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Potted Gardens

The Organic Vegetable Garden System

We are an accredited Northeastern Organic Land Care (NOFA) company

Vegetable Garden in South Salem

Vegetable Garden Layout

vegetable garden for a client in Connecticut.  Peter Atkins

Vegetable Garden in Scarsdale

Peter Atkins and Associates, LLC

Vegetable Garden in Stamford, CT

Vegetable Garden in Armonk

Adirondack Style Fence around Vegetable Garden

Adirondack style vegetable garden


With a passion for growing food and deep expertise in the fields of argoecology, sustainable agriculture, horticulture, and the farm to table industry, our edibles gardeners are experts at growing, handling, and harvesting vegetables, fruits, and herbs.


  •  Peter Atkins and Associates provides the joy without the toil. We offer full-service maintenance & harvesting services and garden coaching – essentially whatever it takes to create a beautiful, edible garden for you.
  • Peter Atkins and Associates Harvest to Home is all about relationships. Our staff meets weekly and collaborates to not only meet your expectations but also to exceed them.
  • We also use cutting edge software to keep updated on the needs of our clients and their gardens, provide efficient service, and regular communication. All of this helps to keep our team dynamic and passionate about  providing the absolute best garden experiences for you.

Selvin and Jose Preparing the Vegetable Units for a new garden

Building a vegetable garden one unit at a time, Peter Atkins and Associates. LLC

Vegetable Garden is planted and is growing

Culinary Raised Vegetable Garden. This is nine beds that measure 8x4 and 6x4. Root vegetables, Salad, Tomatoes and Herb. This garden produced 235 pounds of tomatoes in 2020. The entire system is desig
A vegetable garden Makes a great gift
vegetable garden for a client in Connecticut.  Peter Atkins

Vegetable  Garden Consultation

You are interested in having a vegetable garden. Maybe you already have a favorite spot, maybe the gardens has not been used in long time and maybe you are starting from a black slate, a personal consult with Peter Atkins is the perfect way to begin. (914) 234-0161

Upon ordering a consult, we will schedule your meeting at a time that suits you. During the consult, you’ll learn more about how to build and maintain our organic vegetable garden systems. Peter will help you determine your goals for your edible garden in regards to design, productivity, and enjoyment.

Gardens are built on your budget, size of family, chose of plants your wish to grow and more.

A Black Bear Visited us one Day

Pound Ridge, NY

"Peter Atkins and his talented design team completely changed our outdoor living space transforming it from a nearly useless back yard, to a place I can't even describe other than amazing!!  Peter Atkins had a vision and it started with an edible garden, to a perennial garden, stone walls, lawn steps and a new entire driveway entrance complete with an ornamental orchard.   Peter Atkins and Associates responded quickly and came out to quote right away. From start to finish, 100% awesome".

Budget: $200,000 +


Full Image

Vegetable Garden Design Process

After your consult, the Peter Atkins and Associates staff will be hard at work to create the proposed edible garden design and estimate for you in a timely manner .

Upon approval of your estimate, we task our craftspeople to begin construction of your raised beds and I'll we'll provide other elements for you to chose from such as trellising, fencing, flowers, lawns/gravel.

Jane in her Vegetable Garden tending to the earth with our coaching service

Customer in our raised garden tending to the garden by Peter Atkins

Comments from Peter Atkins

Westchester Automatic Fence

Ridge Paving, Inc.

"Peter Atkins and Associates designed the entire estate that had an anniversary party planned and nothing was going to stop that party. This included a 15 feet wide automatic gate for the driveway entrance. The  driveway had to be moved several feet to make the curve graceful as it headed to the house. In doing this the angle of the driveway gate was adjusted. Three companies worked side by side in this installation.  Salem Fence, James Mathew installation team, Ridge Paving, Inc. and Peter Atkins and Associates.

