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Fine Garden Maintenance Services

We are accepting New Garden-Landscapes in 2024

Accredited NorthEast l Organic Land Care professional. We offer Organic Lawn Care, Tree, Shrub, Roses and Vegetable Organic methods. Safe for your family, pets, watershed and the enviroment.

Peter Atkins is an accredited Horticulturist, Organic Land

Care specialist and Landscape Architect who is a Landscape Contractor and plant enthusiast. He works with Landscape

homeowners to build and maintain exquisite ecological gardens in lower Fairfield and upper Westchester counties.

We are very proud to be an accredited North East Organic Land Care firm with NOFA.ORG. We are a 100 percent organic land care business. We offer organic lawn care, soil building, and much more. We protect your family from chemical applications that will affect your family, pets, water supply and local environment with synthetic fertilizers that destroy the soil biology below your landscape beds/grass. There are smarter solutions, and we are available to show you how.

Peter Atkins and Associates always uses organic and natural methods to guide gardens into mature ecosystems.

Peter believes that making gardens is a collaborative,

artistic process. In collaboration with his team of expert Gardeners, Irrigation Technicians, Masons, Horticulturalists, and Project Managers, Peter enriches his clients lives through continually beautifying their outdoor spaces.

Every garden needs ongoing care. Most people trust there landscapers who has not formal training and most often does not know a native plant from a weed. Landscape should be removing invasives plants such as barberry, mugwort, thistle, iron weed, poison ivy not native plants that look like weeds that are actually feeding the local pollinators on your property. Peter Atkins and Associates gardens aims to meet those needs with an environmentally friendly approaches.

Holistic Maintenance includes pruning (hard, tip, and structural), deadheading, weeding, and other services informed by a scientific approach. I offer fine garden maintenance to meet the garden and landscape specific requirement and also your budget guides.

Most home gardens are maintained by “mow and blow” garden crews. These crews use loud, gas guzzling machines to perform their work, with no knowledge of how to properly care for plants. A lot of companies only employ shearing. Shearing with a power tool is a quick, easy way to maneuver through a property but is not ideal for all plants because it promotes growth on the exterior only and impedes airflow throughout the interior of the plant. This can cause pests and fungal issues that normally would not develop with plants hand pruned either formally or in the natural format of the plant.

Hand pruning is the best way to care for almost everything that grows in your yard. We only use hand tools for our pruning duties. Always have and will stand by this art for for correct pruning.

It’s important to ask good questions before signing a

contract for landscape maintenance services. Even if you think your property only needs basic services, you still want to know: Who will oversee my account?

Communication should be easy. One point of contact is best. You want to know that your preferences will be communicated to the landscaping crew and that you only must tell the account manager once.

Will the same crew come to my property

on each visit? Yes, is the answer you want to hear. A dedicated crew “learns” your property, and that makes it possible for them to take care of it exactly as you wish consistently. They will know how it should look when it is at its best and will notice if something is amiss.

Bad things happen to gardens all the time. There are soil

issues, changing moisture conditions, insect infestations, and disease. Without regular inspection, any of these issues could damage or even kill beloved trees, shrubs, perennials, lawn and native plants. At the very least, you will have a yard that becomes increasingly lackluster and boring over time if you stick with the conventional approach-standard landscape maintenance. On the other hand, a world of

possibilities opens when you work with a firm that practices a management approach to landscape and garden care. Even if your landscape doesn’t include specimen plants, water features, irrigation and lighting systems, a landscape

management approach brings professionals who possess detailed horticultural knowledge and an extensive skill set to work on your landscape and gardens.

Hiring a landscape management firm is worth it to the person

who wants to get all the beauty and value out of their property over multiple seasons. It’s for the person who truly enjoys a healthy, thriving outdoor environment. A well-maintained garden is an everyday pleasure and worth the

investment because it’s something that enriches your life.

Please schedule a phone consultation with owner Peter Atkins at (914) 234-0161 and

Fine Gardener Team will Maintain your Existing Gardens(s).

Our Goal is to Maintain your Gardens how YOU want them maintained!

