in Client Garden

Bride walking pass Rose Garden


We hear often that our clients love to brag about their home and its landscapers. Some of your neighbors may be in tune with your gardening prowess, but it is impressive to share that beauty with others. Theirs is a style inspired by gardens and all things natural, creating abundant floral arrangements overflowing with garden-style perennial, annual and epic outdoor planters. There can be a combination of flowers, fruits, vines, trees, and shrubs that are groomed correctly to bring the true value of a landscape noticed for a special event.

We value the relationships that we form with our clients and take pride in our ability to make your vision a reality. At Peter Atkins and Associates  we will go the distance to ensure that every detail is executed smoothly, leaving our client and their

guest in awe. Maybe you need just to update the flower pots, maybe a new patio, maybe perennials that symbolizes the guest of honors favorite colors. Maybe you need Peter to help pull all of the pieces together.

Our multi-talented team of creative visionaries combined with experts in craft and execution are the secret to our winning immersive event experiences. Whether designing a themed garden party or a casual affair, a luxurious wedding wonderland or the neighborhood barbecue we are ready to roll up our sleeves and make the journey memorable.

The Pollinator Perennial Garden

Organic Lawn Care

Perennial Borders Heading to the front Door with a new flagstone walkway

Foundation Perennials heading the the front door by Peter Atkins and Associates

North Stamford, CT - Fine Maintenance Care

Rye, Ny - Summer Garden welcome you home

Summer Annuals Welcome Everyone Home By Peter Atkins and Associates

Redding, CT - Old Fashioned Garden Maintained by Peter Atkins

Perennial Garden with fountain and terrace by Peter Atkins

Pruning Knock out Roses

Pruning Roses

Planting Front Door Planters

Pool landscapes

Fine Garden Maintenance

What is Detailed Maintenance Care

We provide comprehensive garden care with weekly visits during the growing season and select winter visits.  Under direction from our Head Horticulturalist, Peter Atkins, our care regimen is tailored to each landscape and can include spring clean-up,  turf care, weeding, care of perennial beds and fall leaf management.  We also offer woody plant care for plants under 14 feet in height which includes pruning and Integrated Pest Management.

  • A Fine Gardener’s singular goal is to vigilantly care for the soil, plants, and design compositions viewed through the lens of a dynamic natural system. This means that we must look at the garden with the eyes of a trainer and a caretaker. Consequently, we ask, “How can we make this perform better, look better, and be healthier?”

Pruning Hoopis Spruce

man pruning Hoopis spruce

Fine Garden Care


A maintenance contract provides a solid basis when it comes to putting the agreements into formal writing. Peter Atkins and Associates organizes which tasks should be carried out and you know exactly what you can expect from us. We will also provide a clear financial picture, in line with your personnel budget so that you will not be faced with any unpleasant surprises. Customization and personal contact are paramount. Some advantages listed:

• Appointed Gardeners stay with your property yearly. Supervision with senior horticulturist Peter Atkins who is on the job ever day.

• Always the right maintenance at the right time.

• A professional specialized landscaper with knowledge of your flower, edible, low maintenance and native gardens.

• A personal contact, your trusted landscaper.

• Affordable through fast and planned appointments.

Which maintenance contract should I choose?

Depending on your wishes, there are various options for implementing the maintenance contract. After an introductory meeting, we will create a tailor-made maintenance plan for you with the details of the contract and the frequency of the visits. In short you can choose between a limited and an extensive maintenance contract.

Team Transplanting Garden

Spreading Mulch

The slope with a green corridor to the flowering shrubs

Long Corridor off the back lawn with the slope and flowering shrub border by Peter Atkins

Digging the  Base of a Waterfall

Building a water fall with Peter Atkins and Associates

The completed Woodland Waterfall

Proper Pruning of Ornamental Tree Example

Pruning a tree - the correct method

Neglected Pruning of this Apple Tree

Pruned Espaliered Apple Tree

Maintenance and Design Collaborate Together.

We approach our projects with the idea that landscape design and garden maintenance are two sides of the same coin. A garden is more successful when it is cared for with the design intention in mind. And good design always takes long-term care and sustainability into account.

There is a direct connection between landscape maintenance and landscape design. Strategic garden care is a natural extension of design because the landscape design--the selections of plants, the groupings, and the geometry of the site--set the course for the maintenance to follow. At Peter Atkins, we call this design-conscious approach to all-in-one landscape and garden care - Garden Management.

Besides respect for design, our garden management process is steeped in horticultural expertise. Fine-tuning the landscape by adding color displays or perennial groupings, or by making meticulous adjustments (pruning, cutting back, thinning out, transplanting), is what brings out its greatness. Aside from the aesthetic benefit, skilled plant care promotes good health by letting air and light into the interior of plants, and stimulating growth and longevity.

We are very proud to be an accredited Northeastern Organic Land Care (NOFA) business. An organic approach avoids using toxic chemicals and manufacture products that can harm your children, pets, water supply and mother earth

Intern Tommy helping with weeds at  a customer home

What’s a Garden Coach?

