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vegetable garden for a client in Connecticut.  Peter Atkins
Accredited NorthEast l Organic Land Care professional. We offer Organic Lawn Care, Tree, Shrub, Roses and Vegetable Organic methods. Safe for your family, pets, watershed and the environment.

The Old Vegetable Garden that was transformed in a productive garden to Brag About!

Peter Atkins is an Accredited in Organic Land Care

Through education and advocacy NOFA.Org New York and Connecticut we promote organic agriculture to expand the production and availability of nutritious food from living soil for the health of individuals, communities and the planet.

Peter Atkins and Associates is a one hundred percent (100 Percent) organic land care business. We do NOT use any pesticides or harmful ingredients on our garden and landscape maintenance systems. This protects your family, pets, soil biology, water supply and mother earth. We build herb and edible gardens of all sizes to fit the needs of the family with culinary delights. We can produce crops starting in April to November.

"Susan's Kids Play Set was Turned by Peter into a productive Vegetable Garden that Now Teaches our children how to grow and eat healthy vegetables"

The old Play Set used by our kids the space is then turned into a vegetable garden by Peter Atkins and Associates

Assemble for a Vegetarian Family Vegetable Garden System - Day One

The Layout and Construction of an Vegetable Garden by Peter Atkins

"Completed Vegetable Garden System - Feeds a family of Vegetarians (Corn-Tomatoes-Beets-Brussel Sprouts-Peas-Beans- Arugula- Bib Lettuce - Carrots- Radishes and more"

Culinary Raised Vegetable Garden. This is nine beds that measure 8x4 and 6x4. Root vegetables, Salad, Tomatoes and Herb. This garden produced 235 pounds of tomatoes in 2020. The entire system is desig

Family Time with a Edible Vegetable and Herb Garden

If you’d love to gain some low-stress family time, fresh air and outdoor exercise  along with fresh, tasty food – consider growing a family veggie garden.

My vegetable garden is my haven. After a strenuous week’s work in New York City, I head for my garden at my home in the suburbs. The simple, methodical pleasures of planting, picking, and hoeing are the perfect balm to my city-worn brain. It’s peaceful and quiet here.

The design of the garden is large enough for everyone in the household. The garden is anything but but boring. There are six rectangular beds surrounded by mulched paths and enclosed in a decorative fence to match the other fences on the property. My wife and I have found plenty of opportunities to make the garden beautiful. We have roses, climbing vines, sunflowers and I brag to the buddies at the office about my heirloom tomatoes...

Gardening together can also help the whole family build teamwork skills and provide a bit of education in math, science, nature, nutrition and even art. The biggest step is getting started…so here we go!  Just Call Peter Atkins at (914) 234-0161. Peter teaches vegetable classes at our garden, we have new friends because of this opportunity.

Old Fashioned Vegetable Garden System we Maintain

Coastal Property where we built this vegetable garden.  It is raised beds and completely organic. Peter Atkins and Associates

Peter Atkins and Associates we design, build and nurture organic vegetable gardens for busy homeowners who want year-to-table freshness outside the kitchen door ready for the picking.  Owner, Peter Atkins is a Landscape Architect/designer, Certified horticulturist  and Certified North East Organic Land Care (NOFA) professional.

Designing, building and maintaining home gardens is part artistry, part hard work.  Home owners can feel good seeing their landscapes are transformed into garden sanctuaries.

A range of options are available to help you with planting and maintaining your garden. You can choose one-on-one coaching if you'd like to learn how to be a more successful gardener. Or, for clients who are too busy to maintain their gardens themselves, full service maintenance is available. We prepare, plant, maintain and harvest. In peak months we are in the garden weekly and other times when plants are growing two to three times a month depending on the size of the garden.

In addition to the traditional tomatoes, cucumbers, peppers, zucchini, beans, peas and lettuces, Peter Atkins aim to infuse his clients' gardens with heirloom vegetables not found in retail stores. We purchase

seedlings from family business seed company in Maine which is an organic seed business.  Plants, or seeds harvested from plants that

have been grown without synthetic fertilizers or pesticides, strictly adhering to the USDA's National Organic Standards Board (NOSB) organic gardening practices are designated as Organic.

Based on years of trial and error and following the good advice of a number of local experts, we have developed a list of real superstars in the vegetable world. While we have grown a wide variety of most vegetables, there is a short list of those that have consistently thrived in the multiple gardens we plan, maintain and harvest.