We offer a unique approach to home garden care. Our gardeners are knowledgeable, passionate, and devoted to giving the highest quality garden care. We are approachable, friendly, and always available for communication.

Personalized maintenance plan. We communicate with you every step of the way, notifying our intent to arrive and providing a thorough email detailing our work and documenting with photos. We are happy to take on special requests or side projects, such as replanting, tree care, irrigation maintenance, vegetable gardening, step stone installation, and much more!

We typically maintain gardens weekly, bi-monthly and seasonal maintenance plans are also available. Our garden maintenance plans are customized directly for your personal needs.

Our Approach:

  • No harsh or loud noises. Low noise blowers
  • No chemicals. We offer fully organic service. To manage weeds, we simply pull them by hand. Just as effective, and much healthier for the garden
  • No hacking or ugly plant shaping. We offer excellent fine pruning, allowing the plant to demonstrate its natural shape and beauty. Our style of pruning contributes positively towards maximum flower growth and overall health of the plants.

Daylilies, nepeta, phlox, echinacea  on slope garden

Foxglove digitalis, pink lady tulips,  Spanish blue bells

Pruning Boxwoods with Boxwood Scissors NOT electrical Shears

Peter Atkins and Associates Gardeners Pruning Boxwoods


Project Date: January 2024

Peter takes wonderful care of our landscape. We feel very fortunate to have his advice and services. He has a fantastic eye for designing harmonious planting spaces. He is a meticulous planner and delivers everything that he promises. His exceptional crew brings his visions to life and they take great care of our property. We strongly recommend Peter and his team!

Pollinator Perennial Gardens on the same property in two different compositions

Perennial Gardens with Dancing Artist

Perennial Garden that also is used for cut flowers

Decorative Home Complex Island Planted with Seasonal Plants

Peter Atkins and Associates, LLC

Our Gardeners have Created these Masterpieces


Fine Garden Maintenance is a journey, a way to connect with nature and transform your outdoor space into a personal sanctuary that thrives under your care and attention.

Understanding Fine Garden Maintenance

Fine Garden Maintenance is an art and science that goes beyond typical gardening practices. It encompasses a holistic approach to the care and cultivation of a garden, ensuring that it not only looks its best but also supports biodiversity, conserves resources, and provides a tranquil space for homeowners and wildlife alike.

As a landscape designer, I’ve witnessed firsthand the transformative power of fine gardening. It’s about making informed decisions, understanding the ecosystem of your garden, and taking proactive steps to create a harmonious environment. This team honors the respect of your gardens and delivers services that are completely trustworthy. Thoughtful, year-round organic garden care from a crew you can trust.

Our mission is to bring nature and design together to transform your space. Our goal is to hit the bullseye on your aesthetic and emotional needs. We’ve worked hard to earn a stellar reputation with our clients and we aim to keep it by doing business the right way. We believe sustainable is beautiful, and use organic products and ethically-sourced plants. We also love our local community of artists and craftspeople. As we grow, we’ll continue to support them. We can’t wait to get our hands dirty on your next project.

Almost Time to change the Pots to late Summer/Fall

Cabbage, Yellow Daisy, Bittersweet, Corn Husks, Miscanthus Reed Grass, Variegated Vinca. This pot was planted for summer, added to for Fall and added the bittersweet to tie it all together.  Peter Atk
Red Mandeville and Purple Scavola Planters. Peter Atkins and Associates.

Maintenance Pruning

Trees and Shrubs require yearly pruning to encourage new growth and to keep them healthy. Late winter and early spring, when the plant is dormant, is the time to prune for most trees or shrubs to reduce the stress caused by pruning. However some plants, shrubs especially, require pruning in May because their spring blooms formed the previous year.

We start by removing dead or weak branches. This is important because straight, clean cuts are easier for plants to heal than a jagged or ripped edge caused by these branches breaking on their own. Next we focus on thinning the foliage to allow sunlight and air into the plant. This keeps the plant from choking itself out and encourages it to grow stronger. Lastly, if the tree or bush requires, we shape it.


