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"Artisans in the Garden"

P.O. Box 238 - Bedford Village, NY 10506

(914) 234-0161

Licensed and Insured since 1986


WELCOME TO THE WORLD OF SUSTAINABLE LANDSCAPING! If you are looking for ways to reduce your environmental impact and create an eco-friendlier outdoor space, then you have come to the right place. Here, we will explore the many benefits of sustainable landscaping and provide tips and tricks on how to create a beautiful green yard. From choosing the right plants and materials to selecting the best sustainability-focused maintenance practices, we are here to help you create a property that is both beautiful and Earth-friendly. So, let us get started on your journey to a greener yard!

We offer landscaping and garden services for every phase of a project – from planning and design to construction and installation to ongoing maintenance. We are proud to be a one hundred percent (100%) organic land care family business. The soil health of your landscape and individual gardens is very important.

Design work is the most detailed approach to building a new garden and placing plant species for your garden’s unique spatial, environmental, and aesthetic qualities. I work closely with you to create a garden plan that reflects your preferences and needs, using CAD software to create a planting plan with a bird’s-eye view and species-level design. If you’re looking to build a full, new garden installation, design services are recommended.


Please Call (914) 234-0161 or write to Peter today to see how we can help you! We will respond back to you in 24 hours.


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Perennial gardens Planted in Redding, CT by Peter Atkins & Associates.,llc

Perennial Gardens in Westport by Peter Atkins and Associates

Perennial Gardens Planted in front of a Blue Stem Grass Meadow in Greenwich, CT

This garden is in Greenwich CT.  This garden has been a long time in making.  The Arbor was placed in the  garden to offset the random color. What can not be seen from the photo is that a 5 acre meado


The english garden ofter blends both formal and informal elements. It utilizes mass layering to achieve soft angles, and focuses on curvilinear lines to draw your eye throughout the garden.

This style is most noted for its many plant species that give you a vast array of color, texture, and abundant flowers. It encompasses both cottage gardens and country gardens. The english garden evokes the feeling of romance, and its casual feel can be blend easily with a variety of architectural styles.

Fine Garden Maintenance Account by Referral on Long Island Sound 2024

Property Fine Garden Maintenance Account for Peter Atkins and Associates on Long Island Sound

Jonathan H. Husni

Business Advisor

"Aspire to Hire! The most creative and beautiful estates I have ever seen have been transformed and maintained by this man,. With vision like Monet and a touch like Lalique Peter will transition your property into a picture book that will have others talking long after the next season turns the page.”

Peter Atkins and Associated  Portfolio


Peter Atkins has a degree in Landscape Architecture, Accredited Horticulture and Certified Organic Land Care. The team is skilled in in Permaculture, Ecological and Habitat Design.

As a small, family owned and run business, we are able to move quickly while we pay special attention to customer service. We offer the highest quality designs, true value craftsmanship, and comprehensive, detail oriented fine garden/landscape maintenance. Our installations are designed and built to last. 

We excel at projects of all sizes, always with an emphasis prompt, friendly and professional follow-up. Our competitive pricing is transparent and easy to understand so our clients know what project costs are up front. We take pride in the effort we put forth in creating and maintaining a unique environment for each client.


Contact us to set up a design or maintenance consultations . Initial meeting is $150 which we will return to the customer with a signed contract with us .

Milkweed Butterfly Weeds is the single most important  food source for most butterflies

orange butterfly weeds with colorful pollinator butterfly by Peter Atkins and Associates
Milkweed Butterfly Flower with Spring Butterfly by Peter Atkins and Assocaites

These perennials are on the endangered plant list. We must all plants a few to help rebuild the natural ecosystem

Dahlia Bulbs and Fox Glove Digitalis - Two Stunning Perennials all Gardens Should Have

Garden in June Explodes with Knock Out Roses and Sun Drops and Ladys Manle

Perennial Garden In  Bloom in Ridgefield maintained by Peter Atkins and Associates

Fine Gardeners Maintaining a Garden in August

Peter Atkins and Associates Gardeners in the Garden

Wilmer Hand Pruning Hoopis Spruce

Miranda Planting Petunes on Border in Private Home

Peter Atkins Gardeners

Why Hire a Professional Gardener

Peter Atkins and Associates Gardeners are trained in the health and care of your landscape. Peter has studied at the New York Botanical Gardens Horticultural and Landscape Design Program with intensive study of living plant designs, Plant Health Care and Ornamental Horticultural training. He holds a degree in

Permaculture Design and Management and is also an accredited Northeast Organic Land Care business. We are completely organic in the processes and systems that we offer our clients.

