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Peter Atkins Garden Service is dedicated to creating beautiful outdoor spaces for people to enjoy. We take the challenging work out of gardening by doing it for you! In fact, the company was created to offer an environmentally friendly option for garden lovers who just did not have time to keep their own gardens.

We  embrace permaculture practices in all aspects of our gardening and landscaping. These practices include plant selection, fertilizing and soil enhancement, planting and weeding techniques and

other installation and maintenance practices.

One of the things Peter loves about his work is the satisfaction of putting demanding work into improving someone’s garden. Peter has continued his education over the years and keeps his accredited credentials updated yearly to ensure that he is knowledgeable and up to date on all

aspects of the field. One of the areas that Peter is enthusiastic about is environmental sustainability, so it is not only a part of our gardening  practices, but also a part of my life.

Our crew approaches each job with dedication, care, and consistency. We ensure that each crew member is well trained on all the critical aspects of garden and landscape maintenance and installation.

If you are interested in implementing a landscape maintenance package, we will come

out for a first consultation to include :


  • A site evaluation -This will include information on the types of plants, any recommendations for pruning, replacement, or relocation, as well as a consultation on plant health and care.
  • Needs assessment – The needs assessment takes into consideration your plans for your garden as well as what types of activities you will need help with.

We offer monthly and seasonal maintenance packages to meet the level of consistent garden care that your property and garden should receive. We work in teams of two/three men per property and an accredited horticulturist daily.

Team works on Large Estates with complex gardens routinely

Perennial Experts at Deadheading, Diving and Care

Sunken Garden with Delphinium, Phlox, Roses

We offer  specialty maintenance packages - Appointed Teams to your property

Your landscape deserves to be taken care of properly. That means having the knowledge and experience to keep trees and shrubs perfectly pruned, water features properly cleaned, stonework taken care of, flower beds blooming… you get the idea.

For the last 28 years, Our teams will come take care of your property on a schedule that works for your family. We will have a crew at their property working a minimum of eight hours a month to weekly based on recommendations made by our experienced staff. Our horticultural services come into three levels of service. Gold Level Service, Silver Level Service, and Bronze Level Service. 

The service levels are differentiated by the number of monthly visits made by our maintenance crews and by the amount of pruning, edging, roses, outdoor pots, vegetable gardens, plant health care, organic lawn care and mulching services we provide. Contact our office for more information. The cost of landscape maintenance will vary depending on the size of the yard and scope of work that needs to be done. As proud accredited Northeastern Organic Land Care (NOFA) practitioners, we adhere to sustainable and pesticide-free maintenance practices.

We hope you consider Peter Atkins for your fine gardening needs this upcoming season! 


Comprehensive Maintenace Accounts

The client asked us to build a destination suitable for conversation under the star. We incorporated a patio with flagstone. We used the common blue stone pavers and also incorporated some earth tones
Fieldstone path through the Hosta garden finds small patio w chairs. A great place to relax and read a book!
Red Blazer Roses on Nantucket Picket Fence with Knockout Roses, Lambs Ear, Delphinium and creeping thyme between irregular shaped flagstone pavers.

Specialized Garden Care Services

We provide comprehensive garden care with weekly visits during the growing season and select winter visits.  Under direction from our Head Horticulturalist, Peter Atkins, our care regimen is tailored to each landscape and can include spring clean-up,  turf care, weeding, care of perennial beds and fall leaf management.  We also offer woody plant care for plants under 14 feet in height which includes pruning and Integrated Pest Management

  • A Fine Gardener’s singular goal is to vigilantly care for the soil, plants, and design compositions viewed through the lens of a dynamic natural system. This means that we must look at the garden with the eyes of a trainer and a caretaker. Consequently, we ask, “How can we make this perform better, look better, and be healthier?”

Peter Atkins & Mary Ann Henry would like to be your Landscape Property Manager.

peter atkins and mary ann henry

Peter Atkins is Accredited Horticulturist and Certified Organic Land Care Specialist with North East Organic Land Care (NOFA)

When you work with Peter Atkins and Mary Ann Henry,  you will become your garden advocate. Together we will be your single contact person within Peter Atkins and Associates who will be your local landscape partner. Having worked in the green industry for over 30 years and seen the growth patterns, problems gardens face and how materials weather, we have the experience to select and advise the best for your landscape, gardens, and your property.  