Discussion with a Garden Talk lead by Horticulturist Peter Atkins.

Grow your family’s favorites, of course, but try something new and something fun – purple carrots, orange tomatoes! Also pick things that are ready for harvest at different times, to keep interest high and plates full; such as radishes for spring, beans in early summer, zucchini and tomatoes later on and pumpkin for season’s end.

Vegetable Garden System that Feeds family with many Plates

Creative Vegetable Garden- Flowers, Herbs Vegetable Sanctuaries

Create a beautiful and sustainable outdoor living space with an edible garden. Peter Atkins Edible Gardens now specializes in blending the features of a traditional flower garden with an edible “kitchen garden” We use pollinator flowers, fruits, vegetables, and herbs to cultivate a sumptuous, edible landscape. Growing food-producing plants is not necessarily thrilling; however, arranging these plants to be as visually attractive as an ornamental garden makes it much easier to get excited if you love the way your garden looks!

We offer complete edible garden maintenance services, which is an excellent choice for those who want a productive garden but do not have the time or interest in performing the work. Growing a vegetable garden that will satisfy your needs is not an easy task, but we are experts, and we are more than happy to help! During these visits, we bring the seeds, the vegetable starters, and everything necessary to grow your garden to its fullest potential and bring a bounty of the fruits and vegetables you love throughout the year!

Custom Fence that combines three fence structure into one system.

Vegetable Garden Fences are Attractive and blend with Existing Landscape

White Picket Organic Vegetable Fence. Here we are growing corn, tomatoes, lettuce and other root vegetables. The outside the fence  is planted with lantana, zinnias and marigolds which help pollinate

New Dawn Roses Invite Honey Bees

Care for Existing Vegetable  Garden

Heirloom Tomatoes and Assorted Sugar Carrots

Home Grown Vegetables from a Vegetable Garden by Peter Atkins

Words from Peter Atkins

Plant and Nurture

Peter suggestion do your reading what vegetable and herbs you would like in your garden. Make List and Share with Peter.

Here is where your research, planning, and preparation comes alive. All the horticulture knowledge in the world is no substitute for experience, so expect to make some mistakes this first go at it and remember to have fun!

A continuous medley of aromatic, fresh herbs are easy to grow and harvest, adding vibrant flavors and texture to any meal

The herb Garden by Peter Atkins and Associates

Simon and Garfunkel Song about Herbs in the Garden?

Do you remember this song by Simon and Garfunkel? “Parsley, Sage, Rosemary and Thyme”. Of course you do – it’s iconic. When that song was a hit many years ago it was known that herbs improved the flavor of food, but we now know so much more about their properties and their relationship to health.

Growing your own herbs is so rewarding and fun, even a complete beginner is assured success. Growing your own small herb garden means harvesting only the amount you require, which will Increase the nutrients in the herbs and also save you money at the supermarket! Eating herbs couldn’t be easier; they can all easily be incorporated in soups, pasta, stews, salads, dips, marinades, or smoothies. Let’s start with the first herb from the song.

Vegetable Garden Sketch. Peter Atkins and Associates, LLC

Designing an Herb Garden with Peter Atkins

When planning a new herb garden there are many different approaches you can take. Herbs can be planted in a formal garden interspersed with flowers, trees and shrubs or in theme gardens. You can also just plant a patch outside your kitchen door for cooking purposes. Use whatever works best for you and your particular needs.

For gardeners that like projects or who have been gardening for some time and want a challenge, a formal garden is best. A formal Herb garden consists of a series of beds interspersed with walk ways. The beds do not have to be identical, but should be balanced and work together. In the 16th century, gardeners designed “knot” herb gardens in which the plants create intricate, geometric patterns within a square or triangle. When Peter Atkins and Associates chooses to design a knot garden, we usually choose low-growing, compact plants such as thyme, hyssop and rosemary. Avoid fast-growing invasive herbs such as those from the mint family. They’ll eventually just take over your garden.


spring tulips, hyacinths composition at the  base of a client barn by Peter Atkins and Associates


Let's talk about creating you own Vegetable Garden tonight

Initial consultations is $150 fee. This will be returned back to you when you sign a contract with us. Peter Atkins will come to your property, listen to your ideas and talk about how we can work together to create your dream landscape.


Tell us about your landscape goals! Are you interested in stonework, a new planting installation, habitat restoration, or maintenance services for a natural-looking landscape? Or maybe all of the above?


Peter Atkins cell is (914) 234-0161