We supply the highest quality gardening and landscape services surrounding a twenty-five miles radius around Bedford, NY.  We design ecological landscapes and gardens, install, and supply ongoing care of your property. We are the team that takes care of the plants in how they are correctly pruned not sheared which is too common today, how they are nourished correctly with feeding the living soil, to planting correctly to support native plants that require less water, pollinate the living world with food and support the ecosystem  on your home land.

Currently, we are accepting new gardens for regular maintenance includes, installing new plants and features including Spring clean-up, fertilizing planting annuals, bulbs, shrubs and perennials, weeding, pruning, transplanting, fall clean-up and protecting shrubs and flower beds from winter snow.

"PETER has done wonders in transforming our garden and we are absolutely thrilled with the design. His comprehensive questions and attention to detail at our first meetings meant that Peter completely understood what was important to us and our teenagers. This was essential in providing us with some exciting designs, from which to choose. We now have fabulous areas for our children to hang out with friends, a new vegetable garden to use in daily dishes and entertaining our guest next to the outdoor fireplace with cascading waterfall. The planting design is stunning, truly eye catching and is admired by everyone who visits our garden. "

Mr AND Mrs Vincent S.- CT

Complete Fine Garden Services.

Summer Annuals planted on Estate in Stamford, CT by Peter Atkins and Associates

Fine Gardeners performing garden care to seawall grass garden on Long Island Sound

Fine Gardeners performing garden care to seawall grass garden on Long Island Sound By Peter Atkins

Fall Mums Planted on Shappan Point in Stamford, CT

Mums Planted by Peter Atkins on Estate on Shappan Point in Stamford, directly on the water

The Magic of Color in a back yard

native gardens in New Canaan by Peter Atkins and Associates

Fall is the Correct Time to Plant Spring Bulbs Forward

Tulips planted along the front landscape by Peter Atkins and Associates

Landscape Setting of Perennial Border on Long Island Sound

Perennial Garden on Coastal Landscape in Ct by Peter Atkins and Assoicates

Summer Garden Planted and Maintained by Our Gardeners

Summer Garden Planted and Maintained by Peter Atkins and Associates

The magic of Lupins blooms nonstop in a clients meadow planted by Peter Atkins

The magic of Lupins in Bloom in a Clients Field by Peter Atkins and Associates

What is Ecological Landscaping as defined by The Ecological Society

ECOLOGICAL LANDSCAPING IS A METHOD of designing, building and maintaining landscapes that considers the ecology of a site and creates gardens that enhance the surrounding environment for the benefit of humans and all other life in the ecosystem. When the earth is disturbed during the construction of buildings, homes, driveways, and roadways, the land is forever altered. With proper design and implementation, a healthy pattern begins to form with each component in the landscape; people, animals, plants, water, soil, insects, and wildlife, all interacting in a sustainable way.

Most People Love to Garden but Need Help in Planning, Development and Maintenance Services

Most people shy away from creating their own new gardens for fear that, after all the time and money spent, it just may not turn out as expected. Designing a garden properly takes a great deal of knowledge and creativity and labor to do the job correctly.

If you feel though you would benefit from professional help, we suggest that you read through the website site and see if the focus of our work would be a perfect fit for your next project.

We are highly trained, passionate and creative professionals that would like to put a smile on every client’s face by enhancing their built environment and quality of life.

We suggest you interview us and see if we can help you with your next Design, Build and Fine Garden Maintenance projects.

All of these pictures were found on our client property - Very Beautiful

Milkweed for the Monarch Butterfly is so Elegant by Peter Atkins and Associates
Red Twig Dogwood is Full Of Robust Color in the Winter Landscape by Peter Atkins and Associates
Lilies of the Valley as ground cover for Peter Atkins and Associates woodland walk
Perennial Liatris for the Deer Proof Plant that excites pollinator insects by Peter Atkin and Associates


Established in 1986

Why Hire Peter Atkins  with this Background?

Peter will listen carefully to your needs, answer your questions, share with you what can be improved and help you realize the importance for Organics at Home and in the Landscape/Gardens.

  • Landscape Architecture & Garden Designer.
  • Accredited Ornamental Horticulturist.
  • Custom Grounds Manager.
  • Ecological Studies Coordinator and Garden Coach.
  • Accredited Permaculture Certificate from Rhode Island University.
  • North East (NOFA) Organic Land Care Specialist.
  • Native Perennial and Plant Specialist.
  • New Canaan Beautification Committee Advisor
  • Recognized leader with native plant solutions which makes us different as a front runner in quality-oriented design, build and maintenance delivery systems.


Designed, Built and Maintained by Peter Atkins and Associates, LLC

Landscape Artist, Horticulturist Business Manager

Peter Atkins is the founder an award winning principal designer of Peter Atkins and Associates. We are a recognized leader with native plant solutions which makes us different as a front runner in quality-oriented design, build and maintenance delivery systems.