Peter Atkins and Mary Ann Henry are the eyes and ears behind our family business. We are a hand one owners, meaning we keeps the communications channel with our company simple with direct communication which is consistent and informative. At the conclusion of all daily work an email is sent to you sharing what was completed that day and what is planned for the next visits. This is also a time to keep the communication channel focused on you.

A perennial Potted Planter

Fourth of July Potted Flowers

Peter H. Atkins

Fall Potted Container Garden

Crotons are an indoor plant but I push the boundary with them. Chili peppers and ivy complete the arrangement. Designed and Planted by Peter Atkins and Associates. LLC

Perennial Pollinator Garden

Estate Landscape Maintenace

Retaining Wall that separates perennial garden

Firepot destination with Garden


Katonah, NY

"Peter is a great communicator and is excellent to work with. He and his team  not only possesses excellent plant knowledge, but  their recommendations for cutting gardens, vegetable garden and perennial gardens have been spot on. The landscaping is gorgeous, all the plants, trees and shrubs are thriving and perfectly situated. I am now able to entertain and enjoy this space every day. I highly recommend Peter!"

The Difference in our Maintenance Process to your Property

It is an honor to work on your property, so we treat it with the respect and care that you deserve. Monthly walk-throughs with the client are encouraged to stay apprised of specific needs that arise as the garden progresses through the season. We acknowledge that each garden is unique as is each of us, therefore, we never take a cookie-cutter approach.

When we come to your garden for maintenance, we come with a fresh approach. We see a garden as a beautiful opportunity to cultivate nature in a sustainable and elegant way.

 At Peter Atkins and Associates we have spent almost two decades implementing permaculture (sustainable gardening) techniques while utilizing modern technologies which support your garden. The Peter Atkins Garden team will come to your landscape routinely to take care of your garden. We offer weekly, bi-monthly- monthly.

Each garden is a sustainable system with an opportunity to support the greater ecosystem. Your landscape has an impact on the surrounding ecosystem. Everything you put in your garden affects the groundwater supply, pollinators’ ability to thrive, and the diversity of the plant palette.

The National Gardening Association

Our Communication Policy It is the policy of Peter Atkins and Associates Landscaping to respond promptly to all phone calls, messages, texts & emails. We strive to respond within two hours and commit to respond to all contact requests received prior to 5 PM on the same day.

We are proud to be an accredited Organic Land Care (NOFA) company.


A maintenance contract provides a solid basis when it comes to putting the agreements into formal writing. Peter Atkins and Associates organizes which tasks should be carried out and you know exactly what you can expect from us. We will also provide a clear financial picture, in line with your personnel budget so that you will not be faced with any unpleasant surprises. Customization and personal contact are paramount. Some advantages listed:

• Appointed Gardeners stay with your property yearly. Supervision with senior horticulturist Peter Atkins who is on the job ever day.

• Always the right maintenance at the right time.

• A professional specialized landscaper with knowledge of your flower, edible, low maintenance and native gardens.

• A personal contact, your trusted landscaper.

• Affordable through fast and planned appointments.

Which maintenance contract should I choose?

Depending on your wishes, there are various options for implementing the maintenance contract. After an introductory meeting, we will create a tailor-made maintenance plan for you with the details of the contract and the frequency of the visits. In short you can choose between a limited and an extensive maintenance contract.

You may want to carry out a number of activities yourself, but you can partially outsource the garden maintenance to us. Think of the shape cutting of flowering ornamental trees, shrubs and bulbs for example. When it is clear how large the size of the garden maintenance is and what the hours are to be spent on this, you know exactly what you spend every year on the care of the garden.