A coach is a cross between a consultant, designer, and a landscaper. A designer will give you ideas and plans, but won’t do the work. A landscaper will come in and do the work, but won’t teach you how. A coach is the best of both worlds. I’ll come in and offer design and plant selection ideas and maintenance tips. Then I’ll come back and actually work with you to perform some of the tasks.

A garden coach is for those gardeners who want to do their own gardening and landscaping, but need help getting started and knowing how to do specific projects. I’m comfortable working with absolute beginners to knowledgeable Master Gardeners. For labor intensive projects we have a team of very qualified gardeners who work side by side with Peter Atkins. These teams can perform construction such as fences, masonry, water features planting projects and fine garden maintenance services.

Heather, P

Garden Coach Customer

“We’re enthusiastic beginner gardeners with too little time. Peter Atkins offered great ideas and knowledgeable answers to all of our questions. He gave just the right amount of information to be comprehensive without being overwhelming. Among other things, Peter offered great ideas to simplify efforts in the vegetable garden, had trouble shooting tips for pests in the flower gardens, and helped de-mystify the best methods of wintering roses. His knowledge was incredibly helpful, and his genuine encouragement was motivating.”

New Canaan, CT - Flagstone Patio with Organic Lawn

irregular Patio with moss joints and rear organic lawns by Peter Atkins

Many people love to garden but have a fear to get started?

Most people shy away from creating their own new gardens for fear that, after all the time and money spent, it just may not turn out as expected. Designing a garden properly takes a great deal of knowledge and creativity and labor to do the job correctly.

If you feel though you would benefit from professional help, we suggest that you read through the website site and see if the focus of our work would be a perfect fit for your next project.

We are highly trained, passionate and creative professionals that would like to put a smile on every client’s face by enhancing their built environment and quality of life.

We suggest you interview us and see if we can help you with your next design project.

Clients Home In Northern Westchester - for over 10 years

Great Estate in Northern Westchester, NY

Landscape Architect

"Peter Atkins and Associates serve its clients by guiding you through a thoughtfully curated design experience, that yields creativity, hard work, consistency, curiosity and thinking beyond the typical cookie cutter landscape. It requires vison, skill and sensitivity to unlock the potential of an open space". 

River Birch Line the Path along the property line


It is our goal to help you fall in love with your landscape. We strive to create personalized, vibrant and beneficial landscape designs that compliment your mature garden, solve existing design challenges or provide a complete landscape overhaul.

Landscape design services include:

  • A scaled landscape plan including plants and hardscape
  • A full plant list with points of interest
  • A personalized mood board to help you visualize the plant combinations
  • A detailed estimate and project plan

Elements in the design that we are not equipped to address will be referred to trusted contractors.


  • The initial one-hour consultation is No charge.
  • There is a design fee and this depends on how much time is necessary to do the layout and write up the proposals.
  • You will be provided with a proposal package.

Once your design is finalized, your place on the  Peter Atkins and Associates  installation schedule is secured with a 50% deposit.

A written warrantee comes with your proposal an Peter Atkins will be your landscape management liaison.

  • If you are interested in design services, please contact us as soon as possible.


Full Image

Pollinator Pathway Project

Japanese Yellow Grass and Heuchera are "electric" in dappled shade

Japanese Yellow grass, Knockout Roses and Purple Huckera bed by Peter Atkins

Foundation Planting - Help

Pound Ridge Job Day One what to do with this space that is native?

Native Garden Planted

Foundation Planting using native perennials and plants

Late Summer of this Home in Pound Ridge, NY

Jane Magnolia Planted

Elegant home design photo in New York

The "Spade" still respected the best tool for transplanting

Worker with a shovel

Landscape Construction

Landscape construction can be a challenging process for the homeowner. Having a crew of strangers on your property all day. Being available for decisions as the inevitable problems surface. Dirt everywhere.

But when you work with us, many of those challenges disappear. We’ll hire the construction team that is the perfect fit for your project, including carpenters, metalworkers, masons, arborists, pool and spa installers, and lighting and irrigation specialists. We only work with people we know and trust that are apart of our network of contractors and artisans.

Peter Atkins and Mary Ann Henry will personally oversee the entire landscape construction and ongoing organic maintenance process to make sure all details is thoughtfully sourced, every design element is carefully crafted and every problem is dealt with quickly and efficiently to save both time and money. This dynamite team has been working together for over twenty eight years.

The Covid Job that Kept  our Doors Open

  • This project below started when I was referred to a clients home to do some hydro seeding on a slope that was always difficult.  After showing our portfolio and spending numerous months on Saturday morning with the client, Peter Atkins and our client decided to transform the slope into a perennial garden. It would have a retaining wall that is 95 feet wall long and a large perennial garden would be placed within its wall. On top of the wall is a large border of Hydrangeas, carpet roses, edible berry and other shrubs. Within the garden would be a fountain for song birds and a patio below the garden with a portable fire pit for evening star gazing.  The vegetable garden was created that is 40x30 and hold many raised beds.  This was a two year process in design, collaboration and finally the year Covid arrived we were asked to install the job.  The job was installed in one year and follow year tweaking the design in year 2021.