As owner of Peter Atkins and Associates we will continue to work with Salem Fence and Ridge Paving.  This job was executed when the US government shut down business and labor disappeared. Few businesses were open, supplies almost impossible to find but through the grace of our network for supplies and thinking beyond our comfort zone we finished 4 days before the dead line. All teams involved learned team work and meeting our clients requested deadline.

The old Vegetable Garden is retired for new life in growing vegetable that are elegant and practical

The old Vegetable Garden Layout in North Salem, NY

35 year Marriage Aniversary Turn this into A large vegetable garden for the family and grandkids


Vegetable Garden Installation

Peter Atkins and Associates  takes care of every step of the installation process so you don’t have to worry. Our goal is to bring your landscape from preparation to complete edible garden in as little time as possible. For gardens 100 square feet or less, we typically complete an install in one day’s time. Our team carefully clears your space, connects to your irrigation system, installs our four key elements and you walk out to a complete edible garden, ready for tending and harvesting.

Lattice Vegetable Garden placed in the middle of a fruit bearing orchard. It was the sunniest spot

Vegetable Garden system

Master Plan with Visible Vegetable Garden on Plan by Peter Atkins

Master Plan with Visible Vegetable Garden on Plan by Peter Atkins

Vegetable Garden Maintenance

The edible garden is a dynamic thing, with many plants growing from seed to harvest in less than 60 or 90 days. While the magic is incredible, the task to care for your changing garden may sometimes feel overwhelming. Peter Atkins and Associates offers weekly -monthly and quarterly maintenance for our gardens as well as personal Garden Coaching. Our tending team pays attention the details of the garden and does the heavy lifting of replacing compost and replanting each new quarter. We do the heavy lifting and let you enjoy the harvests.

The 1970 Children Swing Set is Replaced with Vegetable Garden

The old swing set location turns into vegetable garden

This 40x30 vegetable garden replaced the children swing set in Greenwich, CT

Designed, Built and Maintained by Peter Atkins and Associates, LLC


5 Bed System with Vegetable and Herbs Section

"We are so happy with our garden! It is growing so well, we suspect you slipped some super powers into the soil. Seriously, we have tomatoes and cucumbers growing up and over. Yes you have mastered the soil chemistry. We could not be happier, and will probably be having you back to build another bed or two..".

Design by Peter Atkins and Associates for a sophisticated edible garden

vegetable garden for a client in Connecticut.  Peter Atkins

Margret P. Bedford

"We cannot thank you enough for the incredible work and friendliness throughout this whole process. It was such an easy, enjoyable experience and I am forever grateful for my gorgeous new living space! The beds are perfect size, organic in nature, the plants are growing and the entire system is rewarding. We will be singing your praises to any and everyone who mentions yards, plants or gardening."

Vegetable Garden Behind the Garage in Bedford


Vegetable Garden to Pam love Scott in North Salem


Scarsdale Vegetable Garden


Vegetarian Garden in Pound Ridge

Coastal Vegetable Garden in Rye


Vegetable Garden  in Greenwich

Drawing for Clients Garden


Seeds planted in rows to grow

Garden Bed with Planted Seeds - Proper spacing

Traditional Garden with Upkeep


Harvest from our Garden


Children Garden in Greenwich


Alice planted sunflowers seeds


Old World Ground Vegetable Garden.

Patio Vegetable/Herb Garden with Table and Chairs.


Vegetable Gardens with New Dawn Roses

Full Image

The Pollinator Project


  • This Pollinator Pathway project is organized by volunteers from town conservation organizations (listed on each town's page) working together to establish pollinator-friendly habitat and food sources for bees, butterflies, hummingbirds and other pollinating insects and wildlife along a series of continuous corridors.  Most native bees have a range of about 750 meters, so the goal is to connect properties that are no farther apart than that. 