When a tree or shrub grows out of control for too long, or isn’t doing as well, a hard pruning can be the best choice. A hard pruning cuts off two or three times more than a regular pruning, giving the plant a fresh start. Not all plants can handle this and knowing how far you can cut back different plants is vital. But our trained gardeners are experts at rejuvenating overgrown or sick trees and shrubs.  All pruning is done with hand pruners, pole clips and arbrosit hand saws. Chainsaws only for large limb beyond a hand saw. Rarely do we use power shears except on topiaries.

We are Horticulturist Gardeners - We do not cut Grass

Potted Planters, Window Boxes and Urns Techniques

Your homes pots and planters provide a great opportunity for our design team to create seasonal displays for bulbs and pansies in spring, a variety of colorful annuals and perennials in summer, with pumpkins, corn stalks and mums in the fall. Let us help you dress up your pots and planters with color-rich, seasonal charm.  Schedule a consultation with one of our pot and planter designers. (914) 234 -0161 - Ask for Peter

Peter Atkins and Associates, LLC


A maintenance contract provides a solid basis when it comes to putting the agreements into formal writing. Peter Atkins and Associates organizes which tasks should be carried out and you know exactly what you can expect from us. We will also provide a clear financial picture, in line with your personnel budget so that you will not be faced with any unpleasant surprises.

• Appointed gardeners stay with your property each year. This team understand your schedule, how you wish to have the property maintained and what colors you like for your pots, beds and special events. This team is supervised by Peter Atkins or Mary Ann Henry daily.


We are proud to announce that we have been an accreted Northeast Organic Land Care business now 23 years. We will NOT use any chemicals on our property that will do harm to the natural work, the land, the water, pets and people or mother earth. Our goal is to maximize a property’s top value while minimizing its environmental impact in how it is maintained currently and the years to follow. Horticulture is a science that supports beautiful healthy gardens. Is science supporting your landscape maintenance program?

Native Garden located off the rear lawn area within view of this garden

Pollinator Garden in Greenwich by Peter Atkins and Associates

Fine Garden Maintenance Account with Appointed Gardeners

Fine Garden Maintenance account by Peter Atkins and Associates

Foxglove Digitalis Pollinator Garden

Foxglove Digitalis Pollinator Garden By Peter Atkins and Associates

Wellington House (Dog)

North Stamford, CT

"I have never met anyone who knows and who cares more about plants than Peter Atkins. After hiring multiple people to create a garden for my shady yard and then it not looking or growing the way I wanted, I had almost given up on having a cottage garden. I’m so glad that I didn’t and when a friend saw a message on "Next Door" about Peter Atkins, I reached out with hope for a knowledgably gardener. From planning to installation and periodic maintenance to the perennial garden, Peter been kind, patient, and beyond knowledgeable. I completely trusted all of his recommendations—his eye for detail and creativity are outstanding. This year we had a drought for three months, Peter lost one Red Twig Dogwood and that is amazing since we do not have an irrigation system".

Specialty maintenance packages - Appointed Teams to your property

Comprehensive Maintenace Accounts

The client asked us to build a destination suitable for conversation under the star. We incorporated a patio with flagstone. We used the common blue stone pavers and also incorporated some earth tones
Peter Atkins Gardeners Planting Manda villa Planter in Greenwich, CT
Red Blazer Roses on Nantucket Picket Fence with Knockout Roses, Lambs Ear, Delphinium and creeping thyme between irregular shaped flagstone pavers.
Slope Perennial Garden in Putnam County By Peter Atkins and Associates

Daily Involvement with Business Team

Peter Atkins and Mary Ann Henry are the eyes and ears behind our family business. We are a hand on owners, meaning we will arrive at your property when the team is working. We will keep the communications channel simple with direct communication always. At the conclusion of all daily work for the week or project Peter will send a email sharing what was completed that day and what is planned for the next visits. This is also a time to keep the communication channel focused on you.