Budget: Anonymous

Washington Hawthorns unloading job Spring 2021

Men unloading Washington Hawthorns from Trailer with Peter Atkins and Associcates

Pound Ridge - Day One

Pound Ridge, NY Property Entirely designed and Project Management by Peter Atkins  and Associates. 2019-2020. The first day Peter arrived at the new property in Pound  Ridge.   More Photo to follow

Pound Ridge - Developed.

Pound Ridge - Grand Entrance to this Estate

Job in Pound Ridge on Dann Farm Road - Masonry -  Maintenance - Peter Atkins and Associates

Pound Ridge - Driveway Apron under Construction

Masonry Driveway Landing by Peter Atkins and Associates

Pound Ridge -Tread Stairs Construction

Pound Ridge Tread Stair Completed

Pound Ridge - Slope. This is our back yard.

Pound Ridge, NY Home. Client asked me what can we do with this hillside. See the pictures to follow.

Pound Ridge - Slope Solution

(B) We built a retaining wall that is 95 feet long x 36 inches high x 21 inches wide.  The goal was to build a perennial garden on the slope and the patio to support a firepit and shrubs and perennial

Pound Ridge- Sloped Back Yard Defined and Built

Exclusive Peter Atkins and Associates, LLC - Pollinator Garden. Took a slope backyard and turned into a pollinator garden for all birds, insects and wildlife. This is a two year garden.
Exclusive Peter Atkins and Associates, LLC - Pollinator Garden. Took a slope backyard and turned into a pollinator garden for all birds, insects and wildlife
Exclusive Peter Atkins and Associates. LLC
the tread stairs
Gladiolus in the Garden
Landscape Front door with mums

Tucker Z

Armonk, NY

"SPECTACULAR - Everyone loves the stone work. The entrance to this house now has an updated front door courtyard and walkway with updated foundation planting. This job was complex as there are changing elevations and thus the work was intensive. Roberto and Ludwin worked hard to make this job a beautiful statement. It turned out better than we had envisioned. A huge plus to Peter Atkins who was project leader and Peter was at the job site every day to solve and keep the team focused on on the job deadline".

Landscaping on Rock Ledge make fabulous compositions

Building Rock Crop Gardens

Do you have a small outdoor space that you want to fill with something different and interesting? Do you have a natural rock ledge or outcropping on your property? Do you want to learn about unusual plants and join a worldwide group of enthusiasts? If your answer is yes to any of the above, then rock gardening may be what you are looking for.

The term rock garden is synonymous with alpine garden. Many of the plants used are those found at high elevations and mountain tops - plants that are used to growing in rocky places with a small pocket of well drained soil. For this reason, they are mostly compact or dwarf in size. The main ingredients for rock garden, in fact, are well drained soil that is not too rich, a limited area of root growth, and sun. If alpine plants are given soil that is TOO good, they will become leggy and overgrown and loose their charm. Building a rock garden is almost like building a scaled-down model of a larger mountainside garden.

Upper Westchester County

Client now 5 years

"Ludwin and Roberto  did an excellent job. Very professional, from the estimate and proposal process, through scheduling, through execution and clean up.  True artistic craftsmanship, completed with a passion and professionalism that is all too rare with contractors today. You can shop around, but if you are seriously looking for top-quality stone work, delivered professionally, you'll wind up hiring this team who is managed by Peter Atkins"

CUSTOM CREATED VEGETABLE GARDENS SYSTEMS   We design, build, maintain and harvest right to the refrigerator

Accredited North East Organic Land Care (NOFA) Business

We use no chemical - Our vegetable System is completely Organic

With a passion for growing food and deep expertise in the fields of argoecology, sustainable agriculture, horticulture, and the farm to table industry, our edibles gardeners are experts at growing, handling, and harvesting vegetables, fruits, and herbs.


  •  Peter Atkins and Associates provides the joy without the toil. We offer full-service maintenance & harvesting services and garden coaching – essentially whatever it takes to create a beautiful, edible garden for you.
  • Peter Atkins and Associates Harvest to Home is all about relationships. Our staff meets weekly and collaborates to not only meet your expectations but also to exceed them.
  • We also use cutting edge software to keep updated on the needs of our clients and their gardens, provide efficient service, and regular communication. All of this helps to keep our team dynamic and passionate about  providing the absolute best garden experiences for you.

Adirondack Vegetable Garden Fence with Vegetables

Adirondack Vegetable Garden Fence with Vegetables

Our Custom Vegetable Systems

Peter Atkins and Associates  takes care of every step of the installation process so you don’t have to worry. Our goal is to bring your landscape from preparation to complete edible garden in as little time as possible. For gardens 100 square feet or less, we typically complete an install in one day’s time. Our team carefully clears your space, connects to your irrigation system, installs our four key elements and you walk out to a complete edible garden, ready for tending and harvesting.