Perennial Garden in North Castle

A friends perennial garden that I was invited to visit. The joe Pye weed and the Heliopsis (yellow) daily are balanced with the old crabapple. A stunning garden. Photo Peter Atkins

Pollinator garden in Pound Ridge

Native Pollinator Garden In Greenwich, CT

Foundation Hydrangea in New Canaan, CT

Garden with Rose and Speedwell with Fountain

Native Garden with Seed Head Gladiator Alliums

Echinacea Border on Long Island Sound

Estate Landscape Maintenace

A few pollinator plants help

Peter Atkins and Associates, LLC

Pollinator Perennial Gardens

Estate Landscape Maintenace

The Old Fashioned Rose Garden

Red Blazer Roses on Nantucket Picket Fence with Knockout Roses, Lambs Ear, Delphinium and creeping thyme between irregular shaped flagstone pavers.

Perennial Garden off the back deck

client want to have a big perennial garden off the back yard deck. Because the space is deep, the perennials had to be tall and colorful. We used Echinacea, Achimillea, Shasta Daisy, Blue Spike Delphi

Native Sweet Woodruff on a rural road

Lets build gardens Not Lawns

I think it’s fair to say that pollinator garden design is at the heart of most garden planning these days. Or at least I’m hopeful that it is. I see a greater percentage of homes where the garden is becoming more of the focal point than a traditional lawn. And whether it’s more traditionally planted or bursting with blooms, I can see the intention of planting to attract bees, birds, butterflies, and other beneficial insects.

One of the best things about gardening is bringing beneficial wildlife to your yard, especially pollinators. Bees and butterflies may first come to mind, but many other insects such as moths, wasps, and beetles also help plants make fruits and seeds by transferring pollen from flower to flower. Most of these creatures don't sting, so you don't need to worry about that when welcoming nature into your garden (if you are allergic to stings, then of course you do need to be more careful). However, not just any plant will attract pollinators to your yard; you need to include species with plenty of nectar-rich flowers. The more of these plants you have in your garden, the more you'll be able to enjoy butterflies and other fascinating insects.




"Without pollinators, we cannot feed ourselves. Pollinators fertilize the plants in our yards and parks but also on our farms and orchards. Imported European honeybees are the ones we think of most often, but there are over 349 species of bees native to Connecticut and 416 species native to New York, and they play a vital role in pollinating the plants we rely on in our communities. Pollinator populations are in sharp decline because of pesticide use and loss of habitat. Bee populations, both native and honeybees, have seen sharp declines. Monarch butterflies have declined by 94.6% in the last 20 years, according to the US Wildlife Federation. A recent German study shows a 75% decline in all flying insects in the last 25 years.  The threat to pollinators is a threat to us!




As a landscape architect, one of the most effective ways we can improve the ecological benefit of any landscape is knowing how to identify, enhance, and create habitat for pollinators. But before maxing out a planting design with an abundant array of colorful blooms and anticipating the buzz of activity, there is more to consider than simply specifying a preselected pollinator seed mix or plugs. So, what exactly is pollinator habitat? For many, an open wildflower meadow or garden with the familiar stacked box (Langstroth) style beehive may be the first thing that comes to mind. However, pollinator habitat includes a diversity of floral resources for foraging, safe locations, and materials shelter/nesting sites (or host plants for butterflies and moths—Lepidoptera).

A good planting palette should always aim for full season color and blooms. While this should provide the minimum pollen and nectar resources for your local pollinators, ideal pollinator habitat should provide significant native floral diversity, optimized for your site’s conditions. In general, the more biologically diverse a site is, the more species of pollinators it can support.

Native Pollinator Gardens that co-exists in a ecological world. This could be your private paradise.

sedges used along rip rap gravel bed
Pollinator garden in North Salem by Peter Atkins

Pollinator Roses on Vegetable Fence keep the honeybee population thriving

Peter Atkins and Associates, LLC


A veggie gardener who is filling her front or backyard with veggie plants, is still attracting valuable pollinators via the little beacons of tomato flowers, squash blossoms, and cucumber blooms.

Many of our favorite fruits and vegetables require pollinators. Some of these crops require insect pollination to produce a crop, such as pumpkin, squash, zucchini, cucumber. Other vegetable crops which require insect pollination are ‘seed-only’ crops.  The pollination requirements for vegetable species grown for seed vary widely and depend on whether a plant is self-pollinating or requires cross-pollination to facilitate seed set.