Team Work

Inspecting for Spruce Gall

Team Break for Hedge Pruning

Dormant Prunning in February

We prune mostly with pruners

Punch Pruning Arborvitae Globes

Potted Planter

Fourth of July Flowers

Peter H. Atkins

Fall Potted Garden

Planter located outside of private home in CT

Tulips Dance in Garden

Peter H. Atkins

Fall October Planter

Spring has Arrived


Katonah, NY

"Peter is a great communicator and is excellent to work with. He and his team  not only possesses excellent plant knowledge, but  their recommendations for cutting gardens, vegetable garden and perennial gardens have been spot on. The landscaping is gorgeous, all the plants, trees and shrubs are thriving and perfectly situated. I am now able to entertain and enjoy this space every day. I highly recommend Peter!"

The National Gardening Association

We are proud to be an accredited Organic Land Care (NOFA) company.

This hemlock hedge is pole clipped

Planted Pots in Greenwich, Ct estate by Peter Atkins


Accredited Horticulturists  (Study in Soil Science, Botany and Chemistry)

  • Peter Atkins is an accredited  horticulturist in NY, CT  
  • William Barnhart is a accredited horticulturist in NY, CT, NJ



  • A horticulturist is skilled in the cultivation of plants – from grasses, shrubs and trees to vegetables, fruits, and flowers. A New York/Connecticut Certified Horticulturist has the specialized training to understand and troubleshoot both common and unique garden and landscape problems and to recommend effective solutions. They are the professionals you can trust to help you with your garden and landscape projects.

Team Performing Necessary Fine Gardening Projects

Team Marking Irrigation Heads on a job in New Canaan, CT

Removing weeds is still the safest method for removal of invasive plants

Euonymus Hedge Not Pruned

Euonymus Hedge Not Pruned Yet

Euonymus Hedge Pruned

Euonymus Hedge Pruned with Pole Clips by Peter Atkins

This hedge is pruned each year without power shears. Only Boxwood Scissors and Pole/Clip Tools


Seasonal color changes occur three times per year; tulips, primroses, daffodils in February and March, geraniums, petunias, begonias in May and June, and pansies, mums, kale  in September and October. Seasonal flowers and textures brighten all spaces and work beautifully to highlight focal areas such as entrances, beds and borders,  long driveways, driveway gated entrances and anywhere the imagination request vibrant color and contrast.

Pamela S

North Greenwich, CT

"Everything, from start to finish, was a great experience working with Peter supervised gardeners. During the consultation, Peter and Maryann was thorough in making sure we understood what we wanted. Initially we were looking to complete a border area of the yard with ongoing maintenance as our grass cutter is great at cutting grass but has no horticultural background. They pruned our shrubs into mushrooms until Peter arrived and stop that nonsense. Now a year later the shrubs and trees actually show off their beauty and those razor cuts we once had have disappeared. Peter is a pleasure to work with, and his care, patience and knowledge are what made everything come together beautifully"

The Pollinator Garden meets Modern Classical Home

Pollinator Perennial Garden we Maintain with Custom Garden Services

The client here wanted large drifts of color. In the foreground is Lambs ear, followed by Happy Days Daylitlly, nepeta Cat nip, Phlox, Speedwell and Tall miscanus Grasses. Leading down this narrow pat
Certified Wildlife Habitat logo

Dahlia Garden

Front Door Planters

Perennial Garden


Annuals at the Pool Edge

Front Door Planting

Foundation landscape Planting with Peter Atkins

Spring has Arrive

Soft reds and yellow Blend tulips off back patio off garage


New Canaan, CT

"Peter is very creative and easy to work with.  He anticipates growth patterns and advices the client on area that money can be saved by not over lapping services.  Maintenance gardeners do a consistently superb job and if we ever have an issue (which is very infrequent) Peter ensures it is corrected and doesn't happen again."