This estate in Greenwich is maintained with Boxwood Scissors, Pole Clips and  Pots

Planted Pots in Greenwich, Ct estate by Peter Atkins


Accredited Horticulturists  (Study in Soil Science, Botany and Chemistry)

  • Peter Atkins is an accredited  horticulturist in NY, CT  
  • William Barnhart is a accredited horticulturist in NY, CT, NJ



  • A horticulturist is skilled in the cultivation of plants – from grasses, shrubs and trees to vegetables, fruits, and flowers. A New York/Connecticut Certified Horticulturist has the specialized training to understand and troubleshoot both common and unique garden and landscape problems and to recommend effective solutions. They are the professionals you can trust to help you with your garden and landscape projects.

Peter Atkins and Associates Fine Garden Maintenance Services

Peter Atkins and Associates Fine Garden Services

Professional Garden Services …for a beautiful home.

Whether your style is traditional, cottage, minimalist or contemporary, our designers will create the garden design to suite your personality and property. We start where the lawn ends and the garden begins.

We specialize in restoration and renewal of gardens and problem spots. Residential garden and landscape design, updates, soil enrichment, drainage improvements, sod installation and lawn seeding.

Design and installation of walkways, retaining walls, planters, water features. Provision and planting of trees, shrubs, ground covers, perennials, vines and ornamental grasses. 

Green walls and green roofs for beauty, energy conservation and water absorption.

Vegetable Gardens replace swing sets when the kids outgrow the play slide. Lets put that unneeded space to work and produce fresh, fragrant and delicious foods that can feed the family.

Team Marking Irrigation Heads on a job in New Canaan, CT

Removing weeds is still the safest method for removal of invasive plants

Our comprehensive seasonal maintenance packages can work with you with a minimal of two gardeners per visit. More gardeners are always avaiable. During your initial visit Peter Atkins will discuss all the ways we can customize your plan beyond the base package. The account manager, Peter Atkins will always be your single point of contact and will walk the property with you as often as you wish to discuss your property. Peter will also supervised the work load each day, assigning the tasks for the day and working with the teams daily. Customization Beyond the day rate for two fine garden supervisors we offer our clients everything else necessary to keep their properties looking and performing at their best. Our most popular services are turf, tree and shrub fertilization programs, aeration and over-seeding, epic outdoor pots, vegetable gardens, seasonal flowers and décor, ornamental pruning masonry and interior house watering services.

Euonymus Hedge Not Pruned Yet

Euonymus Hedge Not Pruned Yet

Euonymus Hedge Pruned with Pole Clips

Euonymus Hedge Pruned with Pole Clips by Peter Atkins

Jennifer Pruning Vines

Wilber Pruning Hoopsi Spruce

Transplanting in White Garden

Inspecting for Spruce Gall

Team Break for Hedge Pruning

Dormant Prunning in February

We prune mostly with pruners

Punch Pruning Arborvitae Globes

Gardener with Nancy in her Pollinator Garden

Dahlia Garden

Front Door Planters

Vegetable Garden Feeds Family

Relaxing Annuals at the Pool Edge

Front Door Planting that is colorful

Foundation landscape Planting with Peter Atkins

Permaneable Pavers with Patio

Perennials and Conifers


Italian Fountain off the sunken perennial garden

garden with fountain

The Rose Garden bind the old Dairy Farm House

The rose garden

The Pollinator Garden meets Modern Classical Home

Custom Driveway Gate installed by Peter Atkins and Associates.,LLC

grand custom driveway gate by peter atkins

“The greatest threat to our planet is the belief that someone else will save it.” Robert Swan.


Plant Health Care Services - Peter Atkins and Associates.,LLC
Accredited NorthEast l Organic Land Care professional. We offer Organic Lawn Care, Tree, Shrub, Roses and Vegetable Organic methods. Safe for your family, pets, watershed and the enviroment.

Peter Atkins and Associates is accredited Landscape and Farming Organic Land Care

Peter Atkins and Associates is a proud accredited North East Organic Land Care (NOFA) business. Peter Atkins and his plant health care technicians are licensed and accredited with NOFA. We all had to pass a meticulous state exam in each state and must recertify each year. Approximately 800 plus professionals from 18 states are accredited by NOFA.

What is Plant Health Care?