Northern Westchester Vegetable Garden that feeds a family of five

Vegetable Garden on Property In Greenwich By Peter Atkins and Associates

Laying out Vegetable Garden to be born

Day One - Setup Garden. Raised Vegetable Garden. We design to fit your space, use raised beds because they soil warms up faster, organic plants and complete maintenance and harvesting services. Exclus

Vegetable Garden with Plants Growing

Culinary Raised Vegetable Garden. This is nine beds that measure 8x4 and 6x4. Root vegetables, Salad, Tomatoes and Herb. This garden produced 235 pounds of tomatoes in 2020. The entire system is desig

Pound Ridge - Large Lattice Fence Around Vegetable Garden

Vegetable Maintenance

The edible garden is a dynamic thing, with many plants growing from seed to harvest in less than 60 or 90 days. While the magic is incredible, the task to care for your changing garden may sometimes feel overwhelming. Peter Atkins and Associates offers weekly -monthly and quarterly maintenance for our gardens as well as personal Garden Coaching. Our tending team pays attention the details of the garden and does the heavy lifting of replacing compost and replanting each new quarter. We do the heavy lifting and let you enjoy the harvests.

Greenwich- Replace Swing  Set with Vegetable Garden

Greenwich - Vegetable Garden Replaces Swing Set

Once a Play Set for the kids turns into vegetable Garden that feeds the kids

North Salem - The old Vegetable Garden

The old vegetable Garden

North Salem - New Vegetable Garden

The new Vegetable Garden by Peter Atkins and Associates

This Vegetable Garden Celebrates 9 years of production and still working as  9/1/2022

Vegetable Gardens are Pollinator Gardens and Support the Pollinator Pathway Project in your Town!

A veggie gardener who is filling her front or backyard with veggie plants, is still attracting valuable pollinators via the little beacons of tomato flowers, squash blossoms, and cucumber blooms.

Many of our favorite fruits and vegetables require pollinators. Some of these crops require insect pollination to produce a crop, such as pumpkin, squash, zucchini, cucumber. Other vegetable crops which require insect pollination are ‘seed-only’ crops.  The pollination requirements for vegetable species grown for seed vary widely and depend on whether a plant is self-pollinating or requires cross-pollination to facilitate seed set.

By attracting honeybees, native bees, butterflies, moths, and other pollinators, you can help your garden and the environment at the same time!

Bees, as well as the monarch butterfly, are the most common pollinators that show up in headlines, but there are thousands of species of native bees, butterflies, moths, hummingbirds, wasps, flies, beetles, and more that we can support in our gardens.

Bedford, NY - Vegetable Garden

Greenwich, CT - Vegetable Garden

Peter Atkins and Associates, LLC

Illustration Vegetable Garden for a Presentation

vegetable garden for a client in Connecticut.  Peter Atkins


"I am so pleased with my veggie garden! It is well done and the process was professional. It is very rare to feel like you’ve gotten what you paid for in home improvement, but I feel gratified in my decision to trust Peter Atkins and Associates and make the investment.”

Rock Ledge Gardens make Interesting Gardens

Rock Out crops make interesting gardens

Sara & Jeff, B

"Peter is a great communicator and is excellent to work with. He and his team  not only possesses excellent plant knowledge, but  their recommendations for cutting gardens, vegetable garden and perennial gardens have been spot on. The landscaping is gorgeous, all the plants, trees and shrubs are thriving and perfectly situated. I am now able to entertain and enjoy this space every day. I highly recommend Peter!"

Coastal Property In Rye, NY

This is a coastal property on Long Island sound .We planted  salt tolerant perennials off the walkway to his home. Peter Atkins and Associates

Manursing Island Estate

Rye , NY

"We discovered Peter from friends and From start to finish, it was an absolute pleasure to work with Peter Atkins. He designed and managed our landscape project north of New York City on the coast line in Rye, NY with knowledge, skill, care and enthusiasm. A wonderful listener and hard worker,  Peter wove together all the pieces needed to make our dream come true. We would also like to recommend all services including his highly knowledgeable gardeners who continue to make this property as showpiece".

Perennial Gardens  is defined as collaboration, design, installation and low upkeep

Perennial Garden

Mixed Begonias under the Crabapples

Annual Gardens under the old fashioned crabapples

Cleome Garden and blue Hydrangeas

Annual Flower Gardens for our clients

Annual Planting bed off the garage by Peter Atkins
Peter Atkins Customer Garden planted with Annuals
Peter Atkins Mum Garden On Shappan Point in Stamford CT.

Designer, Horticulturist, Project Management

Jean Galle, Landscape Architect

Jean Galle, Landscape Architect

  • Jean’s love of nature started as a child in Ohio. Long walks in the woods looking for wildflowers with her father taught her valuable lessons.
  • The desire to become a professional Landscape designer came when Jean heard about sustainable green roofs and the positive effects for cities and the environment. Jean graduated 1st in her class at Columbia University’s Master’s of Landscape Design.
  • Shortly after she received a Flower Garden Design certificate from New York Botanical Garden.
  • Her gardens designs are unique with the play of line, form and texture with many details – design knowledge gained from her 2 former successful careers – that of a ballet dance and fashion designer. Jean’s designs match the site, keeping the clients desires in mind with infusions of color, year around interest and a bit of surprise and whimsy. Native plants are used when possible and the environment and pollinators are always concerned. Besides designing for Peter, Jean has her own clients in New York City and New Jersey Shore and freelances for other NYC based landscape companies. Peter and I met at the New York Botanical Garden and the rest is history.