Comprehensive Fine Garden Maintenance Services

Fine Garden Care by Peter Atkins and Associates

Perennials and Conifers


Italian Fountain - Sunken Perennial Garden

garden with fountain

The Rose Garden

The rose garden

Birch and Green Liriope accented with Spanish Blue Bells and Ferns

River Birch with large beds of green Lirope. The Fern is ostrich and the Spanish blue bells. Photo by Peter Atkins

Back Territory of Greenwich, CT

Have you planted your spring bulbs to welcome 2025 Season? Call us

Annuals Planted in Variety  Of  Setting and Demonstrate Flower Power

cabbage and kale
mums on landscape in pound ridge by Peter Atkins

Mums a client favorite fall planting on Shappan Point, CT

Mums Garden on Long Island Sound by Peter Atkins and Associates

Impatient carry color through the long planting season

Summer Annual Combination on job by Peter Atkins and Associates

“The greatest threat to our planet is the belief that someone else will save it.” Robert Swan.


Plant Health Care Services - Peter Atkins and Associates.,LLC
Accredited NorthEast l Organic Land Care professional. We offer Organic Lawn Care, Tree, Shrub, Roses and Vegetable Organic methods. Safe for your family, pets, watershed and the enviroment.

Peter Atkins and Associates is accredited Landscape and Farming Organic Land Care

Peter Atkins and Associates is a proud accredited North East Organic Land Care (NOFA) business. Peter Atkins and his plant health care technicians are licensed and accredited with NOFA. We all had to pass a meticulous state exam in each state and must recertify each year. Approximately 800 plus professionals from 18 states are accredited by NOFA.

What is Plant Health Care?

Have you ever noticed that some landscapes and gardens seem to glow with healthy vitality while others appear a bit more scraggly and unimpressive? The difference between a garden with exceptional beauty and one that blends in or even looks unattractive often comes down to the health of the plants AND the organic soils that support those planting beds.

Just like us, plants need food to be strong, rich in color and nonstop flowering. Most people we talk with initially will tell us they have Never fed their plants. Wow, you eat a meal daily, Plant also require food found in fertilizers, compost and organic soils left on the beds. Plant health care is about responsibility.

This is organic soil that is alive...does your earth look like this?

this is organic soil that is alive...does your look like this?


You want your garden to be beautiful and you want your investments into plants to pay off in beautiful landscaping, so you want your plants to stay healthy. Plants don't just stay healthy on their own.

Active planning and treatments are needed if you expect your plants to stay as healthy as possible. In short, if you have plants and care about how they do and whether they look good, you need plant health care. Here are some of the reasons that you need to be on top of plant health care.

  • Problems spread fast. You may be astounded by how rapidly a disease or pest can spread through your garden and do permanent damage to your plants. By maintaining plant health care consistently, you have a much better chance of recognizing a problem while it is still manageable.
  • A healthy garden is a beautiful garden. Paying attention to the health of your plants will give your plants an edge so that your garden will be more lush and beautiful than your neighbors’ gardens.
  • You don't want to waste your investment in plants. It isn't cheap to buy the perennials, annuals, shrubs, and trees that populate your garden. Unless you pay careful attention to their health, these plants may die and cause you to waste your investment.

Lets Hug a Tree for The next Generator with Organic Plant Health Care Services

Lets hug a tree for the next generation





Fertilizer last 12 months. Plants require annual feeding, that is a fact.

Organic Lawn Care Applicator

Lawn Care applicator  for organic lawn care

Organic Plant Health Care Application and Arborist Consultation

Organic Fertilizer photos
Keep your trees and shrubs healthy
Certified Organic Pin

Compost spreader on lawns

Compost spreader on lawns

Liquid Organic Solutions applied to lawns

Hire Peter Atkins and Associates as your plant health care specialist. (Organic lawn, Tree, Shrub, Roses, Vegetable Care under one roof)

Choose Peter Atkins and Associates  as Your Plant Health Care Specialist

We work with two highly trained companies that are experts in providing the absolute best care to plants in the hamlet towns around Bedford, NY in both Westchester and Fairfield County.  They use only the most cost-effective and environmentally sensitive practices and treatments to maintain and improve the appearance and vitality of your landscape.

We can identify and detect all sorts of pests and diseases which may be affecting your garden. They have treatments, prescriptions and management programs to fit every problem, budget, and garden.

