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Inspiration for a timeless home design remodel in New York

This was a slope backyard never used.  Maintenance Services brought Peter to Design the new Garden to make this property a successful paradise.



Lush and vibrant garden design is an essential part of any home landscape. With our experience and horticultural knowledge, Peter Atkins and Mary Ann Henry  can help you plan, plant, and maintain a beautiful garden that will cultivate your senses. If you are looking for a small, a mid-sized, or a large garden to compliment your home, we can help. 

Perennial Garden in North Castle

A friends perennial garden that I was invited to visit. The joe Pye weed and the Heliopsis (yellow) daily are balanced with the old crabapple. A stunning garden. Photo Peter Atkins

Rain garden in Pound Ridge

Perennial Border off the driveway. It also absorbs water from run off and is a designed "Rain Garden.

Native Pollinator Garden In Greenwich, CT

Foundation Hydrangea in New Canaan, CT

Garden with Rose and Speedwell with Fountain

Native Garden with Seed Head Gladiator Alliums

A Black Bear Visited us one Day

Pound Ridge, NY

"Peter Atkins and his talented design team completely changed our outdoor living space transforming it from a nearly useless back yard, to a place I can't even describe other than amazing!!  Peter Atkins had a vision and it started with an edible garden, to a perennial garden, stone walls, lawn steps and a new entire driveway entrance complete with an ornamental orchard.   Peter Atkins and Associates responded quickly and came out to quote right away. From start to finish, 100% awesome".

Budget: $200,000 +




5 Bed System with Vegetable and Herbs Section

"We are so happy with our garden! It is growing so well, we suspect you slipped some super powers into the soil. Seriously, we have tomatoes and cucumbers growing up and over. Yes you have mastered the soil chemistry. We could not be happier, and will probably be having you back to build another bed or two..".

Swimming Pool Along Pollinator Perennial Garden

Perennial Border along Swimming Pool

Backyard Lawns meet Stunning Perennial Borders

Rear Back yard welcomes Perennial Garden

Meadow Meets Lawn Edge. Clients favorite color is color.

This is Pollinator Perennial Garden By Peter Atkins

The Pollinator Project


  • This Pollinator Pathway project is organized by volunteers from town conservation organizations (listed on each town's page) working together to establish pollinator-friendly habitat and food sources for bees, butterflies, hummingbirds and other pollinating insects and wildlife along a series of continuous corridors.  Most native bees have a range of about 750 meters, so the goal is to connect properties that are no farther apart than that. 

Margret P. Bedford

"We cannot thank you enough for the incredible work and friendliness throughout this whole process. It was such an easy, enjoyable experience and I am forever grateful for my gorgeous new living space! The Pollinator beds are perfect size, organic in nature, the plants are growing and the entire system is rewarding. We will be singing your praises to any and everyone who mentions yards, plants or gardening."

Lets build gardens Not Lawns

I think it’s fair to say that pollinator garden design is at the heart of most garden planning these days. Or at least I’m hopeful that it is. I see a greater percentage of homes where the garden is becoming more of the focal point than a traditional lawn. And whether it’s more traditionally planted or bursting with blooms, I can see the intention of planting to attract bees, birds, butterflies, and other beneficial insects.

One of the best things about gardening is bringing beneficial wildlife to your yard, especially pollinators. Bees and butterflies may first come to mind, but many other insects such as moths, wasps, and beetles also help plants make fruits and seeds by transferring pollen from flower to flower. Most of these creatures don't sting, so you don't need to worry about that when welcoming nature into your garden (if you are allergic to stings, then of course you do need to be more careful). However, not just any plant will attract pollinators to your yard; you need to include species with plenty of nectar-rich flowers. The more of these plants you have in your garden, the more you'll be able to enjoy butterflies and other fascinating insects.



Mass Planting are Effective in Transforming flowers of Drama

Customer Love for Astilbes in the Garden




"Without pollinators, we cannot feed ourselves. Pollinators fertilize the plants in our yards and parks but also on our farms and orchards. Imported European honeybees are the ones we think of most often, but there are over 349 species of bees native to Connecticut and 416 species native to New York, and they play a vital role in pollinating the plants we rely on in our communities. Pollinator populations are in sharp decline because of pesticide use and loss of habitat. Bee populations, both native and honeybees, have seen sharp declines. Monarch butterflies have declined by 94.6% in the last 20 years, according to the US Wildlife Federation. A recent German study shows a 75% decline in all flying insects in the last 25 years.  The threat to pollinators is a threat to us!

Tiered Garden with Fountain Grass and Mixed Perennials and Arborvitaes

Tiered Garden with Fountain Grass and Mixed Perennials and Arborvitaes


As a landscape architect, a good planting palette should always aim for full season color and blooms. While this should provide lots of pollen and nectar resources for your local pollinators, ideal pollinator habitat should provide significant native floral diversity, optimized for your site’s conditions. In general, the more biologically diverse a site is, the more species of pollinators it can support.