* Master Gardener Certified

* Certified Horticulturist

* Landscape Architect / Designer

* Auto Cad,

* Free Hand

* Botanical Illustrator

Jean at New Jersey Shore with Tinker

Jean Galle at NY Botanical Gardens

Hydrangeas Trees with Yellow Lantana in Planters

Large Urn Hydrangea Planters with Lemon Lantana Cascading the brim of the urns. Peter Atkins and Associates. llc

Our Master Masons Cutting Stone for A Project


We take pride in our ability to create incredible rustic, formal and modern beauty from some of nature’s toughest elements. Each project we consider an artistic extension of who we are and what we represent — only, our art is not created with paint brushes, photographs, or other traditional forms. Our art is built with stone hammers, chisels, and trowels. Each project is unique and many of the stonemason’s techniques used thousands of years ago are still true today. Masonry endures time and makes statements of beauty, strength, balance and class.

Riverside, CT - Landscape Masonry

Ridgefield, CT-  Landscape Masonry

A Masonry Job  Should be Organized with a Project Manager & Designer

Every good custom masonry project begins with a good plan. This involves knowing where you’re going to do your project, what materials it is going to use, an estimated cost, and approximate timeline for the entire thing. You will also want to be sure that the result will fit in well with the rest of your home.

You’ll also want to plan when exactly to start your custom masonry project. We are accepting new jobs for the Fall 2022 season.

Cos Cob, CT  - Day one

Cos Cob, CT - Finished Hardscape

Two Rescue Black Labs

Cos Cob, CT

"Peter thank you for helping us make the grand entrance . Peter this was a complex job with many different elevation and your team installed a home run.... I will be sure to recommend you when asked who did the job".

Armonk, Ny - First Day

Armonk, Ny - Completed Job

Masonry - Tread Stairs with Hydrangeas

Masonry - Tread Stairs with Tulips

Firepit with Boulders

Pool - Flagstone Patio

Front Door - Modern Flair

Pool- Patio and Pool Coping

Firepit Destination

Masonry - Unilock Pavers

Rock Garden - Steps lead the way through two elevations

New Canaan, CT - Irregular Patio with Native Gardens

Irregular Patio on Property That is Completely Native

Hardscape (Masonry, Fences and Water Compositions)

Hardscape design can help you turn a plain and monotonous space into a delightful and inviting work of art where you will love to spend your time.

Our in house hardscape and landscaping professionals have experience in many different types of patio choices, including pavers, wet and dry laid natural stone, and brick. Patios and decks often include outdoor kitchen, water features, a fire pit, or a fireplace. Retaining walls serve a useful purpose by holding back the earth from certain areas. They can also be a decorative addition to any landscape design. In fact, this type of hardscape construction is sometimes performed simply for aesthetic purposes! Retaining walls can be constructed using several materials, including natural stone, paver, or brick.

Our design team will work closely with you to determine your needs and develop a design you will cherish and enjoy for years to come.

Water Gardening is a new service with Peter Atkins and Associates

Waterfall that is man made empties from woodlands on a natural slope that was asking for a water display. The dream was created and we added the hydrangea and the yellow creeping jenny on the large fl

Moving Water is very relaxing next to a patio setting

Water Fall in the Garden

Pound Ridge - Pond with Spillway and Koi Fish


Bedford, NY - Steps into Woodland Setting

Steps into the woods by peter atkins

Redding, CT - Herb Garden

herb garden and flagstone pavers with grass joints by Peter Atkins

Ridgefield, CT - Masonry over a wet area

flagstone and river rock walkway

Flagstone raised on Pebble Dry Creek


Upper Westchester County

We've had the pleasure of working with Peter Atkins and his staff on several occasions over the past 10 years - three patios, an outdoor fireplace and a circular driveway in brown unlock which we must admit is stunning. Peter consistently demonstrated an attention to detail and follow-up throughout the entire project. He is a trusted craftsman who is well respected and is referred to family, friends and anyone in need of quality mason work. We look forward to our next project!

Masonry Applications that are effective in many forms

Pound Ridge, NY Driveway Gate using a geometric design for this country estate. Design and Project Management Peter Atkins. Masonry by in house masonry team.  Late Summer 2020

Driveway Apron

Entryway - entryway idea in New York

Grand Entrance

Tread Stairs

Boxwood Courtyard with fountain.  This garden is still under construction. Its final stage will be a rose garden.

Boxwood Courtyard Garden

summer Pots

Fieldstone path through the Hosta garden finds small patio w chairs. A great place to relax and read a book!