Finally, we offer integrated pest monitoring so that you'll know if something unwanted arrives in your garden right away. Peter Atkins and Associates is experienced in treating and preventing the Emerald Ash Borer, along with other pests and diseases, so you can feel confident that your trees will be safe from this pest as it moves into your area.

Arborist looking for insects on Vine

Kimberly Plant Health Care Specialist looks of aphids

Peter Atkins with a Hand Lens Scouting a property

Peter Atkins looks for aphids on Arborvitae


North Stamford, CT

“Professional honest prices, program with 7 application treatments actually does what Peter Atkins said it does. Applications are fantastic!”. This lawn was a disaster zone and now two years later I can see that it will be showpiece in the 3rd year.

Organic Lawn Care Account in New Canaan, CT

Organic Lawn Care in New Canaan,  by Peter Atkins and Associates

This was chemical lawn...NOW 100% Organic

Peter Atkins and Associates, LLC

This was chemical lawn & Garden-NOW 100% Organic


By utilizing natural soil supplements and organic fertilizers, the Organic Base program builds up the strength and health of your lawn naturally. This program also makes use of integrated treatments to keep pests and weeds in check.


As your lawn becomes organically richer, these non-organic treatments can often be reduced over time. Organic-Based care works well as both a stand alone program and as a gateway to Pure Organic  lawn care.


A healthy, thick lawn with a diversity of turf species protects itself naturally. The 100% organic fertilizers and treatments in this program help create biologically sound, hearty turf. This program also focuses on improving soil conditions with compost, compost tea and other natural soil supplements. We follow the core standard for the Northeast Organic Land Care standards (NOFA). We use no chemical imputes or synthetic products on any of our lawns. This projects you soil, water, air, children's, pets, mother earth and your family from anything that can harm you.


Organic Lawn and Perennial Border in New Canaan, CT

Landscape Grounds maintained by  Peter Atkins and Associates, LLC


  • Every year millions of pounds of harmful, toxic pesticides are used across the United   States on home lawns.
  • According to the EPA, traditional lawn chemicals can put children and pets at risk.
  • Healthy Organic lawns can help offset climate change by sequestering carbon dioxide.
  • Organic lawns use less water.
  • No leaching of chemicals into valuable drinking resources.
  • Organic lawns are more stress tolerant.
  • We use a completely organic and proactive approach to plant and soil health care.  Peter Atkins and Associates program renews, revitalizes, corrects, and conditions your soil and healthy living soil means healthy thriving trees, shrubs, and lawns. To preserve your investment in your landscape, your soil must come first.

King Charles Cavalier Spaniel waiting for Peter to play

Trust your puppy to play on your organic lawn....

Grand kids play with Alexander on the Organic Lawn

Playing barefoot on lawn that is organic

(We have three rescue dogs)

Stamford, CT

" Peter Atkins team  did everything I asked, and then some. I was so pleased that Selvin and Jose see what needed to be done without being told, and jumped right on anything specific I asked them to do. Always cheerful and willing to help.  In and out in the designated timeframe and I couldn’t be happier. I’d rate their work above and beyond my expectations.  This same team has been pruning, weeding and maintaining our property for seven years now. Always with top value." 


Peter takes wonderful care of our landscape. We feel very fortunate to have his advice and services. He has a fantastic eye for designing harmonious planting spaces. He is a meticulous planner and delivers everything that he promises. His exceptional crew brings his visions to life and they take great care of our property. We strongly recommend Peter and his team!

Tulip Power Planted by Peter Atkins and Associates

Let's talk about your dream yard

Initial consultations is $150 fee. This will be returned back to you when you sign a contract with us. Peter Atkins will come to your property, listen to your ideas and talk about how we can work together to create your dream landscape.

Tell us about your landscape goals! Are you interested in stonework, a new planting installation, habitat restoration, or maintenance services for a natural-looking landscape? Or maybe all of the above?


Peter Atkins Cell (914) 234-0161


Get in Touch

We care about your privacy. Please don’t submit sensitive information such as social security numbers, credit card or bank information.
I agree that PETER ATKINS AND ASSOCIATES., LLC can email and call me in response to my inquiry, as well as with tips and offers for similar services.