"Sometimes my work is simply about keeping a garden in check with regular maintenance visits. Other gardens I visit require development, reshaping and replanting – a light touch that may mean filling gaps in a border or filling and arranging pots to create a different view or have greater impact".

Peter's study of landscape design, and horticulture includes training from the LEED landscape institute, North East Organic Land Care, New York Botanical Gardens, He has also studied at the Millbrook Nature Center & UMass Extension's Green School and countless educational and certificate seminars. Coupled with his gardening passion, superior customer service and enthusiasm to work with all people that love gardening.

We design landscapes of all sizes for residential and commercial properties. Through our designs, we aim to increase the sustainability, biodiversity and beauty of each and every property. We use only the highest quality plants sourced from local nurseries as well as indigenous, organic landscape materials.

We have a particular interest in utilizing and conserving native plant communities of New England but we appreciate the diversity, functions, and visual interest that non-native species can provide where appropriate. We are very careful to incorporate only those plants that have proven to be non-invasive in this region.

Peter is a active contributing member of the New Canaan , CT Beautification Committee as an advisor on the towns tree replacement programs.

Peter Atkins first job was Rosedale Nurseries. Inc as a garden center salesman and the journey has always been about Horticulture.

Lupins Dance on a Meadow Property By Peter Atkins and Associates

Mary Ann Henry Client Relationships

Client Development

* Project Management

* Special Events Coordinator

* Holiday Decorator - Outside and Interiors

* Retired Private Pilot (Non Commercial)

* New Canaan, CT Beautification Committee

"As Client Relations Manager, I consider exceptional communication and quality assurance to be paramount. However small the detail, my goal is to ensure all of our clients are left unconditionally satisfied with their investment in our work.”   

Yellow Twig Dogwood and Red Twig Dogwood -- North Salem, NY

Yellow Twig Dogwood and Red Twig Dogwood - Wow by Peter Atkins and Associates
Jean Galle

Jean Galle, Illustrator, Landscape Architect

* Master Gardener Certified

* Certified Horticulturist

* Landscape Architect / Designer

* Auto Cad,

* Free Hand

* Botanical Illustrator

  • Jean graduated 1st in her class at Columbia University’s Master’s of Landscape Design.
  • Shortly after she received a Flower Garden Design certificate from New York Botanical Garden.
  • Jean’s designs match the site, keeping the clients desires in mind with infusions of color, year around interest and a bit of surprise and whimsy. Native plants are used when possible and the environment and pollinators are always concerned. 
  • Peter and I met at the New York Botanical Garden and the rest is history.

Driveway Perennial Border Echinacea, Shasta, Phlox, Coreopsis, Monarda

driveway perennial border by Peter Atkins and Associates

Organic Garden Check List...How does your Garden Match up?

Peter Atkins and Associates is accredited by the Northeast Organic Farming Association (NOFA) for our commitment to organic sustainable gardening since 2010.

  • Plant plants, preferably natives, wherever you can
  • Don't over-mulch. Use Compost
  • Avoid overly aggressive species
  • Stop using pesticide applications
  • Stop chemical fertilizers
  • Create crowded plant communities with Native Plants
  • Embrace a little mess
  • Limit monocultures, like the lawn
  • Use electric tools
  • Leave the leaves
  • Peter Atkins & Assoc. is an accredited Organic Land Care Business

More general:

  • Manage over browsing by deer
  • Address eutrophication issues
  • Adopt an environmentally friendly lifestyle
  • Help nature with finding biocontrol solutions
  • Help your neighbors to go green electric equipment
  • Limited number of blowers in use per property
  • Follow Strict pesticide regulations (We are 100% Organic Land Care)
  • Vote for politicians that support a healthy planet

Janet's Asked for Roses at the Front door - Designed and Cared by Peter Atkins

Doorway Planted and Maintained by Peter Atkins and Associates

Design Proposal for the Driveway Entrance in North Salem, NY 3D Design, Build and Maintain Proposals

Here we take a photograph of the location and then through some magic software paint a realistic picture of what the intended space could look like when planted;

Driveway Entrance of Project being discussed for improvements

Cotton Candy Ornamental Grass Explode in Late Summer Property in Redding, Connecticut

Native Gardens that will be cut back in March for Winter Interest

Native Landscape That will be cleaned up in March 2023

The Truth About NO Maintenance Request for Landscape Design Projects

"There is no such thing as a no-maintenance garden, and I hope that you will take my advice and run screaming from any designer who promises you such a thing.  Gardens (a) are made up of living things that need the maintenance of certain circumstances to survive and (b) are spaces designed to human specifications.  If we want to maintain the integrity of a design, we must guide the garden in the direction that we want it to grow" Peter Atkins 

Peter Atkins and Associates is Accredited Organic Land Care Business

Established in Organics 2010 . We are a completely 100 percent Organic Business

Plants will bring warmth to the outdoor sitting area

Roses Capture this outdoor patio



Our process starts with an initial consultation. We meet you on site to walk the property, learn your needs and desires for the outdoor spaces, understand your aesthetic and functional preferences, and discuss ideas.