Woodland Patio

North Stamford, CT - Permeable Driveway

Permeable Driveway in North Stamford by Peter Atkins and Associates

Driveway Apron

driveway approns

Driveway Apron

Belgium block apron in mortar

Driveway Apron

Firepit with Unilock

Firepit with Native Stone

Firepit with Native Patio

Unilock Pavers, Permanable, Lifetime Warrantee and Elegant. Who needs blacktop that must be replaced every three years?

Home in North Stamford.   Unilock Pavers Driveway. Front foundation to be enhanced. Early Stage of the job. Fall 2020. Peter Atkins and Associates.,LLC

North Stamford, CT

Unilock Pavers are guaranteed for the lifetime and Blacktop last three years

Darian, CT

Whether you are building a complete driveway or a residential walkway, patio or pool patio, Unilock can provide you with a range of shapes, colors and textures second to none within the precast concrete industry. Life time guarantee with these products. Our Masons are authorized installer for Unilock installations.

Meadow with Pool

Lap Pool within Meadow Setting. This pool is located in Northern Westchester, NY. It is completely surrounded by blue stem and summer perennial meadow.  Peter Atkins and Associates. LLC

Vegetable Garden

Patio an Ecosystem

Pergola with Whisteria

Amish Gazebo

This is an Amish Built Gazebo we bought for our client from Lancaster, Pa. It arrived. To keep the character of the wood we linseed oiled the structure ever two years to preserve this awesome color. D

Lattice Fence and Roses

Vegetable  Garden

Peter Atkins and Associates, LLC

Fieldstone Pavers to Door

Flagstone and firepit

Lavender and Herb Walk

Sloped Garden

Epic Planters

Historic Home in Bedford - Updated Foundation Planting

Foundation plantings for this historical home that requested an upgraded setting. Keeping to plants that are traditions we kept the colors warm and with four seasons of color. Peter Atkins and Associa

Perennial Border Welcome you home after busy day in Stamford, Ct

Perennial Garden Border Welcome  Homeowner after a Busy day in the City by Peter Atkins and Associates


Bedford Realtor

" Peter Atkins  is a talented landscape Designer and container designer. He he has helped to re-design some of our larger properties  as well as to select and design our planting containers when we need vibrant pots for open houses, garden staging, parties and special events. Peter is extremely knowledgeable regarding plants and has an educated, experienced understanding as to what will best fit your home/business terrain and make a lasting impression. I highly recommend Peter for your future projects."

Bedford, NY - Porch Pots

Red Mandeville and Purple Scavola Planters. Peter Atkins and Associates.

Pound Ridge, Ny - Summer Pots

Flower Pots Designed and Planted by Peter Atkins and Associates

New Canaan, CT - Summer Pots

Summer Pots with burgundy, rose, lime green By Peter Atkins and Associates


Greenwich, CT

"We had an old-fashioned garden, which we loved, but had become quite overgrown and not very easy to “live” in or maintain. We wanted a garden designer with knowledge, imagination and vision, to retain some of the original beauty of the old garden but make it a more usable space with more ease of maintenance. 

"Some friends had had their garden “redesigned” but we found it to be very contrived; we were concerned about whether our own ideas would be taken into account and followed through to the end design; we were also concerned that the garden service might be very expensive.

We were delighted from the very first meeting –  Peter Atkins  put us at ease and was interested in getting to know us as people before we ever talked about plants. He  listened well, as much of what we told him in this first meeting he  managed to incorporate into the final design. Waiting for the plans was very exciting and the large color plans were very helpful in getting us to visualize the finished garden".  

Peter didn’t just design our garden – He designed our garden for us, taking into account our ideas but also using his imagination and experience to transform it into a beautiful space". The gardens are now planted....I can not wait to invite our family and we are looking forward to use our vegetable garden in all our dishes. The peony garden and the roses have won my heart...finally a childhood memory has arrived in my own garden." CB

Project Budget: $150,000 - $200,000 +

These Fiddle Heads are fabulous....simple elegance

Photo of a rustic landscaping in New York.


Bedford, NY

"Peter Atkins is an upbeat, creative, and competent designer who delivers an imaginative product on time and within budget. What more could you ask for?”    

Estate Front Door Entrance


Revised Grand Entrance

Artistic Front Door Entrance with Roses.


Customer loves Roses so this is what we did

Traditional Front Door Entrance.


Home on Lake Ave in Greenwich, CT

Urban Front Door Entrance


Home in Armonk, NY

Annette L.

North  Castle (Bedford)

"The best part of working with Peter Atkins and Associates Garden Design was the communication, we always knew what was happening and what was going to happen. They did amazing work and an exquisite design, and the lighting is incredible. Everything flows in such a balanced way. The plant selection is awesome. They chose plants that work well in our backyard environment and the design provides flowers and colorful drama all year long.

Our contractors were top notch, never invasive, and always patient with our questions. Peter Atkins, the owner was always on the property and Peter monitored all the work.  When we had a question about what was happening, we were also informed of the how and why promptly. We chose Peter Atkins and Associates because we really liked your approach to project management, it was comforting to know that you had not only the design expertise but also the schedule, budget, and contractor management taken care of. The best part of the experience of working with you was not having to worry about anything!"