By attracting honeybees, native bees, butterflies, moths, and other pollinators, you can help your garden and the environment at the same time!

Bees, as well as the monarch butterfly, are the most common pollinators that show up in headlines, but there are thousands of species of native bees, butterflies, moths, hummingbirds, wasps, flies, beetles, and more that we can support in our gardens.


Old Greenwich, CT

"As newbies to gardening, it’s been so wonderful to have light-hearted but extremely knowledgeable guides to give us (and our kids) a chance to enjoy the experience of growing our own food. We’ve gotten all the benefits of our own garden but you took away the stress, doubt, and sweat of getting started! Thank you Peter, Selvin and Jose "

All of These Insect are significant in pollinating vegetable, flowers and feeding the food chain

pollinator insect chart of insects


  • Native plants are a vital component of the ecosystems of the northeast. These ecosystems include plants, animals, insects, fungi, and microbes. When one component of an ecosystem is in decline, the entire ecosystem is threatened. Our native plants provide shelter, food, and breeding sites for our native mammals, birds, reptiles, amphibians, and insects. Once abundant throughout the northeast, many native species are now increasingly hard to find in the wild. Loss of habitat due to development, and the explosion in deer population since the 1930s are both major factors in the decline of our native plant species. To some degree, birds and animals have had to turn to alternate sources of food and many populations have declined - some drastically.
  • One of the best things we can do for the health of our entire local environment is to increase the population of native plants, while trying to eliminate invasive species. Each native plant is associated with a particular group of animals which make use of it for food, shelter, or breeding. The best approach is to attempt to establish a diversity of plants which will attract a diversity of wildlife.

Perennial Garden in Ridgefield, Ct

Perennial garden that faces tennis court. We maintain garden but did not design it. In due time we will add more pop outside of the red Maranda that dominates the space.

Peter Parents Home In Bedford, Birth of our business

No Deer Fence but lots of deer.  Native Landscape

Woodland Native Garden

Park like Setting. We do the pruning and Plant health care application for IPM, Feralization and Pruning. Peter Atkins and Associates. LLC

Rock Garden can support Pollinator Activity

Clients favorite Seat. She writes poems about nature

Design ideas for a traditional landscaping in New York.

Maintaining a pollinator Garden.

Regardless of how much effort goes into planning your pollinator habitat, everything can all fall apart during maintenance. Routine practices like early dead-heading can rob pollinators of foraging resources, end of season clean up can remove critical nesting habitat and chrysalides, and excessive mulching can discourage ground-nesting bees from taking up residence. While it may not be feasible in every landscape, aim for leaving a percentage of your pollinator planting (2/3 for larger restoration sites) undisturbed annually. Common yard waste such as leaf litter, downed wood, and uncut bunch grasses all have the potential to be overwintering sites.

Pollinator Pathway Job in Putnum, NY

Pollinator Pathway Gardens

Perennials and Blue Hoopis Spruce

Perennial Borders along Grass Path

Perennials, Blue Spruce and White River Birch

Purple Coral Bells and Hakenclawa Sedges

Pollinator Perennial Garden in Kent, Ct

pollinator GARDEN IN KENT,CT

Hummingbird on cardinal flowers


Box Turtle


Yellow-Black Tip Butterfly on Echinope


Did you know that the inch worm was colorful?


Dragon Fly on Ornamental Grass


Honey Bee collecting pollen


Blue Stem Fescue Meadow Entrance in Greenwich


Meadow Field in New Canaan


Meadow in Blue Hills, Maine


Meadow in New Canaan, CT


Meadow in Salt Point, NY


Meadow in Greenwich, CT




Perennials and Annuals combined: Sedum Autumn Joy, Heaucera, Leocothoe, Salvia and Client Planter. Fall 2020

Holiday Planters in Greenwich

Elephant Ear Planters at Front Door

Elephant Ears Planters

Epic Outdoor Planters by Peter Atkins

Sometimes the Pots must match

Epic Planters by Peter Atkins

Terrace Patio with Pots in Rye

Summer Pots for a Barbecue Party

Summer Pots for a Barbecue Outing

Has anyone scene the Easter Bunny

Has anyone scene the Easter Bunny?