From there, we determine whether to provide a budget for maintenance work, an estimate for a simple construction and/or planting project, or a design proposal.

Abstract Container Using Burgundy, Orange and Blue

Dracaena and Firecracker Fascia Planters in Italian Blue Urn on Wood Patio. Photo by Peter Atkins

Bruce & Carol,

A view of the Mountain

"Before hiring Peter and Mary Ann I carefully perused the pictures on their website and read the reviews- which were all glowing. After having collaborated with them, I can honestly say that all of the reviews were true. They are honest, hardworking, and both have a tremendous vision that makes every project unique and beautifully crafted to suit the space at hand. I can't thank Peter and his entire team enough for the work they completed or the extra favors we asked that were always completed when they had extra time to do a small project. My wife and I look forward to larger projects with this dynamite team at Peter Atkins and Associates"

Why We Are Organic?

After spending thousands of dollars with Veterinarian offices a light in our minds was alerted that our dogs were in danger walking on our customer home lawns. For a long time, not one customer questions how we maintain our client lawns. All that was necessary. "We want a green, weed free lawn".

Scarlett our Ruby Cavalier and Ginger our black and tan was diagnosed with Lymphoma (Cancer) They went with Mary Ann and Peter everywhere. Animal scientist were pointing finger that chemicals in lawn applications was making dogs and cats very sick because they were licking their paws and digesting the toxic chemicals from lawn applications.

In 2010, Peter Atkins attended the CT-NY NOFA School (Northeast Organic Land Care School in Hartford, CT ) and became Accredited to teach, apply and follow the core laws for organic land care for lawns, plant health care and property management. Peter teaches daily and speaks publicly when asked.


Michael & Joann

"People want to know when it’s going to be done and for how much. Price and schedule are what I know is the construction business. Peter Atkins is very very creative. He respects tight budgets, designs in the stated parameters, and comes up with creative options.”

Spring Dogwood in Bloom with Tulips

Flowering Dogwoods on Property maintained by Peter Atkins and Associates with Tulips

Our Specialties include...

  • Garden, Forest, Orchard and Shoreline Fine Garden Care
  • Medicinal gardens
  • Fine Estate Garden Care
  • Tree and Shrub Pruning
  • Land revitalization and Invasive clean-up
  • Ecological landscape design and creation
  • Permaculture Design and Creation
  • Children's gardens
  • Vegetable Gardens
  • Container/ Window Boxes
  • Wildlife/ Pollinator-Friendly Native Landscapes
  • Erosion Management
  • English, Native, Formal, Rock and Slope Gardens
  • Landscape Consultation/Advice
  • Public Speaking

Spring Pots Welcome Spring Holidays

Orange Begonias with Gray Liquorish

What is Sustainable Gardening?

To make your garden sustainable adopt some of the recommended gardening practices shared on our website and contact Peter Atkins for your individual garden invitation.

"Sustainable garden is one that gives back rather than takes from its surroundings. Planted with nectar rich native plants and other eco friendly garden ideas means it will be more self-sustaining, requiring little energy or water to make it grow healthily – and certainly no chemicals.  Instead, it should rely on local and natural ways to flourish – from self-grown mulches to home-made composts. An eco-friendly garden should benefit local wildlife, too, providing food and shelter for everything from small animals to essential pollinators.

Sustainable planting includes using native plants and right plant, right place so that they need less maintenance because they are happy where they are positioned.

Organic gardening is all about working hand in hand with nature"'. Blog by Peter Atkins

Perennial Obedient Plant

Obedient Perennial Plant

A Family Who Loves Nature

Redding, CT

“We highly recommend Peter Atkins and Associates . Peter is an artist with an amazing eye for how to transform a yard in need of some TLC into a captivating, yet natural looking landscape. Using interesting rocks of various shapes and sizes from the property, and native plants and shrubs, Peter and his team combined their incredible knowledge and talent, with a little bit of magic, to create beds, stone terraces and walkways that perfectly suited each location. There entire team are hard-working and diligent. They are also easy going and fun to have around. We have enjoyed every aspect of working with everyone involved. Many thanks!”