Native Pollinator Gardens - This could be your private paradise.

sedges used along rip rap gravel bed
Pollinator garden in North Salem by Peter Atkins

Roses on Vegetable Fence keep the honeybee population thriving

Peter Atkins and Associates, LLC


Old Greenwich, CT

"As newbies to gardening, it’s been so wonderful to have light-hearted but extremely knowledgeable guides to give us (and our kids) a chance to enjoy the experience of growing our own food. We’ve gotten all the benefits of our own garden but you took away the stress, doubt, and sweat of getting started! Thank you Peter, Selvin and Jose "

All of These Insect are significant in pollinating vegetable, flowers and feeding the food chain

pollinator insect chart of insects


  •  Native plants are a vital component of the ecosystems of the northeast. These ecosystems include plants, animals, insects, fungi, and microbes. When one component of an ecosystem is in decline, the entire ecosystem is threatened.
  • Our native plants provide shelter, food, and breeding sites for our native mammals, birds, reptiles, amphibians, and insects. Once abundant throughout the northeast, many native species are now increasingly hard to find in the wild.
  • The best approach is to attempt to establish a diversity of plants which will attract a diversity of wildlife.

Perennials Garden

Perennial garden that faces tennis court. We maintain garden but did not design it. In due time we will add more pop outside of the red Maranda that dominates the space.

Annual Gardens

Fine Garden Maintenance by Peter Atkins and Associates

Shrub  Garden

Woodland Garden

Park like Setting. We do the pruning and Plant health care application for IPM, Feralization and Pruning. Peter Atkins and Associates. LLC

Rock Garden

Woodland Retreat

Design ideas for a traditional landscaping in New York.

Maintaining a pollinator Garden.

Regardless of how much effort goes into planning your pollinator habitat, everything can all fall apart during maintenance. Best to Call Peter Atkins to arrange for a landscape talk at the house to learn how and why maintenance can be rewarding to your natural ecosystems.

Annual Pollinator Garden

Flower Garden by Peter Atkins and Associates

Pollinator Gardens

Azalea Garden

Inspiration for a landscaping in New York.

Perennials along Grass Path

A Mixed Garden is Amazing

Color that contrast are powerful

Susan L.

Greenwich, CT

"We have used  Peter Atkins and Associates Landscaping several times on our property...Every time the experience has been outstanding! Every step is pleasant and easy. The design team takes the time to listen to exactly what we want and provides an excellent plan. When the work gets started, the workers are completely professional, skilled, tidy and efficient. The end result is always beyond our expectations. We will continue to use Peter Atkins and tell anyone who will listen to use them for their landscaping needs".

Fine Garden Maintenance Customer 11 years now

Native Grass & Wildflower Meadows

The popularity of native grass and wildflower meadows is growing. We have spent the last ten years developing strategies for creating these drought-tolerant natural areas which offer habitat for wildlife, attract insects and pollinators and increase overall biodiversity, while building something that is both unique and aesthetically pleasing.


Design of Meadows

Our meadow installations are derived from hand-selected seed mixes with a mixture of native warm season grasses. Our clients mostly list aesthetics as the primary reason for having a meadow installed, though all of them express interest in habitat restoration, biodiversity, and ecology. All of our clients love butterflies and hummingbirds. We take this into consideration when choosing our seed mixes.

Native Gardens That Pollinate

Our ultimate goal is to establish truly sustainable plantings composed of native perennials; beautiful plant communities that can be maintained with once-a-year mowing. One goal of many clients is to plant a native wildflower meadow, and each is infinitely more interesting than mowing a lawn or bush hogging a field. And beyond being beautiful, wildflowers have the power to nourish the land.

Meadow Installation

After designing your meadow, we plan for its installation. The key ingredient in this step is preparation. We identify the correct method of installation as it may vary from site to site in an effort to enhance the overall health of the meadow. Then, we use a unique process with specialized equipment to install hand-selected seed mixtures to maximize germination.

Benefits to Wildlife

The environmental benefits of meadow installation are enormous. The most popular environmental benefit is that of the wildlife. There could easily be more pollinators per acre in one of these meadows than any other place in central Virginia. We have seen endless butterflies, bees and birds including goldfinches in our meadows. We also see turkeys, fledglings, quail and the list goes on and on.

Horticultural Maintenance

Our meadow maintenance plan manages the growth of the meadow toward the goal of the client. In some instances, we nurture perennials to help encourage good root growth and plant development. Perennial meadows take an average of three years to reach full maturity. In other instances, we work with annuals to provide flashes of amazing seasonal color.

Weed Management

A potential problem in some meadows, even after eradicating most of the existing vegetation, is the presence of weed seed of a few aggressive weeds like euonymus, mustard, thistle, barberry, mug wort and others. We advocate a monitoring and treatment program which targets aggressive weeds early on when they can be economically and efficiently managed for long term success within the client's objectives and goals.


Pound Ridge, NY

I've worked with the Peter Atkins and Associates teams for 8 yrs. Their attention to detail quality is matched to no other. They spare no expense to make sure their customer is absolutely satisfied. The team did the job as estimated, worked hard to execute the job. Peter was on the job site daily and the entire crew is is top notch!!!

Native Meadows Maintained by Peter Atkins and Associates


Greg and  Megan

Armonk, NY

"Very friendly and helpful to work with. I had a vision of what I was looking for and  Peter Atkins came up with a plan to make that happen. The follow up to check on the work was great too. They stand behind their work. I like that and would recommend the company to others".   


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