Have you ever noticed that some landscapes and gardens seem to glow with healthy vitality while others appear a bit more scraggly and unimpressive? The difference between a garden with exceptional beauty and one that blends in or even looks unattractive often comes down to the health of the plants.

Just like us, plants need certain things to stay healthy and they can get sick. Plant health care is all about giving plants ideal growing conditions to keep them healthy and addressing diseases or parasites that make them sick.

This is organic soil that is alive...does your earth look like this?

this is organic soil that is alive...does your look like this?


You want your garden to be beautiful and you want your investments into plants to pay off in beautiful landscaping, so you want your plants to stay healthy. Plants don't just stay healthy on their own.

Active planning and treatments are needed if you expect your plants to stay as healthy as possible. In short, if you have plants and care about how they do and whether they look good, you need plant health care. Here are some of the reasons that you need to be on top of plant health care.

  • Problems spread fast. You may be astounded by how rapidly a disease or pest can spread through your garden and do permanent damage to your plants. By maintaining plant health care consistently, you have a much better chance of recognizing a problem while it is still manageable.
  • A healthy garden is a beautiful garden. Paying attention to the health of your plants will give your plants an edge so that your garden will be more lush and beautiful than your neighbors’ gardens.
  • You don't want to waste your investment in plants. It isn't cheap to buy the perennials, annuals, shrubs, and trees that populate your garden. Unless you pay careful attention to their health, these plants may die and cause you to waste your investment.

Lets Hug a Tree for The next Generator with Organic Plant Health Care Services

Lets hug a tree for the next generation





Organic Lawn Care Applicator

Lawn Care applicator  for organic lawn care

Organic Plant Health Care Application and Arborist Consultation

Organic Fertilizer photos
Keep your trees and shrubs healthy
Certified Organic Pin

Compost spreader on lawns

Compost spreader on lawns

Liquid Organic Solutions applied to lawns

Hire Peter Atkins and Associates as your plant health care specialist. (Organic lawn, Tree, Shrub, Roses, Vegetable Care under one roof)

Choose Peter Atkins and Associates  as Your Plant Health Care Specialist

We work with two highly trained companies that are experts in providing the absolute best care to plants in the hamlet towns around Bedford, NY in both Westchester and Fairfield County.  They use only the most cost-effective and environmentally sensitive practices and treatments to maintain and improve the appearance and vitality of your landscape.

We can identify and detect all sorts of pests and diseases which may be affecting your garden. They have treatments, prescriptions and management programs to fit every problem, budget, and garden.

Finally, we offer integrated pest monitoring so that you'll know if something unwanted arrives in your garden right away. Peter Atkins and Associates is experienced in treating and preventing the Emerald Ash Borer, along with other pests and diseases, so you can feel confident that your trees will be safe from this pest as it moves into your area.

Arborist looking for insects on Vine

Kimberly Plant Health Care Specialist looks of aphids

Peter Atkins with a Hand Lens Scouting a property

Peter Atkins looks for aphids on Arborvitae


North Stamford, CT

“Professional honest prices, program with 7 application treatments actually does what Peter Atkins said it does. Applications are fantastic!”. This lawn was a disaster zone and now two years later I can see that it will be showpiece in the 3rd year.

Organic Lawn Care Account in New Canaan, CT

Organic Lawn Care in New Canaan,  by Peter Atkins and Associates

This was chemical lawn...NOW 100% Organic

Peter Atkins and Associates, LLC

This was chemical lawn & Garden-NOW 100% Organic


By utilizing natural soil supplements and organic fertilizers, the Organic Base program builds up the strength and health of your lawn naturally. This program also makes use of integrated treatments to keep pests and weeds in check.


As your lawn becomes organically richer, these non-organic treatments can often be reduced over time. Organic-Based care works well as both a stand alone program and as a gateway to Pure Organic  lawn care.


A healthy, thick lawn with a diversity of turf species protects itself naturally. The 100% organic fertilizers and treatments in this program help create biologically sound, hearty turf. This program also focuses on improving soil conditions with compost, compost tea and other natural soil supplements. We follow the core standard for the Northeast Organic Land Care standards (NOFA). We use no chemical imputes or synthetic products on any of our lawns. This projects you soil, water, air, children's, pets, mother earth and your family from anything that can harm you.