Perennial Milkweed That Only Plants that feeds the Monarch Butterfly

Milkweed with a monarch butterfly

Bee Friendly Pollinator Gardens by Peter Atkins and Associates., LLC

Bee Friendly Pollinator Gardens by Peter Atkins and Associates, LLC

New York and Connecticut Pollinator Pathway Organization Member

Pollinator Pathway Organization member Peter Atkins and Associates. LLC

A large hillside with bumpy grass that the client asked to hydro seed until Peter Atkins arrived...

Pound Ridge, NY Home. Client asked me what can we do with this hillside. See the pictures to follow.

Design History for Pound Ridge Job.

Peter Atkins took a traditional landscape and transferred it into a show landscape rich with texture, color and a variety of texture. The front of the house is formal and the rear is relaxed and in tune with gardens surrounded by conservation land. At the entry, a formal look with a large driveway entrance wall that was designed so that the driveway wall is in alignment to how the house was set on the hillside. The double white gates leads the vehicle up a windy driveway past a new orchard of Washington Hawthorns. There are farmer walls on the property that have been left and mature planting of viburnum and Witch-hazel trees that welcome spring with yellow buds. The planting around the house were tweaked but we kept the same footprint when the house was purchased. Boxwood, azalea, Japanese maple, mugo pines and new stewardia trees are set on either side of the front door.

The back of the house is dedicated to experiencing the great outdoors.

An abundance of color and interest blooms from April right through to September.  Daffodils, hellebores and magnolia in spring are followed by hundreds of tulips and Spanish bluebells.  The Kitchen Garden is plentiful all season – spinach and herbs are joined by beans, soft fruits and artichokes then squash, strawberry and more … an absolute feast. In later summer dahlias and gladiolus take over the garden in a riot of dazzling colors lasting right through into autumn.

The large native pollinator-friendly perennials that lead down hill using large stone tread as raisers in the sloped bed. The bed has hydrangeas planted at each step and a large grouping of variegated liriope which bloom in October when most of the gardening is fading. As you sit on the flagstone patio and look into the large perennial garden that spans 95 feet, a Sweeping herbaceous borders is filled with hot reds, oranges and gold, pinks and whites; a bumbling fountain which is surrounded from rainbows of perennial and roses to keep the garden in constant motion. A beloved family destination for morning coffee, watching the dogs, vegetable gardening and star gazing.

Peter Atkins and Our Installation teams created and installed this is a year

Inspiration for a timeless home design remodel in New York

Peter we need your help

Driveway Welcome Home

Washington Hawthorn  Tree Orchard created

Vegetable Garden Setup[

Completed Vegetable Garden

Driveway Apron before Gate

Tread Stairs leading to the lower lawn area

Master Piece of the Native Perennial Garden on Slope of this Property

Native Perennial Garden on Slope by Peter Atkins and Associates

Wildflower Gardens


Woodland Settings

Bulbs Power

Window Boxes

Beds and Borders Color

Golden Rain Tree

Yellow Rain Tree

The Golden Raintree Shade Tree is a medium-sized shade tree that produces floral display in June - July.  Chinese lantern seedpods follow in the fall.

CT Coastal Job with Blue hydrangeas with native stone walkway to the house

Hydrangea Garden with fieldstone steps

Lots of Hydrangeas, the light was perfect for royal blue.


We understand that our best work is done when we design and build the landscape projects ourselves. To guarantee the garden once installed we must also be responsible for its care. Customers also ask us to maintain an existing garden or have purchased new plants and need the labor to have it installed At Peter Atkins and Associates no job is too big or too small. And our experienced installation teams will ensure your landscape beds are planted correctly and in a timely fashion.

Landscape Vegetable Garden Project

Vegetable Crops Grown By Clients  kids in their Garden

Children Crops from Family Vegetable Garden by Peter Atkins and Associates

2023 Farm To Table.  Do you have 6 hours of sun?

Raised Vegetable Garden System by Peter Atkins and Associates

Peter Atkins

Discussion with Peter at a Garden Talk

"Grow your family’s favorites, of course, but try something new and something fun – purple carrots, orange tomatoes! Also pick things that are ready for harvest at different times, to keep interest high and plates full; such as radishes for spring, beans in early summer, zucchini and tomatoes later on and pumpkin for season’s end"

Vegetable Garden Behind Garage

Vegetable Garden off the Garage

TJ & Sally

Stamford, CT

"Love this company, they are completely organic landscape company and have mastered edible gardens. Contact Peter Atkins if you want your own vegetable garden space. He will set you up to grows a bounty of fresh food each year. His team will work with you and do as much or a little as you want help".

Water is Calming

Tulips in Sunken Garden

Rose Gardens

Artistic Masonry

Vegetable Gardens

Water and Pergola

What Is Ecological Landscapes

“Ecological Landscaping is a method of designing, building, and maintaining landscapes that considers the ecology of a site and creates gardens that enhance the surrounding environment for the benefit of humans and all other life in the ecosystem.