Pink Petunias, Raspberry Lantana, White Geraniums and Gray Liquorish Vines

Hydrangea Tree with Lemon Lantana

Large Urn Hydrangea Planters with Lemon Lantana Cascading the brim of the urns. Peter Atkins and Associates. llc

Spring Pots completed for Celebration of Easter


Greenwich, CT

"We have used  Peter Atkins and Associates Landscaping several times on our property...Every time the experience has been outstanding! Every step is pleasant and easy. The design team takes the time to listen to exactly what we want and provides an excellent plan. When the work gets started, the workers are completely professional, skilled, tidy and efficient. The end result is always beyond our expectations. We will continue to use Peter Atkins and tell anyone who will listen to use them for their landscaping needs".

Fine Garden Maintenance Customer 10 years now

October - Thanksgiving Planters to greet family and Guest

Cabbage, Yellow Daisy, Bittersweet, Corn Husks, Miscanthus Reed Grass, Variegated Vinca. This pot was planted for summer, added to for Fall and added the bittersweet to tie it all together.  Peter Atk

Fourth of July Pots

Holiday pots that use birch logs for height

Stunniing Coliage of Coleus Annuals

The Power of the Coleus Annual in a pot by Peter Atkins

Heucera, Creeping Jenny, Liriope and Pots

This planter was white

Red Twig Dogwood and Cones.

Ingredients found in their garden.

Window Boxes allow vertical color to a large house with big windows

Peter H. Atkins

White Mums, Ivy and Fall Berries

White Bushel Mum, Ivy and Fake Autum Leaves in fiberglass lead planter. Fall 2020


(Rock Gardens, Stone Wall Cervi's, Planters and Ground Cover)

Sodium Plant Art...Go for it ... that what we did?

Townhouse Intimate Patio off the breakfast Area for Morning Coffee and  Morning Sun

Town House Patio. We built a low retaining wall and then placed a 2 inch blue stone cap on top of the wall. We placed a 2 inch blue stone tread on top of the wall. The flagstone patio we mixed some ro


Hardscape design can help you turn a plain and monotonous space into a delightful and inviting work of art where you will love to spend your time.

Our in house hardscape and landscaping professionals have experience in many different types of patio choices, including pavers, wet and dry laid natural stone, and brick. Patios and decks often include outdoor kitchen, water features, a fire pit, or a fireplace. Retaining walls serve a useful purpose by holding back the earth from certain areas. They can also be a decorative addition to any landscape design. In fact, this type of hardscape construction is sometimes performed simply for aesthetic purposes! Retaining walls can be constructed using several materials, including natural stone, paver, or brick.

Our design team will work closely with you to determine your needs and develop a design you will cherish and enjoy for years to come

Custom Designed Driveway Apron with Hawthorn Tree Orchard Beyond

Pound Ridge, NY Driveway Gate using a geometric design for this country estate. Design and Project Management Peter Atkins. Masonry by in house masonry team.  Late Summer 2020


Every good custom masonry project begins with a good plan. This involves knowing where you’re going to do your project, what materials it is going to use, an estimated cost, and approximate timeline for the entire thing.

You will also want to be sure that the result will fit in well with the rest of your home.

You’ll also want to plan when exactly to start your custom masonry project. We are accepting new jobs for the spring 2022 and depending on the snow fall amounts we might be able to get started on the job sooner than latter.

Retaining Wall to support custom built electric gate and apron.

Entryway - entryway idea in New York

Historical renovation of Brick Pathway


Fabrication of Stone Wall with many pieces


Long Tread stairs are elegant and set the stage to the open spaces.


These Stones came from the land and lead to the firepit in the tree tops.