Project Budget: $150,000 plus

This lawn is Organic Methods

Large sweeping lawn with woodland filled with Knock out roses, expo azaleas, at rear of the property.

This Echinacea Border

Estate Landscape Maintenace

Vibrant Annuals

Different shades of new Ginny impatient. Designed and planted by  Peter Atkins and Associates

Maintained Organically

New Canaan, CT  This is an organic lawn. Entire property maintained by team of gardener supervised by accredited Horticulturist. Masonry by our team. Peter Atkins and Associates. LLC

Organic Lawn

Peter Atkins and Associates, LLC

This Property is organic

Estate in Greenwich CT. Summer Annuals bloom Knockout Roses, White Man Davila and Fall Corn Husk welcome Halloween to this fine property.  Peter Atkins and Associates, LLC


  • When organics products and services are consistently used on your lawns and landscape, we promise to protect your family, pets, soil and water from chemical imputes and synthetic fertilizers.
  • We have  developed and practiced a proven organic land care for your property. Your family will reap immediate rewards from the reduction of exposure to harmful chemical applications that many landscape companies use.
  • For many homeowners, organic lawn care is an attractive option and a growing trend. Many in our community are working hard to be more environmentally conscious, and lawn care is a big part of that. However, moving from a chemical to an organic lawn care regiment will take time and require an adjustment in immediate expectations.
  • To make an educated, informed decision about what will work best for you, your family, and your lawn, it’s important to understand the pros and cons of each approach.

Pros of Organic Lawn Care

1. Chemical exposure is reduced. While most lawn care chemicals have been proven safe, there is peace of mind in knowing that you have reduced exposure for yourself, your family, and your pets. Also, when you use organic lawn treatments there will not be days that you have to avoid your lawn after treatment.

2. It is difficult to over-apply. Organic fertilizers slowly break down over time to nourish your soil, whereas with chemical treatments the plants absorb the fertilizer quickly. Use too high of a concentrate of chemical fertilizers and they can easily burn your lawn. Organic fertilizers release slowly based on the needs of your soil and turf, so that over time soil quality will improve.

3. Organic lawn treatments revitalize the ecosystem of your lawn. Chemical fertilizers inherently strip your soil of the nutrients your lawn needs, this includes microbes and earthworms. Your grass may look healthy after a chemical fertilizer, but chances are, that’s only skin deep, as it is easily susceptible to pests or disease. Organic treatments enhance your soil and enable it to keep its own natural nutrients.

POUND RIDGE -Compost Bin on a private property

Compost pile by Peter Atkins and Associates

Bedford, NY - Compost Pile.

Compost pile system

What Is Compost Made Of

"Compost is a mixture of ingredients used to fertilize and improve the soil. It is commonly prepared by decomposing plant and food waste and recycling organic materials. The resulting mixture is rich in plant nutrients and beneficial organisms, such as worms and fungal mycelium. Compost improves soil fertility in gardens, landscaping, horticulture, urban agriculture, and organic farming. The benefits of compost include providing nutrients to crops as fertilizer, acting as a soil conditioner, increasing the humus or humic acid contents of the soil, and introducing beneficial colonies of microbes that help to suppress pathogens in the soil. Compost can also be used for land and stream reclamation, wetland construction, and landfill cover".

Native Meadow by Peter Atkins and Associates (Fall)

Meadow  Path that divides two different property owners. The path they use to visit each other property.  Black Eye Susan's, Golden Rod, Enhances Purple Palace, Blue Stem, Hellebores, butte fly weeds

Elizabeth Carlton

Bedford, NY

"Peter Atkins and his plant health care staff have provided us with excellent lawn care for over 20 years. Peter also maintained all the perennials gardens, the boxwood gardens  and my champanion roses that I saved from my mothers garden. According to our neighbors, we consistently have the most beautiful lawn and Property in Bedford in all seasons!

Peter and William Barnhart are extremely easy to work with and if there is an occasional weed or funky looking something in the yard, just give Peter or William a call and they respond quickly and keep you updated.   Thank you, Peter, for your help through the years!"

Maintenance Budge:  Anonymous

Now is the time to plant your spring bulbs for spring 2023

Orange and Peach Tulips planted with Blue Pansy in  Garden. Peter Atkins and Associates

Todd and Sally

New Canaan, CT

“We were extremely happy with our decision to collaborate with  Peter Atkins and Associates on our landscape project. I was not sure what to expect when contracting with a landscape company but we received top value services from all tradesman involved. Clearly Peter is respected within his trade and we benefited from his connection and project management leadership"

The magic when the summer perennials explodes with fireworks

Semi Mature  Perennial Border in Pound Ridge by Peter Atkins and Associates. LLC

"Gardening is the art that uses flowers and plants as paint and soil the sky as canvas" Elizabeth Murray

September is the time to plant your fall outdoor planters

Cabbage, Yellow Daisy, Bittersweet, Corn Husks, Miscanthus Reed Grass, Variegated Vinca. This pot was planted for summer, added to for Fall and added the bittersweet to tie it all together.  Peter Atk