Ecological landscaping strives to balance the building site with the natural environment. It draws upon the wisdom of natural systems”.

Ecological Landscape in Redding, CT

Peter Atkins and Associates Ecological Landscape in Redding, CT


Upper Westchester, NY

"When you have a landscape design project, it is imperative to hire someone with experience in project management. This is more than landscaping; it is more like construction. Peter Atkins and Associates understands this and will work with you to ensure organization and coordination across the various parties. The way Peter Atkins was able to not only coordinate our project, but to also consistently communicate next steps was amazing. He is a real artist with strong project management skills for which discerning buyers should pay a premium. We have worked with several landscapers. Peter Atkins and Associates is by far the best and we would recommend them for your project, large or small". 

Patio and Native Perennial Garden

Patio Pollinator Perennial Garden

Choosing the Correct Landscape Service Company


Peter Atkins and Associates began this business with the reality that some properties deserve special attention in how they are maintained. Some properties have lots of beautiful shrubs like azaleas, rhododendrons, boxwoods, flowering trees that require attention with proper pruning. Other properties have perennial gardens that require deadheading, staking, dividing, soil amendments and other landscape gardens require many services from lawn cutting, mulching, cleanups.

The reason we are different is that customer who have spent thousands of dollars on the plants in their landscape want a horticultural plantsman to be responsible for their home landscape. Peter Atkin and Associates was born.

Formal boxwoods inter woven with pollinator garden

Environmental footprint while supporting birds, butterflies and wildlife.

Redding, CT

Transfering a Typical Landscape To Native

"Peter Atkins started letting a portion of his clients lawn go back to nature. Peter planting bushy bluestem, green-headed coneflowers and other native flowering plants. “Asters, goldenrods, boneset and other wildflowers started coming up on their own,” In fall, the plants are covered with pollinators, including monarch butterflies. This property also has become a favorite place for the clients to watch birds, including chipping sparrows and blue grosbeaks. This allows the homeowners to cut back on pesticides, fertilizers, mowing and watering" . (Job Photo Below)

Redding, CT Transferring a Typical Landscape Grass Lawn to Meadow

Peter Atkins and Associates, LLC

Pollinator Garden Perennials, Vegetable and Japanese's Maple.

Artichoke, Boxwoods, Liatris, Iris, Foxglove, Dianthus, Italian Urn. Peter Atkins and Associates., LLC

John and Jill

"The best part of working with Peter Atkins and Associates Garden Design was the communication, we always knew what was happening and what was going to happen. They did amazing work and an exquisite design, and the lighting is incredible. Everything flows in such a balanced way. The plant selection is awesome. They chose plants that work well in our backyard environment and the design provides flowers and colorful drama all year long.

Our contractors were top notch, never invasive, and always patient with our questions. Peter Atkins, the owner was always on the property and Peter monitored all the work.  When we had a question about what was happening, we were also informed of the how and why promptly. We chose Peter Atkins and Associates because we really liked your approach to project management, it was comforting to know that you had not only the design expertise but also the schedule, budget, and contractor management taken care of. The best part of the experience of working with you was not having to worry about anything!"

Hardwood  Tree Woodland, Custom Waterfall and Moss Garden Calms the Inner Soul

Rock Garden Steps

Pool Pots welcome Swimmers

Peter Atkins - Commit about Landscape Plans

" Potencial Customer often do not realize how much work a garden designer puts into achieving a final, finished garden. It’s not simply producing a garden plan. Before you get to that point, there is an awful lot of research and redrafting, but really the completion of the garden plan is just the start of the process. Following that, the designer will create mood boards to communicate how the garden will be constructed. On top of that, numerous documents are put together by the designer to give the contractor as much information as possible before going into the build. Peter Atkins remains involved in the process the entire time the client works with us. It’s a very involved role, with a remit that runs far beyond garden plan drawings!


Espaliered Fruit Tree Grows Proudly on  House

Espalaliated Fruit Tree on House


Greenwich, CT

"We had an old-fashioned garden, which we loved, but had become quite overgrown and not very easy to “live” in or maintain. We wanted a garden designer with knowledge, imagination and vision, to retain some of the original beauty of the old garden but make it a more usable space with more ease of maintenance. 

"Some friends had had their garden “redesigned” but we found it to be very contrived; we were concerned about whether our own ideas would be taken into account and followed through to the end design; we were also concerned that the garden service might be very expensive.

We were delighted from the very first meeting –  Peter Atkins  put us at ease and was interested in getting to know us as people before we ever talked about plants. He  listened well, as much of what we told him in this first meeting he  managed to incorporate into the final design. Waiting for the plans was very exciting and the large color plans were very helpful in getting us to visualize the finished garden".  