Pollinator Hill that built a 95 feet long retaining wall and 15x15 patio for firepit

Exclusive Peter Atkins and Associates, LLC - Pollinator Garden. Took a slope backyard and turned into a pollinator garden for all birds, insects and wildlife

Get a FREE estimate and an on-site inspection for any service. Our owner, Peter Atkins has 25+ years of experience in the masonry industry, so you are sure to get quality work from us

Complimentary Estimates for all Stone, Brick, Veneer and Gravel

Irregular Pathway...Who said it had to be even?

We broke up the formality of the straight line by  keeping it formal but with some irregularity.  Peter Atkins and Associates

Blue Stone Flagstone with Perennial and Flowering Shrub Border

Flagstone Patio with low sitting wall at this pool side property. Landscaping by Peter Atkins and Associates;,LLC

Fieldstone Wall with Chunks of Stone to create interest

STACKED STONE WALL WITH LARGER PIECES OF ROUND AND IRREGULAR STONE ADDED TO BREAK UP COMPOSTION.  We planted knock out roses and a blue atlas weeping spruce as a focal point. Peter Atkins and Associat

Fieldstone Wall with Chunks of Stone to create interest

Jobs completed by our very talented masonry team designed  by Peter and Lou and Roberto

Stairs to Garden with Planting Pockets. Peter Atkins and Associates
irregular patio by Peter Atkins and Associates

Firepit Destination with boulders and gravel

Rock Garden Steppers

Tread Stairs with Grass Joints

Planted Patio with Pockets for Herbs and Perennials

Planting Pockets within a patio setting by Peter Atkins and Associates

Custom Fireplace on the Patio

River Rock Rounds and Flagstone to absorb runoff

Breakfast Nook Off the Kitchen on Town House

Unilock Paver Driveway Installed in Stamford, CT

Client asked to install a permaneable Driveway in  Stamford. Job designed and executed by Peter Atkins and Associates. Fall 2020

Unilock Pavers is the floor of this patio. The granite was matched with the walls and pillars

Peter Atkins and Associates

Creative Stone Applications by Peter Atkins and Associates.,LLC

Masonry during the construction stage
Unilock Paver Patio by Peter Atkins and Associates
A property in Lower Fairfield country maintained by Peter Atkins and Associates.. LLC

Irregular  Patio with Granite from Northern Canada

Irregular Patio using earth tones, Granite from Update. This patio was installed 15 years ago from our client. Its an super example of how an irregular patio can be built to be in tune with the native

Front Door Flagstone Entrance

Flagstone Entrance by Peter Atkins

Pool Flagstone Patio with Colorful Annuals

flagstone Patio by Peter Atkins and Associates

Approved Unilock Installer - Life Time Warrantee vs. Black Top 3 years and not environmentally friendly

Driveway courtyard that was installed by Peter Atkins and Associates masons department.

Masonry Cleaning, Grouting and Repair/New

Custom designed and install chimney in family Room. Peter Atkins and Associates.

Chimney Repair, Grouting, Repair and New

Replace brick chimney with cobble stone so that landscape walls match.   Peter Atkins and Associates/


Pound Ridge, NY

I've worked with the Peter Atkins and Associates teams for 8 yrs. Their attention to detail quality is matched to no other. They spare no expense to make sure their customer is absolutely satisfied. The team did the job as estimated, worked hard to execute the job. Peter was on the job site daily and the entire crew is is top notch!!!

Wreath was designed and built for a Christmas Party in Greenwich before Covid - The frame is available for Rent

We built this Christmas wreath for a client  Christmas party in Fairfield Country. Each year we are hired to do another and they all are original works of art. PETER ATKINS AND ASSOCIATES, LLC

Spruce Roping and Hand Tied Bows



Let us make your holidays sparkle. Sure, you could break out the shaky ladder, clamber up onto your roof and spend a weekend untangling 100 strings of holiday lights. But why? Let us do the work. You sit back with some peppermint cocoa and enjoy the twinkling display. At Peter Atkins and Associates Landscape, we can outline your roof, gingerbread house style, or custom wrap your forest of spruce trees in glittery lights.