Organic Lawn and Perennial Border in New Canaan, CT

Landscape Grounds maintained by  Peter Atkins and Associates, LLC


  • Every year millions of pounds of harmful, toxic pesticides are used across the              United   States on home lawns.
  • According to the EPA, traditional lawn chemicals can put children and pets at risk.
  • Healthy Organic lawns can help offset climate change by sequestering carbon dioxide.
  • Organic lawns use less water.
  • No leaching of chemicals into valuable drinking resources.
  • Organic lawns are more stress tolerant.
  • We use a completely organic and proactive approach to plant and soil health care.  Peter Atkins and Associates program renews, revitalizes, corrects, and conditions your soil and healthy living soil means healthy thriving trees, shrubs, and lawns. To preserve your investment in your landscape, your soil must come first.

Grand kids play with Alexander on the Organic Lawn

Playing barefoot on lawn that is organic


New Canaan, CT

Peter is very creative and easy to work with.  He anticipates growth patterns and advices the client on area that money can be saved by not over lapping services.  Maintenance gardeners do a consistently superb job and if we ever have an issue (which is very infrequent) Peter ensures it is corrected and doesn't happen again."

(We have three rescue dogs)

Stamford, CT

" Peter Atkins team  did everything I asked, and then some. I was so pleased that Selvin and Jose see what needed to be done without being told, and jumped right on anything specific I asked them to do. Always cheerful and willing to help.  In and out in the designated timeframe and I couldn’t be happier. I’d rate their work above and beyond my expectations.  This same team has been pruning, weeding and maintaining our property for seven years now. Always with top value." 

Project Budget: $75,000 - $150,000

Seasonal Color

Seasonal color changes occur three times per year; tulips, primroses, daffodils in February and March, geraniums, petunias, begonias in May and June, and pansies, mums, kale  in September and October. Seasonal flowers and textures brighten all spaces and work beautifully to highlight focal areas such as entrances, beds and borders,  long driveways, driveway gated entrances and anywhere the imagination request vibrant color and contrast.

Maintenance and Beds and Border Annuals

Full Image

White Begonias Flower Bed on Private Estate

White Begonias on estate by Peter Atkins

Formal Boxwood Garden are Vibrant the Red Pops

Red Impatient and Boxwood Knot Garden by Peter Atkins

Pastel Pinks, Coral and White Impatients

pink and white impatient in front landscape beds by Peter ATKINS

White allows the Red Salvia Rockets to Explode


Purple Kale  along Side Door to Mud Room in Greenwich, CT

Annuals Planted in Variety  Of  Setting and Demonstrate Flower Power

cabbage and kale
mums on landscape in pound ridge by Peter Atkins

Orange and pink works its magic to showcase a warm welcome

Here we used pots at the front door, pachysandra as a ground cover and a large bed of orange and hot pink new impatient to capture this welcome to this brick home. Peter Atkins and Associates

Pink and White Bushel Mums Planted on Estate in CT by Peter Atkins

pink and purple mums on estate planted by Peter Atkins


When I contacted Peter he was enthusiastic about our smallish project to renovate the circle area of our driveway. In the late winter we met and spoke about the goals. After a careful review he gave us a quote which was reasonable and filled all our desires and more for the project. I would reservedly recommend using him for a landscaping project. In fact there are other areas of our property that we may work on with him in the future. (The actual cost was at the very low end of the approximate cost range.)

Business Partner Peter Atkins and Mary Ann Henry

Peter H. Atkins & Mary Ann Henry

Let's talk about your dream yard

Initial consultations are completely free of charge—no strings attached (but cups of coffee graciously accepted). We'll come to your property, listen to your ideas and talk about how we can work together to create your dream landscape.

Tell us about your landscape goals! Are you interested in stonework, a new planting installation, habitat restoration, or maintenance services for a natural-looking landscape? Or maybe all of the above?

Book a FREE Discovery Call (914) 234 -0161 to learn more about how we can create a functional and Beautifully designed space that's uniquely you. 



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