Peter didn’t just design our garden – He designed our garden for us, taking into account our ideas but also using his imagination and experience to transform it into a beautiful space". The gardens are now planted....I can not wait to invite our family and we are looking forward to use our vegetable garden in all our dishes. The peony garden and the roses have won my heart...finally a childhood memory has arrived in my own garden." CB

Perennial Garden

A friends perennial garden that I was invited to visit. The joe Pye weed and the Heliopsis (yellow) daily are balanced with the old crabapple. A stunning garden. Photo Peter Atkins

Vegetarians Gardens

Culinary Raised Vegetable Garden. This is nine beds that measure 8x4 and 6x4. Root vegetables, Salad, Tomatoes and Herb. This garden produced 235 pounds of tomatoes in 2020. The entire system is desig

The Power of Pots

New Ginny Inpatients and Banana Leaf Planters high light the grand height of this modern classic in Greenwich, CT

Foundation Hydrangea

Garden with Fountain

Native Garden

Tucker Z.

Upper Westchester County

"SPECTACULAR - Everyone loves the stone work. The entrance to this house now has an updated front door courtyard and walkway with updated foundation planting. This job was complex as there are changing elevations and thus the work was intensive. Roberto and Ludwin worked hard to make this job a beautiful statement. It turned out better than we had envisioned. A huge plus to Peter Atkins who was project leader and Peter was at the job site every day to solve and keep the team focused on on the job deadline".

Job in Pound Ridge in Heart of Deer Population - Before and Job Completed


We were extremely happy with our decision to collaborate with  Peter Atkins and Associates on our landscape project. I was not sure what to expect when contracting with a landscape company but we received top value services from all tradesman involved. Clearly Peter is respected within his trade and we benefited from his connection and project management leadership"

Hand Digging the Water Fall Base

The Water Fall is Complete with Frogs

Annette L.

North  Castle (Bedford)

"The best part of working with Peter Atkins and Associates Garden Design was the communication, we always knew what was happening and what was going to happen. They did amazing work and an exquisite design, and the lighting is incredible. Everything flows in such a balanced way. The plant selection is awesome. They chose plants that work well in our backyard environment and the design provides flowers and colorful drama all year long.

Our contractors were top notch, never invasive, and always patient with our questions. Peter Atkins, the owner was always on the property and Peter monitored all the work.  When we had a question about what was happening, we were also informed of the how and why promptly. We chose Peter Atkins and Associates because we really liked your approach to project management, it was comforting to know that you had not only the design expertise but also the schedule, budget, and contractor management taken care of. The best part of the experience of working with you was not having to worry about anything!"

Project Budget: $150,000 plus

Pollinator Garden

Slope Garden - Path

Perennials and Annuals

Tulips Garden

Purple Allium

Roses at Entrance

Garden Welcome Bridal Guest to the Party

Northern Westchester County

Mt Top Estate

"Peter Atkins and Associates True artistic craftsmanship, completed with a passion and professionalism that is all too rare with contractors today. You can shop around, but if you are seriously looking for top-quality landscape work look no further than Peter Atkins.

The Pollinator Perennial Garden

Perennial Garden

Summer Garden welcome you home

Summer Annuals Welcome Everyone Home By Peter Atkins and Associates

Perennial Borders with a new flagstone walkway

Foundation Perennials heading the the front door by Peter Atkins and Associates

Redding, CT - Old Fashioned Garden Maintained

Perennial Garden with fountain and terrace by Peter Atkins

The slope with a green corridor to the flowering shrubs

Long Corridor off the back lawn with the slope and flowering shrub border by Peter Atkins

Heather, P

Garden Coach Customer

“We’re enthusiastic beginner gardeners with too little time. Peter Atkins offered great ideas and knowledgeable answers to all of our questions. He gave just the right amount of information to be comprehensive without being overwhelming. Among other things, Peter offered great ideas to simplify our efforts in the vegetable garden and helped de-mystify the best methods of wintering my grandmother prized roses. His knowledge was incredibly helpful, and his genuine encouragement was motivating.”

Full Image
tulip bulb power by Peter Atkins and Associates


Let's talk about your dream yard

Initial consultations is $150 fee. This will be returned back to you when you sign a contract with us. Peter Atkins will come to your property, listen to your ideas and talk about how we can work together to create your dream landscape.


Tell us about your landscape goals! Are you interested in stonework, a new planting installation, habitat restoration, or maintenance services for a natural-looking landscape? Or maybe all of the above?