We provide everything. We want to be sure you have the highest quality holiday lighting, from bulbs to cords to connectors. If a bulb does blink out, we will be over within 24 hours to take care of it. (We're faster than Rudolph.) When you are ready, we will be there to take it all down and store it for next year. We like showing off a little. 

We would love to hear from you.

House Decorated for a Holiday Party

Home in Greenwich photo taken for holiday party that was approaching. Designed and Installed by Peter Atkins and Associates., LLC.

Central Staircase Decks to the Season

Holiday Decorations we set  up this staircase in Greenwich, CT. Pine Cones and red balls to tie in with the carpet of the stairs.

Semi Mature Dogwoods Illuminated

Tree holiday lights

Hand Decorated Wreath by Peter

hand made decorative wreiath with spruce bows, berry, magnolia, berries and festive hand tied bow. Peter Atkins and Associates.,LLC

Specimen Crabapple Illuminated

illuminated crabapple

Norway Spruce Illuminated with Incandescent Lights

Brick House Decorated with Window Wreaths

Brick house with christmas wreaths

Balustrade and Rotunda Holiday Tree

interior holiday decorating by Peter Atkins

C..S. E. T

North Stamford, CT

" Mary Ann is very knowledgeable, creative and has an excellent eye when it comes to seeing the whole picture. We were so very happy with what she created for us in home for Christmas and we have already started to talk about the gardens"

We collected  holiday balls and found a purpose

Jingle Bell Roping

A Signature Item is our Mailbox Displays

Mailbox decorated

Christmas Decorating In Greenwich, Ct

Greenwich Connecticut home. We used homeowner lights.  We used our own custom roping, bows and  the front door pots  are live with boxwoods and mixed broadleaf shrubs.. This was a silent auction winne

Customers Holiday Tree Decorated by Mary Ann

Customer House in New Canaan, Decorated

Customer House in Pound Ridge, Decorated



"Responsive, Efficient and Loyal Great company. We have Peter Atkins  and his  Supervisors  Selvin and Jose do our Christmas lights every year now. Very professional, fast and  helpful".  T.K

Budget  $2,750

Boxwood Roping with Velvet Bows over Doorway

Door way garland by Peter Atkins

Holiday Pots with Greens, Berries and Cones

Window Boxes highlight the window in the cold

Garage Window Box with Variegated Holly Juniper Spruce Hemlock Cranberry and Southern Magnolia. This is a 36 inch black window box. Peter Atkins and Associates. LLC

Greens, berries, lotus seed pods, cones

Roping on Columns with Red Ribbons

holiday decorating by Peter Atkins

Holiday Lights... Client wished to have trees wrapped

Mailboxes are also decorated for the Holiday Season

72 inch wreath illuminated on facade of house

72 inch single sided holiday wreath decorated with lights, a custom bow and hung at your home or business.  Peter Atkins and Associates, LLC

Illumination with Garland, Incadescent Lights, Epic Pots for Christmas Party in Greenwich, CT


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1,000 Ideabook Saves

Greg and  Megan

Armonk, NY

"Very friendly and helpful to work with. I had a vision of what I was looking for and  Peter Atkins came up with a plan to make that happen. The follow up to check on the work was great too. They stand behind their work. I like that and would recommend the company to others".   Gregg

Budget Range $50,000- 150,000

Mary Ann Henry and Peter Atkins Client Coordinators

Let's talk about your dream yard

Initial consultations are completely free of charge—no strings attached (but cups of coffee graciously accepted). We'll come to your property, listen to your ideas and talk about how we can work together to create your dream landscape.

Tell us about your landscape goals! Are you interested in stonework, a new planting installation, habitat restoration, or maintenance services for a natural-looking landscape? Or maybe all of the above?

Book a FREE Discovery Call (914) 234 -0161 to learn more about how we can create a functional and Beautifully designed space that's uniquely you. 


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