We have known Peter for a couple of years as we live in the same small quiet town. I had no idea he was involved in grounds maintenance. My only complaint was not calling on him sooner. He and his crew did an amazing job cleaning up our 1.5 acre yard and the cost effectiveness was well worth it. Much appreciated.Read More

Peter Atkins is a perfectionist who cares passionately about design, quality, and doing things the right way. He is attentive to every detail that goes in to creating and maintaining a beautiful garden and landscape. Peter designed a vegetable/flower garden--including fencing, raised beds, birdhouse, berry patch, etc.,-- that is completely harmonious with our topography and architecture. He was easy to work with and has a maintenance staff that is second to none. We were so pleased with this project that we now rely on Peter not only to care for our vegetable/flower garden, but to oversee the maintenance and care of all trees and shrubs on our property. Under his careful watch and pruning, he has upgraded our property and we couldn't be happier.Read More

After working with Peter for 2 years as a freelance designer – I hold him in high regards as a person and a businessman. He is true to his word, prompt and very knowledgeable in all aspects of the field of landscape - plants and horticulture and design. Peter stands out in a field where unanswered phone calls, unprofessional workmanship and knowledge is unfortunately common.Read More

Sophisticated gardens, great veggies, great people! Thanks Peter, we have had a thriving vegetable garden for two years that produces wonderful fruit and vegetables that taste so much better than I can buy in the store. My garden is a work of art! The garden was completely setup for us and maintained by Peter Atkins and Associates. We have been really impressed with the knowledge, enthusiasm and diligence of your business on every level. I love it that we can always try new vegetable varieties the following year. Clearly you have a “big green thump” and love what you do. Thank you.Read More

Our property was transformed from barren landscape into a lush, distinguished garden seven years ago. Peter Atkins, a certified horticulturist has been instrumental in creating, maintaining and managing our grounds. He is committed and knowledgeable about all aspects of landscaping. He clearly has a passion for building gardens that blend so naturally into he land that surrounds our home. Just this year he designed a 30x40 vegetable garden that it truly exquisite and the rave of my girlfriends. Dedicated to customer satisfaction, Peter has managed and nurtured our property to the full potential. He has brought about change by means of talent. It is with pleasure that I can highly recommend, with great confidence Peter AtkinsRead More

“We have been clients of your firm for over 10 years. Your firm has always provided an extraordinarily high and professional level of service and attention. We love the fact that the business is accredited NOFA-Organic Land Care which provides us with peace of mind with our children and our dogs. Our large property and houses require Peters expert gardeners who are at our house a few days a week. His teams do our landscaping, maintenance, tree and shrubbery preservation and provide constant attention to his vibrant outdoor planters and the perennial and shade gardens. We are delighted with the care, imagination and expertise you bring to these tasks. As a person, Peter has a real understanding of a client’s needs. Always making projects his own. Attention to detail with a real sense of practicality is a real hallmarks of a great designer. He has both of these characteristics in spades”.Read More

"We hired Peter Atkins and Associates after using another landscape maintenance company for almost five years until we listened to our neighbors. The difference is obvious! Peter's business provides impeccable garden landscape services. Peter teams are flexible, hard working and extraordinary capable.. It is very clear that his employee have been trained by Peter as they are detailed oriented and go the extra mile to make our property special. Peter is always on the job site, he is the type of person that truly wants to do something nice for you. Choose Peter Atkins and Associates if you want an ethical and reasonable company to work with. Thank you for your patience and gentle guidance from start to finish, all of which made the process fun in my perennial garden again. I promise you, you will be thrilled that you hired him"Read More

Peter Atkins is a rare treasure. He came into our lives this past summer and transformed our property. We have been struggling with plantings for 28 years. This man is so talented, creative and knowledgeable! His crew is very competent and well supervised by Peter himself. Not only does this firm do installation but ongoing maintenance as well. Peter is very generous in pointing out issues on the grounds that don't necessarily fall under his purview e.g. infestation in the Hemlocks, leaves falling from the specimen trees mid- summer. We have found Peter extremely responsive to calls, emails.Read More

After trying multiple landscapers in the area, we finally found Peter Atkins four years ago and we have been happy ever since. Peter understands our sensibility and our desire to have a natural garden in a woodland landscape. Everything he has planted is organic and native to the area. His design is directed by his artistic instincts and the land itself. He respects and has a natural affinity for the property. He designed, planted and diligently maintains our fern, vegetable and herb gardens. Additionally he has designed, planted and maintained a variety of flower gardens and walking paths, completely transforming the way we appreciate our property during every season. We highly recommend Peter and his team.Read More

When I contacted Peter he was enthusiastic about our smallish project to renovate the circle area of our driveway. In the late winter we met and spoke about the goals. After a careful review he gave us a quote which was reasonable and filled all our desires and more for the project. I would reservedly recommend using him for a landscaping project. In fact there are other areas of our property that we may work on with him in the future. (The actual cost was at the very low end of the approximate cost range.)Read More

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