Peter Atkins cell is (914) 234-0161


We have known Peter for a couple of years as we live in the same small quiet town. I had no idea he was involved in grounds maintenance. My only complaint was not calling on him sooner. He and his crew did an amazing job cleaning up our 1.5 acre yard and the cost effectiveness was well worth it. Much appreciated.Read More

Peter Atkins is a perfectionist who cares passionately about design, quality, and doing things the right way. He is attentive to every detail that goes in to creating and maintaining a beautiful garden and landscape. Peter designed a vegetable/flower garden--including fencing, raised beds, birdhouse, berry patch, etc.,-- that is completely harmonious with our topography and architecture. He was easy to work with and has a maintenance staff that is second to none. We were so pleased with this project that we now rely on Peter not only to care for our vegetable/flower garden, but to oversee the maintenance and care of all trees and shrubs on our property. Under his careful watch and pruning, he has upgraded our property and we couldn't be happier.Read More

After working with Peter for 2 years as a freelance designer – I hold him in high regards as a person and a businessman. He is true to his word, prompt and very knowledgeable in all aspects of the field of landscape - plants and horticulture and design. Peter stands out in a field where unanswered phone calls, unprofessional workmanship and knowledge is unfortunately common.Read More

Sophisticated gardens, great veggies, great people! Thanks Peter, we have had a thriving vegetable garden for two years that produces wonderful fruit and vegetables that taste so much better than I can buy in the store. My garden is a work of art! The garden was completely setup for us and maintained by Peter Atkins and Associates. We have been really impressed with the knowledge, enthusiasm and diligence of your business on every level. I love it that we can always try new vegetable varieties the following year. Clearly you have a “big green thump” and love what you do. Thank you.Read More

Our property was transformed from barren landscape into a lush, distinguished garden seven years ago. Peter Atkins, a certified horticulturist has been instrumental in creating, maintaining and managing our grounds. He is committed and knowledgeable about all aspects of landscaping. He clearly has a passion for building gardens that blend so naturally into he land that surrounds our home. Just this year he designed a 30x40 vegetable garden that it truly exquisite and the rave of my girlfriends. Dedicated to customer satisfaction, Peter has managed and nurtured our property to the full potential. He has brought about change by means of talent. It is with pleasure that I can highly recommend, with great confidence Peter AtkinsRead More

“We have been clients of your firm for over 10 years. Your firm has always provided an extraordinarily high and professional level of service and attention. We love the fact that the business is accredited NOFA-Organic Land Care which provides us with peace of mind with our children and our dogs. Our large property and houses require Peters expert gardeners who are at our house a few days a week. His teams do our landscaping, maintenance, tree and shrubbery preservation and provide constant attention to his vibrant outdoor planters and the perennial and shade gardens. We are delighted with the care, imagination and expertise you bring to these tasks. As a person, Peter has a real understanding of a client’s needs. Always making projects his own. Attention to detail with a real sense of practicality is a real hallmarks of a great designer. He has both of these characteristics in spades”.Read More

"We hired Peter Atkins and Associates after using another landscape maintenance company for almost five years until we listened to our neighbors. The difference is obvious! Peter's business provides impeccable garden landscape services. Peter teams are flexible, hard working and extraordinary capable.. It is very clear that his employee have been trained by Peter as they are detailed oriented and go the extra mile to make our property special. Peter is always on the job site, he is the type of person that truly wants to do something nice for you. Choose Peter Atkins and Associates if you want an ethical and reasonable company to work with. Thank you for your patience and gentle guidance from start to finish, all of which made the process fun in my perennial garden again. I promise you, you will be thrilled that you hired him"Read More

Peter Atkins is a rare treasure. He came into our lives this past summer and transformed our property. We have been struggling with plantings for 28 years. This man is so talented, creative and knowledgeable! His crew is very competent and well supervised by Peter himself. Not only does this firm do installation but ongoing maintenance as well. Peter is very generous in pointing out issues on the grounds that don't necessarily fall under his purview e.g. infestation in the Hemlocks, leaves falling from the specimen trees mid- summer. We have found Peter extremely responsive to calls, emails.Read More

After trying multiple landscapers in the area, we finally found Peter Atkins four years ago and we have been happy ever since. Peter understands our sensibility and our desire to have a natural garden in a woodland landscape. Everything he has planted is organic and native to the area. His design is directed by his artistic instincts and the land itself. He respects and has a natural affinity for the property. He designed, planted and diligently maintains our fern, vegetable and herb gardens. Additionally he has designed, planted and maintained a variety of flower gardens and walking paths, completely transforming the way we appreciate our property during every season. We highly recommend Peter and his team.Read More

When I contacted Peter he was enthusiastic about our smallish project to renovate the circle area of our driveway. In the late winter we met and spoke about the goals. After a careful review he gave us a quote which was reasonable and filled all our desires and more for the project. I would reservedly recommend using him for a landscaping project. In fact there are other areas of our property that we may work on with him in the future. (The actual cost was at the very low end of the approximate cost range.)Read More

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